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Ariana Grande Boyfriend, Plastic Surgery, Fashion, Hairstyle- WikiFamous

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The ‘No Tears Left To Cry’ singer, has proven herself as this versatile talented person, who can do and pull off anything she wants. Her fashion sense, clothes, style, hair are one thing that you look up the most. Those who know Ariana from her Nickelodeon days will notice how much she has changed over these past years, and it is Incredible!

Some say that her “change in looks” could be the magic of plastic surgery. We will find the answer to that one. Plus you get to know Who Ariana Grande Dated so Far? Let’s start! shall we?


Is Ariana Grande Single? Dating History


It is hard to imagine that a girl as Glamorous as Ariana would stay single for long. She is human with feeling, after all, there are many up and down in Ariana’s dating life.

Graham Phillips

We know who Graham Phillips is? He was the first guy we have seen Ariana dated officially. They were in a relationship from 2008 to end March 2010.

Ariana Grande and Graham Phillips
Ariana Grande and Graham Phillips (Image Source)

Matt Bennett

Oh, man, old memories coming flashing by… Ah, The Old days of Cat Valentine and Robbie Shapiro, we never knew that they were a real thing or not, but his appearance on ‘One Last Time’ music video and again in ‘Thank U, Next’,  raises a lot of questions.

The dating rumors were never been clear, but we do wish that they are real even for a single moment.

Thank U, Next Ariana Grande and Matt Benett
Thank U, Next Ariana Grande and Matt Benett (Image Source)

Jai Brooks

Met through Twitter Jai Brooks, and Ariana really hit it off and dated straight for three years (2012-2014). Their relationship was on-off in the years between 2013, and 2014.

They seemly broke-up in 2013, but then Jai was present at one of Ariana’s concert and he was seen hanging out with Frankie, Ariana’s brother. They finally broke up on great terms in July 2014 and remains good friends since then.

Jai Brooks and Ariana Grande
Jai Brooks and Ariana Grande (Image Source)

Ricky Alvarez

Alvarez is a Mexican Dancer, who started dating Ariana Grande in June 2015. He was one of Ariana’s backup dancer. They started dating in July 2015 and separated in July 2016.

Ricky Alvarez and Ariana Grande
Ricky Alvarez and Ariana Grande (Image Source)

Mac Miller

It was so shocking and devastating to hear that Mac Miller is no more with us. Ariana was as shock as we were that her ex-boyfriend died due to the drug overdose. 

Miller was with Ariana in her toughest time being, we know how he supported her at the time of Manchester. They Started dating each other in August 2016 and ended it in May 2018.

R.I.P Mac Miller 'Ariana Grande'
R.I.P Mac Miller ‘Ariana Grande’ (Image Source)

Pete Davidson

Grande recently got engaged to ‘Pete Davidson’, one of the main cast of “Saturday Night Live”, who she was just started dating. (June 2018). To make their love permanent they got matching tattoos.

Pete got a Bunny tattoo the same representation of Ariana’s Dangerous Woman behind his ear, and ‘Mille Tendrese’ tattoo the same as Grande, on the neck. And, right after they got together, both had an ‘H2GKMO’ tattoo. (Don’t know the mean yet).

Unfortunately there relationship couldn’t stand out long enough. They called off their engagements, the reason could have been the sudden death of Ariana’s ex, or the un-comparable difference between the two of them.

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande
Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande (Image Source)


Ariana Grande- Plastic surgery


Those who are with Ariana from the start surely know how much she has changed over the years, we are so proud of it. While other people say the “change in look” is all due to plastic surgery. There are many rumors of Ariana having plastic surgery for her Brow lift, nose job, and lip injection.




Eyebrow lift or forehead lift is plastic surgery to raise eyebrows. In the early picture of Ariana Grande, you can notice her eyebrow are little closer to her eyes. Her eyebrows are a mixup of thin and thick. 

Ariana Grande Browplasty
Ariana Grande Browplasty (Image Source)


Nose job


In her early days, her nose has a lot of bumps and dents. The after nose job photos (2016) you can notice it got a sleek look. The tip of her nose is now sharp and edgy. So, yes Ariana has done a nose job.

Ariana Grande Nose Job
Ariana Grande Nose Job (Image Source)


Lips injectable


From the days of Nickelodeon, we remember the Cat that has a sweet smile, yet attractive lips.  Her lips were perfect upper lip was thinner than lower-lip. In 2017, Ariana Grande’s lips seem much fuller and plump, either way, she looks perfect.

Ariana Grande Lip Fillers
Ariana Grande Lip Fillers (Image Source)


Boob job or Face-lift


Regarding the breast implants, to be honest it did not show any difference. If you saw Ariana Grande before and after you can clearly see, there is no major difference.

She is still young and not have to worry about wrinkle or any face related surgeries. Yes, she may have done some minor cosmetic improvements, but she still flawless.

Ariana Grande Transformation
Ariana Grande Transformation (Image Source)


Know the Tips & Secrets of Ariana Grande’s Weight Loss Transformation.


Ariana Grande- Fashion Styles


She always wow us with her clean Chic makeup and straight silk-like hair. Arina Grande’s fashion Choice has become a big part of her persona.

We all can agree that Ariana Grande Style sense is sleek, She wears sober but it still turns out to be classy. Her knee boots that can go with every style.  The latex style from ‘Dangerous woman’.

‘Dangerous woman’, as the title she really is fearless. Ariana Grande can look classy even when she sets off on stage in her Bra.

Ariana Grande Fashion
Ariana Grande Knee High Boots (Image Source)


Ariana Grande Latex
Boots-Ariana Grande Latex (Image Source)


Ariana Grande loves to wear her Cat ears headband.  We love it too.

Ariana Grande Cat Ears
Kitty Ariana Grande (Gif Source)


If kitty headbands are not your thing, then how about, ‘kitty Headphones’.

Ariana Grande Cat Ear Headphones
Cat Ear Headphones Ariana Grande (Image Source)




Beach wave- On the premiere of Harry Potter (2011).  With hair on the side, sophisticated look and red cherry lips.

Ariana Grande Beach Wave
Ariana Grande Velvet Red (Image Source)


Honey Blonde- In 2014, Ariana Grande nailed the Grammy’s with her Honey Blonde look and beautiful light pink lips. looks like Ariana we know today. With highlighted hair in such a way to create a graduate natural looking. 

Ariana Grande Honey Blonde
Ariana Grande Honey Blonde (Image Source)


Platinum Blonde-  I personally love this look. 2015, it was time for a change, the new look for her new Album ‘Focus’ Ariana rocked Platinum blonde straight hair, length to the waist and high ponytail hairstyle. 

High knot Ponytails is what we call Ariana Grande Style. She has changed many looks drastically over these years, and she will change more in the future. We are looking forward to amazed!

Ariana Grande Platinum Blonde
Ariana Grande Platinum Blonde (Image Source)


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