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Andy Samberg Net Worth, Gay, Wife, Roast, TV Shows, Age- WikiFamous

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David A.J Samberg later replaced his first name with ‘Andy’ Samberg.  He is known for his big goofy smile and tremendous comic timing. His career started out in 2001 when he formed a comedy group with his close friends and dubbed short films they called themselves ‘The Lonely Island.’

The group writes, produced, and performed all on their own. The shows slowly became a hit in the U.S and later hit big when the guys joined YouTube.


Andy Samberg Age, Height, and Body Measurements


The actor, comedian, and writer Andy Samberg’s age is 40 years. He was born on August 18, 1978, in his hometown of Berkeley, California. How tall do you think Andy Samberg is? He isn’t just a geeky-looking fella, he has his own features too.

Andy’s height 1.77m (5 foot 10 inches), he weighs 170lbs (77kg). His body measurements are 41-34-15, stands for chest [41], waist [34], and bicep [15]. Andy’s other distinctive features are his hazel color eyes and big wild smile.

Andy Samberg Wild Smile
Andy Samberg Wild Smile (Image Source)


Andy Samberg Ethnicity, Religion, and Zodiac Sign


The childish yet smart detective Peralta aka Samberg ethnicity is multiracial. He is of Lithuanian Jewish, Polish Jewish and Russian Jewish descendant. He was raised as Jewish, his religion is clear but he is “not particularly religious.”  According to his birthdate, his zodiac sign is Leo. 


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Andy Samberg Family



Father Joe Samberg (Photographer)
Mother Marjorie Marrow  (School Teacher)
Sister Darrow Samberg

Johanna Samberg


As a kid, Andy loved ‘Saturday Night Live’ he sneakily watched the show without his parents knowing. While Andy was obsessed with his desire to become a comedian, her teachers were equally annoyed by his passion.

Teachers believed that he was way too distracted from the study because of it. His Brooklyn Nine-Nine co-stars ‘Gina’ in real life name Chelsea Peretti attended same elementary school as Andy Samberg.


Andy Samberg Net Worth


Known as the detective Peralta on Brooklyn Nine-Nine and by digital shorts on Saturday Night Live, Andy Samberg is a well-known figure. He is a comedian turn into director, producer, and writer has an estimated net worth of $16 Million USD. 

Having to work as a lead in a hit show like Brooklyn Nine-Nine, how much does Andy Samberg make per episode? He earns $125,000 USD per episode approximately. 


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Is Andy Samberg Gay?  Dating History of Andy Samberg


No gay, there is not a single bone of gay in Andy Samberg, he is all straight. And the dating history of Andy will make you feel bad about yourself. Samberg has dated quite the hotties of Hollywood, and now he is married to one. Let’s take a look Shall We:


Kirsten Dunst

Yes, Andy Samberg has dated the actress known for her role of ‘Mary Jane Watson’ in the original spiderman series, Kristen Dunst. The rumor of their link-ups was everywhere in July 2006.

Andy Samberg and Kristen Dunst
Andy Samberg and Kristen Dunst


Natalie Portman

It is reported that Samberg has dated the actress Natalie Portman in 2007. (Who’s the geek now, son?).  They met each other when Natalie came to host Saturday Night Live (SNL). It is said that Andy was helping her to get over his ex-boyfriend Gael.

Natalie Portman and Andy Samberg
Natalie Portman and Andy Samberg (Image Source)


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Andy Samberg Wife Joanna Newsom


Singer Joanna and Andy Samberg are married since 2013. He was a fan of her for a long time; he attended every one of her concerts. They met each other through a mutual friend, and luckily they both hit it off right away.

They started dating each other in 2008. After dating for 5 whole years, Andy proposed to Joanna.  The couple recently welcomed their first daughter, Andy kept a big secret. The name, birthdate, photo, are not in public yet.

Joanna Newsom and Andy Samberg
Joanna Newsom and Andy Samberg (Image Source)


Andy Samberg The Lonely Island


In 2001, Akiva Schaffer, Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone or famous by their other name ‘The Lonely Island.’  The trio met each other in Junior High, the guys are best buds since then. After graduating from High School they struggled to find a suitable job and started to make a comedic parody and music videos for fun.

Andy and his friends occasionally posted videos on YouTube, after a while their videos became popular. They were involved with a un-profit monthly short filmed.

Andy Samberg The Lonely Island
Andy Samberg The Lonely Island (Image Source)


‘Lazy Sunday’ music video by The Lonely Island, was downloaded over million times on the next day of its release on Saturday Night Live. Andy even performed with Justin Timberlake at one of Justin’s tour stage performance.

They sang The Lonely Island’s song ‘Dick In The Box.’ Andy even won Primetime Emmy award for best comic duet award with Justin Timberlake.

Andy and his friends have received Grammy Nomination for Best Rap/Sung collaboration song, ‘I’m on Boat’ feat. T-pain.

Dick in the box SNL Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake
Dick in the box SNL Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake  (Image Source)


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‘Lazy Sunday’ Rookie Samberg


The day before ‘Lazy Sunday’ release, Andy Samberg was known as a Rookie New Member of SNL. As we mention above that the video was downloaded/stream over million times the next day of its release on SNL. That moment brings a big turn in his career.

One day he is struggling hard to get in one skit or two, the next day ‘Lazy Sunday’  a digital short video starring Andy Samberg, and Chris Parnell became an instant hit. You can say his unknown state days were over.

Andy Samberg shares that ‘He and the [team] just sort of came up with an idea and went for it.’ He also shares they were a lot nervous thinking about How would the studio audience react?

But once after the video was on AIR, everything seems great, the studio audience loved it, and the external response was also great. Andy said that there was a lot of request regarding the video. So SNL uploaded it on their own site as well as on YouTube. And that’s it, the views just kept rising and rising, notably from Youtube.


The Former SNL member Amy Poehler said that she adores Andy Samberg. She said, ” [The Video] captures a certain scrappiness about the show. There’s an unpolished realness to it that I think people can instantly relate to a lethal combination of enthusiasm and good ideas. I adore him.”


Andy Samberg Cuckoo


Andy was a part of ‘Cuckoo’ series 1; the show is running since 2012. Seen only for the first half Samberg left a great impression on the audience. So why did he left the show? After the first series, the producer had in mind that they want to replace him.

While Andy was still on the edge to say yes to ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ script.

When the second season of the show, ‘Cuckoo’ started the audience saw that the person who was filling in the empty spot of Andy Samberg was none other by, Twilight Abs pack, ‘Taylor Lautner.

Andy’s character was, ‘Dale Ashbrick Sr., and Taylor’s character is called, ‘Dale Ashbrick Jr.’

Taylor Lautner and Andy Samberg in Cuckoo
Taylor Lautner and Andy Samberg in Cuckoo


Andy Samberg Roast


Comedy Central James Franco Roast is one of the most popular roasts in Comedy Central history. The James Franco Roast is under Best Top 10 Celebrity Roast of Comedy Central Roast series.

He was also the part of this roast, as a guest and as a comedian. His way of roast so kind-hearted but hurts really well.



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Andy Samberg Career


We all know how he started out his career, ‘The Lonely Island’ debut album; ‘Incrdibad’ was the eighth highest-selling Hip-Hop album of 2007. Before this, he was working as an assistant on the set of ‘Spin City’ (2001-2002).

After watching Samberg’s work, his boss introduced him to the staff of MTV Movie Award, and he landed on a job as a writer on that show. On the Award Night, ‘Jimmy Fallon’ who was hosting that event was super impressed by Andy’s work.

Jimmy Fallon was the one who introduces him to the staff of Saturday Night Live (SNL).

In 2005, SNL staff offered him to do an audition for Saturday Night; he went in and got selected as a featured player. While his two friends ‘The Lonely Island’ rolled in as the writer.

The growing fame of, ‘The Lonely Island’ helped him to gain a role in the 2007 Hot Rod movie. The movie was directed by his friend Aviva Schaffer.

Andy has acted with Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis in ‘Friends With Benefits’, and with Adam Sandler ‘That’s My Boy.’

'Hot Rod' Andy Samberg
‘Hot Rod’ Andy Samberg (Image Source)


Andy Samberg TV Shows


Title Role Year
The Bu Aaron 2003-2004
American Dad! Ricky the Raptor/Anti-Christ 2009 and 2011
SpongeBob Squarepants Colonel Carper 2012
Brooklyn Nine-Nine Jake Peralta 2013-Present
7 Days in Hell Aaron Williams 2015


Andy’s role as Jake Peralta on Brooklyn Nine-Nine was critically and commercially successful. The series received the rating of 88% in the first season, and it reached up to perfect 100% in the next season.

Brooklyn 99 Cast Andy Samberg
Brooklyn 99 Cast Andy Samberg (Image Source)


Andy Samberg Movies


Title Role Year
Hot Rod Rod Kimble 2007
Cloudy With A Chance of Meatball (1 & 2) Brent McHale (Voice) 2009 and 2013
Friends With Benefits Quincy 2011
That’s My Boy Tod Peterson/Han Solo Singer 2012
Hotel Transylvania (Part 1,2,3) Johnny Loughran 2012, 2013, 2018


 He also did voice role in several animated movies as well as comedy web series, ‘Master of None’ as the voice of Nicolas Cage.

Andy Samberg Popstar
Andy Samberg Popstar (Image Source)


Andy Samberg Awards


Award Category Year
Primetime Emmy Award Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics 2007
People’s Choice Award Favorite Web Celeb 2010
Poppy Award Outstanding Lead Actor in Comedy Series (Brooklyn Nine-Nine) 2016


 Andy Samberg Social Media


Samberg once did an impression of the Facebook creator, ‘Mark Zuckerberg’, which was so good that the real Mark Zuckerberg came to show to privately meet him. Then Andy doesn’t have a facebook account so Mark pushes him to have one.

Andy Samberg agreed on one condition, no one can send him a friend request and he will be friends with only Mark Zuckerberg.

Mark also agreed and helped Samberg with technical support. Andy has a twitter account (@AndySamberg) on which he only followed 1 person. He mostly uses the joint @TheLonelyIsland account.



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