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Beyonce Giselle Knowles is an American multitalented singer, and songwriter born on September 4, 1981, in Houston, Texas.  Beyonce became the First African-American Woman ever to win the ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors, & Publishers) Pop Songwriter of the Year.  

Her biggest hit song ‘Crazy in Love’ is still a huge hit to this day.  The 36-year old Queen B is now a mother of two daughters and one son.  That makes her the ‘Ultimate Star Icon’ all over the world.




Real Name Beyonce Giselle Knowles
Occupation Singer* Songwriter* Record Producer* Actress* Dancer* Businesswoman
Autograph Beyonce Autograph
Website official beyonce.com
Net Worth $350 Million (2018)



Personal Info


Name Beyoncé Giselle Knowles
Nickname Sasha, Be, Queen B, JuJu
Date of Birth (Age)

(How Old is Beyonce?)

September 4, 1981 (36-years)
Place of birth

(Where was Beyonce born?)

Houston, Texas,  United States

(Where is Beyoncé from?)


(Where does Beyoncé live?)

Bel-Air Neighborhood, Los Angeles

(How tall is Beyoncé?)

1.69m (5 foot 6½ inches)
Weight 137lbs (62Kg)
Body Measurements (Figure) 34-26-28
Bra Size 32C
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown
Nationality American
Ethnicity Native American, French, Irish, African, Spanish (Multiracial)
Religion Methodist or Methodism
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Is Beyonce Vegan? Yes.
Status Married



Beyonce Family


Father’s Name Mathew Knowles
Mother’s Name Tina Knowles
Brother Nixon Knowles
Sister Solange Lawman

Bianca Knowles

Spouse/Husband Shawn Corey Carter (Jay Z)
Children Blue Ivy Carter (6 years-old Daughter)

Sir Carter (1-year-old boy twin)

Rumi Carter (1-year-old Girl Twin)



Beyonce Family
Beyoncé Family (Image Source)


Daughter Blue Ivy Carter and Jay Z
Beyonce Daughter Blue Ivy Carter and Jay Z (Image Source)



Jay Z and Beyonce Net Worth 

(How much is Beyoncé worth?)


‘The Carters’ is the power couple of Hollywood Jay Z & Beyonce.  The duo had a real success career individually that makes them one of the Music Industry’s most powerful couple.  According to Celebrity net worth, the average of their Net worth Combine is $100 Million USD/year. The couple has been rocking since the 90s, no wonder that they made it on the list of ‘Top 10 Richest Celebrity Couples’.

 According to Forbes, Beyonce worth estimated to be $350 Million, and Jay Z estimate $810 Million, the combined net worth $1.16 Billion USD, makes them a Billionaire Duo.

Whoa…  They are Rich as Hell!


Beyonce Net worth
Beyoncé  Net worth (Image Source)


What makes Paul McCartney one of the highest paid musicians?



Beyonce House


The Multi-Billionaire Couple has the most expensive house; they recently (2017) purchased a mansion in Bel-Air Neighborhood, Los Angeles, California. The deal has become the most expensive house sale of the year.  The house is of 30,000-square-foot, and its worth estimated to be $88 Million USD with $52.8 Million of a mortgage.  If that is not enough for the Ultimate Couple, they also own three apartments in South Beach, Florida. 

Beyonce House
Beyonce House (Image Source)


Beyonce Discography


Beyonce Started signing since she was a child, she participated in various types of dancing and singing competition.  She was a part of 90s R&B Girl Group ‘Destiny’s Child’, she was the lead singer.  “The Group became one of the world’s best-selling Girl Groups in history.”

Beyonce released her first studio album ‘Dangerously in Love’ as a solo artist in 2003, she won the ‘Best International Solo artist’ by BRITS Awards.  She took home five Grammys in 2004 for her debut album ‘Dangerously in Love.’ 

The Girl Group ‘Destiny’s Child’ fall apart in the year 2005.  After the fall of the Group, Beyonce and her fellow members were honor with a Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame (2006). 

Her second Solo Studio Album ‘B’Day (2006) was another super hit, in the special edition of this album included a Collaboration of ‘Beyonce with Shakira’ Beautiful Liar’, which only served as an extended play (Digital) in the United Kingdom. It was way after it, that the song officially became Digital EP in both US and UK (2007). And what can be best than two Queens performing on the same stage? 



Her third Album ‘I Am…Sasha Fierce’ (2008), she has said that to get over her shyness she developed a stage Persona name ‘Sasha.’  At 52nd Grammys Award, the night of 2010 became historical for Beyonce, as she sets the record As Female Artist, winning Six Grammys in the single year.  

The award included the ‘Song of the year’  ‘Singles Ladies’ (Put a ring on it), Best Female Pop Vocal Performance (Halo), Best RB songs, and Best Contemporary R&B Album (I Am…  Sasha Fierce).

The music video (Put a ring on it) is the cheapest video ever made, Beyonce told, ‘It was the cheapest video because most of the budget was used for ‘If I were a boy.’



Beyonce Songs (Famous Songs)


Album Name

 Song Name

Beyonce Partition
Lemonade Sorry (I ain’t Sorry)
4 Run the world
Dangerously in Love Naughty Girl
Dangerously in Love  Me Myself & I


Lemonade (2016) 


‘Album of the year’, ‘Best Selling Album of 2016’, these are just a few tags that reflect the success of the Beyonce sixth Studio Album and second ‘Visual Album’ (Beyonce was the first visual album).  Album was a big success of 2016 that Beyonce even did a world tour ‘The Formation World Tour.’ 

The Formation became the year’s second highest-grossing tour.  NPR named ‘Lemonade’ as the Sixth Greatest Album Made by Woman (of all time).

Beyonce Lemonade
Beyoncé Lemonade (Image Source)

Beyoncé Lemonade Tracklist

Pray you Catch me

Hold Up

6 inches


Don’t hurt yourself

Daddy Lessons

Love Drought




All Night



The year 2018, Beyhive are still not over from ‘Lemonade’ yet, and Beyonce dropped a heavy bomb at our heads by releasing ‘Everything is in Love’ with none other than her hubby Jay Z, who now known as musical Duo ‘The Carters.’


Beyonce Awards

(How many Grammys does Beyonce have?)


Beyonce has won 22 Grammys in total from 63 Nomination, which makes her the ‘Most Nominated Woman’ in the history of Grammys.  By hand, her husband has the most Grammys won by a rap artist Jay Z has won 21 Grammys.

Beyonce Grammys
Beyoncé Grammys (Image Source)


MTV Video Music Award (VMA 2009), Taylor Swift won the ‘Best Female Video’ (You Belong With Me), during the acceptance speech Kanye West interrupted Taylor and said that Beyonce has the Best Female video of all time, (personating that Taylor doesn’t deserve the award).

 Later that evening, Beyonce won the ‘Video of the Year’ (Single Ladies/Put a ring on it).  While receiving the award on stage Beyonce give chance to Taylor so she can complete the speech she was saying earlier (when Kanye interrupted).



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Beyonce Movies


Beyonce had worked in a variety of movie alongside her music career.  She first appears on big screen as ‘Deena Jones’ in one of the classic movie ‘DreamGirl’ (2006). As playing the lead role she also sang one of her hits such as –‘Move’, ‘Fake Your way up to the top’,  and many other musical numbers.  The Same year she appeared in another film as a lead in ‘Pink Panther’ playing the role of ‘Xania.’  In 2009, she was seen in the movie ‘Obsessed’ portraying the role of ‘Sharon Charles’ the lead character.

She lends her voice in one of the best-animated movies by 20th Century Fox Animation film ‘Epic’ (2013), as ‘Queen Tara.’

Beyonce Movie
Beyoncé Movie (Image Source)


Beyonce Tattoos


Beyonce has four tattoos in total; she is not a big fan of wide and big tattoos.  She likes the idea of getting inked but simply doesn’t want it to get attention.


  • Her first tattoo was not permanent- Beyonce very first tattoo was of an angel who seems to be praying on her left hip.  By not permanent, we mean that as soon she got the tattoo, she removed it.  Her left hip still has a scar occur due to ‘Laser removal.’


Beyonce Tattoos
Beyoncé Tattoos  (Image Source)


  • IV- Beyonce got her ‘IV’ tattoos on her left finger, which she got together with Jay Z.  The letter ‘IV’ is a roman number stands for four (4), which initiates the destined bond that she Jay Z has.  For instance, her birthday is of 4 September, and Jay Z birthday is of 4 December, their wedding day was on 4 April (4/04/2008).  The tattoo is placed right on the ring finger that holds $5 Million Engagement ring, whether she is wearing it or not, it shows that they are tied together forever.


Beyonce finger tattoo
Beyoncé finger tattoo  (Image Source)


  •   Three little dots- Beyonce loves her kids so much like every single mom on the planet, she is a sweet mom of three children and has a tattoo of three little dots, one dot for each.  Whether you notice or not, her center dot is of blue color, it represents her eldest daughter Blue Ivy.

She is one special kid after Beyonce got a miscarriage ‘that was the saddest thing she has to go through.’  It was devastating for all when the news come of Beyonce being pregnant (she announced it live after her performance in an Award Show), everyone was happy for her.

Then entered the world ‘Blue’, The beyhive was happy for her, in fact, I’m sure all.  Hence, here comes the news of twins.

Beyonce Three Dots
Beyoncé Three Dots (Image Source)


  • Her fourth tattoo was altered- Remember the ‘IV’ tattoos, in 2016 she did a slight change in the tattoo.  The tattoo is now a combination of no.4 and the letter ‘J’ for Jay Z.


Beyonce IV tattoo
Beyoncé IV tattoo (Image Source)


Beyonce Plastic Surgery


Hollywood is full of plastic, who is real it is hard to tell, but that is common between celebrity getting plastic surgeries to improve their facial features.  It is cool.

However she is one of the most talked celebrities about getting plastic, it is still a question.  Did she or did she not undergone plastic surgery?

People mostly anti-fans have started rumors about her getting a boob job and lip fillers, but still, to this day Beyonce has denied every single claiming of her getting any Plastic.  She doesn’t even bother to give this talk some attention.


Experts have said that her now plump lips might be related to her pregnancy, it is true that pregnancy brings a lot of changes in a woman.  Well, they made it clear.

Beyonce Plastic Surgery
Beyoncé Plastic Surgery (Image Source)


She has always been a 32C, is 32C, and will be a 32C.


Beyonce Breast implants
Beyoncé Breast implants (Image Source)


Beyonce Social Media


Her official Twitter account (@Beyonce) has 14.8 Millions of followers.

Her Instagram account (@beyonce) has 117 Million followers, which makes her one of the most followed celebrities on Instagram.


Beyonce Instagram
Beyoncé Instagram  (Image Source)


Beyonce Quotes


‘The more successful I become, the more I need a man.’


‘I get nervous when I don’t get nervous.  If I’m nervous I know I’m going to have a good show.’


‘When you really don’t like a guy, they’re all over you, and as soon as you act like you like them, they’re no longer interested.’


‘I can never be safe; I always try and go against the grain.  As soon as I accomplish one thing, I just set a higher goal.  That’s how I’ve gotten to where I am.’


‘Be healthy and take care of yourself, but be happy with the beautiful things that make you, you.’



Well, that was all about Beyonce, We have shared the amazing Life story of Lady Gaga in one article, hope you will like that too.


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