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The American TV Host Bill Maher, known for his sarcastic attitude, political satire, and sociopolitical commentary is an American comedian, political commentator, and Television host, born on January 20, 1956, in New York, City.




Name Bill Maher
Profession American comedian, political commentator, Tv Host
Net worth $100M


Personal Info


Real Name William Maher Jr.
Nick Name Bill Maher
Date of Birth (Age)

(How old is Bill Maher?)

20 January 1956 (62-year-old)
Place of Birth New York, USA
Hometown River Vale, New Jersey
Religion Agonistic
Ethnicity Irish and Ashkenazi Jewish
Height 5’8”
Weight 74kg
Eye Color Grey
Hair Color Salt and pepper
Zodiac Aquarius
Education Double majored in English and History


Bill Maher Family


Father William Aloysius Maher Jr.
Mother Julie Maher
Sister Kathy Maher


Bill’s father was a radio announcer and news editor and his mother was a nurse. Bill didn’t know he’s half-Jewish on his mother’s side until he was 13 years old. Raised as a Catholic until 13, Maher’s family separated from the Catholic Church over the isle of birth control. He attended Cornell University and graduated with a B.A. in English and History in 1978.

Despite his show on HBO, Real Time with Bill Maher, the American comedian continues to perform regularly as a stand-up comedian with at least fifty dates a year in Las Vegas and a few other places.  


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Bill Maher Net Worth


(How much is Bill Maher worth?)


Bill Maher’s estimated net worth is around $100M. Began his career as a stand-up comedian and later made appearances on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and David Letterman’s Late Show. Bill Maher started hosting a show Politically Incorrect.

Bill Maher periodically contributes to the Huffington Post, a blog, where he talks about his opinions on politics and social issues. He holds the record for most Emmy losses at 22.


Bill Maher Relationships


He has never been married.


Tracy Richman The late 1980s
Adrienne Barbeau 1989
Heather Hunter The 1990s
Amber Smith 1995s
Arianna Huffington 1997
Karin Taylor 1997
Brook Lee 1997
Vanessa Kay 2000 to 2001
Aiko Tanaka 2002
Ann Coulter  Not Known
Coco Johnsen 2003 to 2004
Anjulie Persaud 2014


Anjulie Persaud and Bill Maher
Anjulie Persaud and Bill Maher (Image Source)


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Bill Maher Religion


Bill Maher was born and brought up as a Catholic until he turned 13 and the family had to separate from Catholic Church due to birth control issues. Maher has highly been critical of religion and his views are destructive. He self-identifies as an agnostic, atheist and apatheist.

While a little later, he rejected being an atheist claiming that “There’s a really big difference between an atheist and someone who just doesn’t believe in religion. Religion to me is bureaucracy between man and God that I don’t need but I am not an atheist”.

Several months later on 2012 episode of his HBO show, he revealed that he doesn’t really enjoy talking about religion. While critical of all religion, he claims that “they’re all stupid and dangerous”.

In 2009, Bill Maher has warded Richard Dawkins Awards from Atheist Alliance International. He is an advisory board member of author Sam Harris’s Project Reason which promotes scientific knowledge and secular values within society.


Bill Maher Career


Bill Maher began his career as a comedian in 1979. From a very early age, he was exposed to current events and the world of television as his father worked as a news editor for NBC. His appearance on David Letterman’s Late Show supported his notoriety which later drove him to run his own show “Politically Incorrect” and then later “Real Time with Bill Maher”.

He received a Hollywood Walk of Fame star on September 4, 2010. Bill Maher is also a frequent commentator on various cable news networks like HLN, MSNBC, Fox News and CNN. He supports the legalization of cannabis and same-sex marriage.

His critical views of religion were the basis for the 2008 documentary film “Religious”. His influences are known to be Johnny Carson, Robert Klein, Lenny Bruce, Steve Allen, Mort Sahl, and George Carlin.


Politically Incorrect


Politically Incorrect is an American late-night political talk show hosted by Bill Maher. It was moved from Comedy Central to ABC in 1997. The show won an Emmy in 2000 for “Outstanding Technical Direction, Camerawork, Video for a Series”.

The show was caught up in a controversy after the statement released by then-President George W. Bush as an aftermath of 9/11 attacks in the US in 2001. Bill’s guest Dinesh D’Souza made a statement and Bill agreed and replied with his view which was taken as Bill’s personal dig at American soldiers. Even though he apologized, the show was canceled.

Asking about the cancellation, ABC denied that the controversy affected the decision but it was because of the decline ratings they had to unplug the show. This show was replaced on ABC by Jimmy Kimmel Live! In 2003.


Real Time With Bill Maher


Real-time with Bill Maher is a weekly talk show which is hosted by Bill Maher and airs on HBO. Similar to his previous talk show, Real Talk also features guests who talk about the current happenings, politics, and media with Bill. This show is well-versed and the writers have kept the controversy in mind and have written the script very carefully.

This show features a 10 minute Youtube Live Streams where the host and the panel answer questions asked by the viewers. In 2006, the audio-only episodes of Real Time with Bill Maher were made available as a free podcast via iTunes Store.


Donald Trump


Bill Maher has always been a critic of the Obama administration, the Bush administration, and the Trump administration. Bill Maher took his standup ac to Tulsa for a comedy show where he made his feelings about Trump Administration very clear.

He despises Trump and suggested that he descended from an orangutan. He acknowledged how unimpressive presidential predecessors are and said: “We never had one like this who was so aggressively stupid, takes pride that you cannot get information into his head”.

What surprises the audience is that Bill has a soft spot for Vice President Mike Pence. Bill Maher on Donald Trump on Jimmy Kimmel Live!


Donald Trump’s role in the “birtherism” movement that tried to claim that Barak Obama wasn’t a US citizen, Bill Maher joking offered Trump $5M to produce his own birth certificate in order to prove that then businessman’s father wasn’t an orangutan. Trump produced his birth certificate and then attempted to sue Maher for $5M.


Views on Gay Marriage


When same-sex marriage was legalized in America, Bill Maher took the opportunity to appreciate the growing up of the country he lives in. Maher celebrated the Supreme Court’s decision to legalize gay marriages throughout the country and said: “America is finally growing up”.



This goes way back to the 2001’s 9/11 attacks in the US. In a video compilation by Dan Cohen, we can totally hear Bill’s corrosive impact, laying bare the raw bigotry remarks on Islam. Bill Maher goes onto say that “Islam is the motherhood of bad ideas and the Quran is a hate-filled holy book. Islamization of Europe is underway”.

He later justifies by saying that “we have a cultural difference and Islam is a religion that acts likes the Mafia”. He claims Muslims “bring that desert stuff to the west and if Muslim could get laid more, we wouldn’t have this problem”. In his mind, moderate Muslims don’t exist.

Maher kept on advancing stereotypes about an entire people based on little evidence. He ratcheted up his anti-Muslim commentary while a guest on “Charlie Rose”. He said that “it is “naive” to think that Islam isn’t more violent than other religion and mocked President Obama for commenting that the terror group ISIS was not Islamic”.


Bill Maher Health


The comedian who often talks about current affairs, media and politics believe that the AMA (American Medical Association) is a strong act of people and is the primary reason why the United States had failed all along when it comes to enacting Health Care. 

Bill Maher also believe in healthy living style and he follows a routine that involves basketball and getting yelled at by a trainer who tries to train the comedian. Bill Maher trains twice a week for formal weightlifting.

Bill Maher keeps his diet very healthy cutting down on the sugar. Maher is an outspoken supporter of marijuana legalization. He says he eats more when he smokes pot but keep nothing in the house that could tear into.



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Bill Maher Social Media


Bill Maher says that social media tycoon should “stop pretending that they are friendly new Gods building a better world”. He has 328.3K followers on Instagram (@billmaher) and Real Time with Bill Maher has 119K followers (@realtimers).  He has about 11.1M followers on twitter (@billmaher) and he also has a youtube page.




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