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Barnard ‘Bernie’ Sanders is an American Politician, author, film director, and Television producer born on September 8, 1941. Young Bernard Sanders decided not to take a part in the Vietnam War effort assuming the status would be ‘Conscientious Objector’.

In 1987, U.S News & World Report ranked Sanders as one of the nation’s best mayors.  Bernard Sander served in the House of Representative from 2001 to 2007. Bernie went far ahead in his game to become a US Senate in 2007 and was reelected in 2012.




Real Name Bernard Sanders
Nickname Bernie
Date of birth (Age)

(How old is Bernie Sanders?)

8 September 1941 (77 years old)
Place Of Birth Brooklyn, New York

(Where is Bernie Sanders from?)

Burlington, Vermont
Nationality American
Religion Jewish
Occupation Politician*Author* Researcher* Carpenter* Film Director* Television Producer
Political Party Democratic Party
Website Sanders.Senate.gov
Net Worth

(How much does Bernie Sanders worth?)



Bernard Sanders Education


Elementary School Public School in Brooklyn (NY)
High School James Madison High School
College Brooklyn College
University University of Chicago


Young Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders (Image Source)


Bernard Sanders Family


Father Eli Sanders
Mother Dorothy Sanders
Brother Larry Sanders
Wife Jane o` Meara (1988- Present)
Children Levi Sanders (Son)


Bernie Sanders Family
Bernie Sanders Family (Image Source)


Bernie Sanders Job History


Sanders worked in a variety of jobs before he landed on politics.  After he graduated from Chicago University, he moved to New York where he got his very first job as a Teacher, he then becomes psychiatric and later on a carpenter. Bernie Sanders initially went back to Vermont because he was fascinated by the rural life; he continues working as a carpenter.

Bernie started to work as a writer and created educational materials for school.  He wrote articles for the publishing company in Vermont called ‘The Vermont Freeman’. During his writing career, he started filmmaking and has made a lot of Fanatic films.


Bernie Sanders New House


Bernie Sanders owns two houses and recently bought a third house. His new house has a view full of mountains. The senator wanted a private land, and after looking at several properties, he and his family settled for a private Cottage on the shore of Lake Champlain. 

The house worth is $575,000.  According to sources, he also bought a new car Audi R8 worth $172,000 with 2016 Presidential Donation Campaign.

Bernie Sanders House
Bernie Sanders House (Image Source)


Bernie Sanders Larry David


Saturday Night Live (SNL) the show is on AIR for almost five decades. SNL has done many gigs on politics, including Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders.

The person who played Bernie Sanders character is a guy name, Larry David. The interesting thing about them is, as it turns out they are both related. They do not know about that until a show name ‘Finding your roots’ fourth season premiere.

In the show, the host gives both men a photobook with a picture of their Distant cousin in it, when they open it, they could not believe it. They both shared a laugh and with that, they become cousins.

Bernie Sanders and Larry David
Bernie Sanders and Larry David (Image Source)


Bernie Sanders VS Hillary Clinton on the issues:-


Senator Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are not that different as they seem. Sanders and Clinton views on the issues are practically the same. Their views are reasonably close on issues such as Immigration, and some point on finance campaign finance. 

Hillary Clinton supports the DREAM act and is trying to enforce the President Obama’s action on immigration, and it goes same for Bernie, he is also supporting the DREAM act as well as trying to expand President Obama’s executive action on immigration.  Here are some issues and the difference between their views.


Medical/ Healthcare


Hillary and Bernie Sanders have the same view about the prices with pharmaceutical companies. They are trying to get a permission from the government so that they can negotiate the price of medication.

Hillary Clinton supports not to change the Obamacare, but she is putting more restriction on drug advertising and propose to keep limited charges for drugs by the side of $250.

On another hand, Bernie Sanders wants to replace the Obamacare with ‘Single-player-healthcare’.  As Hillary wants the prices to be limited, Sanders want drugs to be on discount only for Senior citizens. Rather putting restrictions, he wants to import medication from Canada.


College/Education inexpensive 


Hillary is proposing to lower the interest rate on the current and future student’s loan. Bernie Sanders wants to make tuition free of charges in Public Colleges.

Hillary is proposing to give 17.5 Million$ to invest it in higher education. Bernie and Hillary both want to remove profit of Federal government gained by Student-debt repayments.


Gun Control


Hillary supports the legislation that allows the gun violence victim to sue the Gun manufacturers, Bernie Sanders argue with it.


Economy/Minimum Wage


Hillary Clinton wants to raise the minimum wage to $12/hour, Sanders wants to raise the wage minimum to $15/hour.

Clinton is not far apart from Bernie Sanders in political views. Many people believe that Hillary seems to be going where the winds blow, for Bernie Sanders he is original and has succeeded to move the Democratic party from right to the Center.


Bernie VS Hillary Polls


According to polls Hillary Clinton won by 12.1% votes. Sanders has achieved 13,206,428 votes (43.1%), and Hillary Clinton achieved 16, 914, 22 votes (55.2%).

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton
Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton (Image Source)


Bernie Sanders views on Donald Trump


Every Presidential candidate has his or her own views on Donald Trump so does Bernie Sanders. He displayed many views on Donald Trump’s policies. In May 2018, Bernie point out the policy on Immigration by Donald Trump is heartless.

Since Donald Trump is making a wall on Mexico-US border and said that Mexicans are ‘Killer’ and ‘Rapists’ on top of that he is referring to the immigrant’s nation as ‘Shithole Countries’.

Sanders said the American people want us (Presidential candidates) to move forward for wide-ranging immigrant amendment, and Trump is doing the exact opposite. ‘Trump policy is that the United States government need to separate children from their parents’ said Bernie Sanders on CNN.

That is how we all see and we think it is heartless of him, Sanders added. Bernie Sanders also had a problem with speech gave by Donald Trump during the Union address. Sanders Via Facebook noted the things that trump did not address in his speech.

Bernie said Trump didn’t mention Social security or Medicare, Trump did not mention wealth inequality, climate change (Global Warming) as fundamental threats. Sanders reminded Trump his committed moral values for Clean air and clean water.

Sanders is still re-thinking his decision to stand in the presidential election in 2020.

Bernie Sanders views on Donald Trump
Bernie Sanders views on Donald Trump (Image Source)



Hillary Clinton views on Bernie Sanders and DonaldTrump.



Bernie Sanders Campaign


“A Future to Believe In; Not me, Us.”  “A Political revolution is coming” “Not for Sale” “Enough is Enough” “Feel The Bern”, are some slogan of the Campaign.

During his Campaign for President, he focused on many issues such as Immigration, gun control, healthcare, economy, abortion, and many others.  He even focused on his activities in media coverage and social media.  Bernie is likely proposing for wealth inequality, increase in tax, free and high education and many others.


Wealth inequality


‘Wealth inequality’ is one of the most important part and issues of our country’, said Bernie Sanders on his Facebook account on March 6. Bernie Sanders told CNN that he would be raising taxes on the “Very Wealthiest” Americans AKA famous people.  He wants a healthy economy for the government to put it into something beneficial for people.

Free education


‘We need to make college free of cost in order to make America great.’ According to him, having a high-educated population is the only way to complete the global economy.  Regardless of the financial issue, every American should have the opportunity to get the education they need. 

Then calculation says that more than 44 million Americans have taken the student loan, and their debt is total around $1.4 Trillion, and this does not even add the tuition fee.

Bernie Sanders for President
Bernie Sanders for President (Image Source)


Bernie Sanders views on the issues


Black Lives Matters (BLM)


In August 2018, during a spoke event rally in Seattle, Bernie Sanders was giving a speech until an activist of Black Lives Matter (BLM) interrupted him, their reason to do so was Bernie, and his supporters were not giving the required attention to Justice, race and criminal issue.

According to them, Bernie Sanders wasn’t able to keep Racial Justice in front.  After the death of young black man and woman (mostly by the police) the activists wanted Bernie to take some action or make an executive action towards the issue, they openly challenge him to make racism and mass incarceration as an important part of his Campaign as Social Security. 

What did Black Live Matters mean to Bernie?  In an interview, he was questioned about this topic and the thing happens to him during the rally Bernie said that we are tired and sick seeing unarmed people killed by police officers. 

He also said that the young American-African people that are being harassed by police officers, where the police departments are not there to support the victims, that is an issue that needs more attention.

On Abortion


Sanders always believes in protecting a woman’s right.  Bernie has voted numerous times for allowing women to travel interstate for abortion. 

In recent, he conducted a convention for women called, ‘Woman’s Convention’.  The organizers only invited 60 women and only two men, woman guest list includes- Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, but due to some circumstances, they were unable to attend the convention.

On Saturday, Sanders announced that he would also be not present at the convention instead; he will be meeting the Mayor Carmon Yulín Cruz, in Puerto Rico.  Bernie commented on abortion that he will be not supporting specific abortion restriction. His statement turns out to be little negative to some people. 

Bernie Sanders tried to explain that he does not like the government to be telling a woman what to do with her own body.  Bernie strongly believes the woman and her family, and her physician should make a decision, that it is his view.



Marijuana is not a heroin; Bernie Sanders stated that Marijuana should be labeled as a prescribed drug besides the one who kills known as  Heroin. Sanders order his attorney Jeff Sessions to change the decision of rolling back Barack Obama policy that gives the state freedom to legalize Marijuana.

Foreign Policy


Bernie Sanders seems to have a lack of interest in Global affairs; people want to know what he will be doing to improve the matters regarding Foreign policy. Sanders would be approaching this matter from a different way. Bernie Sanders statement on Israel and Saudi Arabia that they are similar.  Both countries committed to holding U.S. allies to international law and a different view of long-term U.S.


Know more about Politics in fun way with Trevor Noah.



Bernie Sanders Debate


Bernie Sanders has joined many debates during his Presidential Campaign 2016.  The most heated debate if he has attended it would be the one on CNN with Ted Cruz on Tax Reform.  The debate was unstoppable, more like never-ending.  Senator Bernie Sanders VS Senator Ted Cruz, the two Senator went deep while discussing Republican Party’s Tax Plan.  The debate went for an hour and a half.



Bernie Sanders Socialist


(what are Bernie Sanders political ideology/views?)


Socialist Democrat never had been a good term in American politics.  As for Bernie Sanders, people ask if he is Socialist or Democratic Socialist.  When he is asked, ‘Are you a socialist?’ he does not deny it.  Sanders may have a reason for categorization himself as a Socialist.

 According to Goldman, ‘It tidily sums up his priorities and it helps to tell between him from the other Democrat.  Bernie said that he isn’t afraid of the world.  

When he runs for the Senate for the first time, he was up against the richest guy in Vermont.  Bernie Sanders said that he kept attacking him as a liberal. The guy didn’t use the word “Socialist” cause everybody in the state knows him that he was.


Bernie Sanders on Veterans


The United States spend millions of Dollars in war weapons, cargo planes, and other military technologies.  But no one ever cares about the veterans who we send on to war.  We never obligate on the promise we made to men and woman who served the country to provide them the best quality care.

Senator Bernie Sanders believes that, just as the weapons and tanks are important so as taking care of men and woman who devote their lives to protect our country, including their family, spouse and children who have to recover from the loss of their loved ones. 

It is the job of government to take care of veterans with lost eyesight, handicapped, post-traumatic disorder, and committing suicide. This is one of the highest priorities in Congress to make sure that our nation’s veteran has the right to use the quality healthcare and its benefits. 

On behalf of Vermont’s 45,000 veterans and their families who have done so much for the country, Bernie Sanders is now a long time member and former chairperson of the Senate Veterans’ Affair Committee whose job is to provide health benefits and burial services to the nation 20 million veterans.


Bernie Sanders Campaign Finance


Bernie Sanders Presidential Campaign 2016 has raised a total amount of  $7,934,766.00 with spending amount of $3,859,732.00. To be able to spend that much of money Sanders held a Fundraiser and a little help from the contributors. Bernie Sander still in debt of Contributor with the amount of  $36,500.00.

The top Contributor of the campaign was: – University of California ($11,877.00), American Federation of Teachers ($10,042.00), Moveon.org ($10,937.00), Climate Champions PAC ($10,000.00), and Communication Workers of America ($10,007.00).

Along with all the contribution, Bernie raised the Fundraiser, endorsement, and advertising. Bernie Sanders launched himself as an Ice cream Flavor, Ben & Jerry’s are the company, which included Bernie Sanders as an ice cream flavor.

Senator Bernie launched Campaign Merchandise ‘Actblue’ ‘Feel The Merch’, the merch includes Bernie sander, T-shirts, buttons, bumper stickers, hoodies, Bernie Yard Sign, pin, posters and more.


Bernie Sanders Books


Sanders is also an author who has published 8 books. His very first book was published in 1997 ‘Outsider in the House: a political autobiography’, and latest published in 2017 ‘Where we go from her’. His book ‘Our Revolution A future to believe’ in 2016, became the slogan of his Campaign in 2017.


Ivanka Trump daughter of Donald Trump, who is a businesswoman and a mother. See her lifetime achievements in details.



Bernie Sanders Accomplishments


From his early days to Us Senate, Bernie Sanders has achieved all. In his early days, he won a Basketball championship, and as US Senate, he defeated a wealthy businessperson and winning the US Senate seat in 2006. Now he runs the most expensive campaign in the history of Vermont.

Here are some fellow achievements:-


Bernie Sanders makes amends to the Treasury and General Appropriations Act of 2003 to stop the IRS from using funds of ‘Current Pension and age discrimination laws’.


Prevented Child Labor by stating the U.S will not suitable resources the importation of goods made by minors.


Bernie Sanders is the Chairman of the United States Senate Committee on Veterans’ affair 2013-2014.


Bernie Sanders Facts


Here are some Trivia facts about Bernie Sanders:-


  • During his time as a Mayor of Burlington (Vermont), he was named one of America’s best Mayor by World Report & U.S News.


  • Bernie Sanders had played a minor role in the 1988 romantic comedy movie ‘Sweet Heart Dance’ starring Susan Sarandon.


  • Bernie Sanders was also an artist, during his mayor days of Burlington in 1987; he recorded a folk/spoken word album named ‘We Shall Overcome’.


  • Bernie Sanders was arrested for protesting against Chicago has Segregated schools in 1963.


  • He disclosed his $1.38 Trillion/year from “Medical-for-all” healthcare plan.


  • Bernie Sanders has endorsed Hillary Clinton.


  • He will be in a running for seek-reelection this Year.


Bernie Sanders Social Media


His one of the latest tweet on his twitter account (@BernieSanders) is about fuel industry. He tweeted, (‘we must take on the fossil fuel industry, accelerate our transition to clean energy and finally put people before the profit of polluters). His twitter account has 8.9 Million followers.

On his Instagram account (@berniesanders) he posted a picture and explained that single-player could have saved America $2 Trillion. He said that by trashing the Medicare-care-for-all couldn’t hide the truth that it can lead to a $2 Trillion reduction in national health expenditures of over 10 years. His Instagram following is 2.5 million.


Bernie Sanders Quotes:-


Bernie Sanders has said 686 meaningfully things. Here are few Quotes said by Bernie Sanders.


“If I have a Dollar and you have 20 dollars that I have 21 Dollars.”


“America deserves a Better class of communist and I am going to give it to them.”


“If you can’t afford to take care of your Veterans (#veterans), then don’t go to war.”


“If the Environment were a Bank, It would have been saved by now.”


“The Powerball is $1.2 Billion.  There are 300 million Americans. We could give every American 4.3 million and End poverty.”



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