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Alessia Cara Race, Net Worth, Clothing, Songs, Facts, Age- WikiFamous

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Alessia Cara is Rising Female Artist with hit songs like, ‘How Far I’ll Go’,  ‘Stay’, and ‘Scars To Your Beautiful’ is not only popular among Young Teens, but within people of all ages. Alessia grew up in Toronto, the same city as Drake, Shawn Mendes, The Weeknd, and Jim Carrey.

She began playing guitar at the age of 10, she grew up her fanbase through YouTube when she was only 13 years old, and soon she flew to New York to pursue her dream. She was talented enough that only when she was 16 she signed up a management deal with EP Entertainment.

Alessia Cara debuted with single ‘Here’ which she wrote herself at the age of 16 (I can’t stress that enough, At that age I was a potato on a couch). Her debut single is based on True Story. It is crystal clear that Alessia is a very talented Artists and she knows it from the start.

“When I was really young I was convinced I wanted to be a visual artist. I would paint and draw and make crafts.” – Alessia Cara


Alessia Cara Age, Height, Body Measurements


(How old is Alessia Cara?)


Alessia Cara (born name Alessia Caracciolo) was born on July 11, 1996, in Brampton, Toronto. She is a Canadian both of her parents are Italian. She speaks Italian Fluently. As of 2019, her age is 22-year-old. Her height is average 1.55m (5 foot 1 inch), and she weighs 121lbs (55 kg).

Alessia body is average build, her measurements are 34-26-35 inches. Her other distinctive features are her curly brown hair, Elfin body shape, and the power in her voice.


Alessia Cara Body
Alessia Cara Body (Image Source)


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Alessia Cara Sexual Orientation, Race, and Religion


(Is Alessia Cara gay?)


Alessia Cara is of Italian Descent, her father Mr. Vincenzo Caracciolo) is half-Canadian and Half-Italian, whereas her mother Mrs. Enza Ciccione is an Immigrant from Italy. Alessia never discloses which religion she follows.

Follow by her birthdate her zodiac sign is Cancer. Fans once assumed the Alessia is a lesbian, as they saw her closet (during a video on YouTube) filled with men’s clothing.

She never really commented on the rumors but on one fine day in a backstage chit-chat show, Alessia slammed all the rumors through admitted that she has a boyfriend.


Alessia Cara Net Worth


(What is Alessia Cara Net Worth?)


The 22-year-old Canadian Singer is on her way to becoming a Top/Best Female Artists of this Generation. She did not inherit her talent; her family has no relation to music what so ever. She started off her passion by posting the acoustic cover on YouTube.

Alessia Cara Debuted with ‘Know It All’ album, which became an instant hit, it reached [9] in the US and Canada. Her single, ‘Here’ reached at the top in US R&B Charts, and on No.5 on Billboard Hot 100.  

All of her success collectively makes her estimated net worth around $4 Million USD.


Alessia Cara Net Worth
Alessia Cara Net Worth (Image Source)


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Who is Alessia Cara dating? Is she single? Alessia Cara Dating History


As some people may assume that Alessia is gay. Well she is not, she herself admitted on Backstage Chit-Chat moment on Juno Award that she has a boyfriend name, Kevin Garrett. Now, Who is Kevin Garrett? Kevin is also a musician, he is signed with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation.

Garrett has also received a Grammy nomination for his work in Beyonce Lemonade. He co-wrote and Produced, Beyonce’s Pray You Catch Me.

He and Alessia Cara did join events together many times in a row. Kevin also featured in Alessia’s YouTube videos as well accompanied her in Concert Tours. Above all Alessia, Instagram is enough to see how adorable their relationship is.


Kevin Garett and Alessia Cara
Kevin Garrett and Alessia Cara (Image Source)


Alessia Cara and Shawn Mendes


Cara easily admitted that she is a Part of Mendes Army. The Canadian Singer Alessia and from the same hometown Shawn both have respect for each other. Alessia once shared that Shawn is the Nicest Guy.

Alessia Cara said, “he is the nicest guy ever, he is so sweet, such a good-hearted person and you don’t really see that a lot in this industry.” “He’s the best.”  You can feel her sincerity in those words.

Well, we too think that Alessia, Shawn really is the Nice Guy Out There.


Shawn Mendes and Alessia Cara
Shawn Mendes and Alessia Cara


Alessia Cara Clothes- Fashion Style


No Doubt! Alessia Cara has the nicest, easy to wear, casual sense of fashion. Some did believe that she is gay because of her clothing, but many loved it. Her down to earth behavior and simple dress-up really let out the ‘Girl Next Door’ vibe.

The Grammy-Award Winner came in the Industry at such young age, “When I was around 16, 17 going to labels and stuff it was always like, ‘Oh sh*t, am I supposed to dress up a little bit more? Like how does this work?’ I wasn’t really sure” said Alessia.

She continued “I just dress how I wanna dress, “Not to say that I don’t care about how I dress or that I’m a slob or anything like that…I just don’t have to worry about the outside opinions of what people are saying.’


Alessia Cara Clothes
Alessia Cara Clothes


Want To Dress like Shawn Mendes, Check out his Casual yet Chic wardrobe.


Alessia Cara Career Journey


(How did Alessia Cara get famous?)


Alessia Cara dream of becoming a Visual Artist came in her life as a Birthday Present. Her parents gave her first guitar she ever had on her 10th Birthday.  She also studied Drama alongside learning music. Cara Took her first big step toward her dream and posted a cover of ‘Sweater Weather’ acoustic version on YouTube.

She kept posting and posting the covers of singles by artists she admires such as Vance Joy, Beyonce, Justin Bieber, Jessie J, and so on.




Her hard work did pay off when one of her fans who was watching her video was a daughter of a record executive. She showed Alessia’s cover video to her father EP Entertainment Founder Tony Perez, and the man decided to sign her up.

Her debut single, ‘Here’ was released in 2015 through Def Jams record. The single was a hit as it was chosen as ‘Must-Hear Song’ by Cosmopolitan. Alessia Cara told that ‘Here’ wasn’t the first by Recording Company, they have suggested another song as her debut single, but she insisted to keep ‘Here.’

Alessia told the New York Times, “The other song that we had, I feel like it wouldn’t separate me from the crowd as much. “As a new artist and as a teen girl, I didn’t want to be compared. I wanted people to be, like, ‘who is this girl?’ They might have said, ‘beautiful song,’ but not, ‘who is the girl?'”


Alessia Cara Scars To Your Beautiful
Alessia Cara Scars To Your Beautiful


Alessia Cara Must-Hear Song


Scars To Your Beautiful

Wild Things



Stay Ft. Zedd


Alessia Cara’s Scars To Your Beautiful is all about Loving Yourself. The song reflects the self-doubt Alessia had during the stat of her career, and how did she learn to overcome that. She wasn’t really that confident, and as the time pass by she used to think to herself. Cara started to push herself hard not to pay attention to what other people think of her.

Alessia Cara shared this in an interview, at the end she mentioned: “I’m at a place now, finally, where I can say that I’m confident in myself and I really don’t worry about outside opinions of people, especially those that I don’t know.”


Alessia Cara Facts


Cara has only attended only one live concert in her life and that was of Justin Bieber. She only went to watch it because her friend had a spare ticket.


Alessia has only one tattoo of Paper Boat on her wrist. She told that it meant that even though paper boats are fragile, they float.


Alessia Cara can do the Perfect Impression of Adele and Iggy Azalea.


Alessia Cara has a habit to write down all the Good Things that have happened to her the whole year, and then put it in the jar. At the end of the Year, she will read them out so that it can reflect all the good to her.


Alessia Cara Social Media


Cara is a big Social Media addict, she loves to socialize with her fans as much she can. She wrote her location on her Twitter profile as ‘Behind You’, I mean How Thoughtful and Adorable that is.

Alessia Cara Twitter account (@alessicara) has 1.3 Million Followers. Her Instagram account (@alessiamusic) has a double amount of follower compare to Twitter (2.5 Million).





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