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 Christopher Maurice Brown is an American singer, actor, and songwriter born on May 5, 1989, in Tappahannock, Virginia. When he was young, he was a huge fan of Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder, he loved music and taught himself how to sing and dance.

Chris Brown’s first debut album earned two Grammys and certified with double platinum in the US. That is when people know that he has a potential and is a future of the music industry.




Real Name Christopher Maurice Brown
Occupation Singer* Record Producer* Songwriter* Dancer* Actor* Rapper
Website chribrownworld.com
Net Worth $30 Million USD


Personal Info


Name Christopher Maurice Brown
Nickname Breezy, CB, Chris
Date of Birth (Age)

(How old is Chris Brown?)

May 5, 1989  (29 years old)
Place of Birth Tappahannock, Virginia, US

(Where is Chris Brown from?)


(How tall is Chris Brown?)

1.85m (6 foot 1 inch)
Weight 181lbs (82kg)
Body Measurements Chest: 41 inches

Waist: 31 inches

Bicep: 14 inches

Hair Color Black
Eye color Dark Brown
Nationality American
Ethnicity African-American, Pamunkey Native American
Religion Christian
Sexual Orientation

(Is he gay?)

Status Rumor to be dating Ammika Harris (2018)


Chris Brown Family


Father’s Name Clinton Brown
Mother’s Name Joyce Hawkins
Sister Lytrell Bundy
Children Royalty Brown (Daughter)


Chris Brown Parents
Chris Brown Parents (Image Source)


Chris Brown Dating history



Rihanna- Rihanna and Chris Brown relationship was something that cannot be explained. 

They were madly in love with each other, they dated happily in 2007-2009, in the year 2009 their relationship took a dark turn when Chris Brown assaulted Rihanna (domestic abuse) and he was arrested right away.  After that, they had an on and off the feud.

Natalie Mejia- The rumor has it that they had a fling in 2009.

Erica Jackson- Chris Brown and Erica have hooked up in 2009, also this has been based on rumor.

Amber Rose- Amber and Chris reportedly hook up in 2009 and in 2014.

Joanna Hernandez- Chris Brown and Joanna supposedly dated in 2009.

Rhea- Chris and Rhea have been spotted together having a vacation in Miami.

Jasmine Sanders- Chris and Jasmine have dated in 2010.

Simply Jess- Chris Brown has reportedly hooked-up with Jess in 2010-2012.

Karruecha Tran- Chris and Tran has an on and off relation since 2010.

Draya Michele- They dated for about nine months in 2011.

Anara Atanes- The news about their hook-ups has started 2014.

Vanessa Vargas- Chris Brown has dated model Vanessa recently in 2017.


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Chris Brown Royalty


Brown has a four-year-old daughter name Royalty Brown; Chris had her with Nia Amey in 2014.  They both have reported knowing each other for a long time and been a close friend. 

After their daughter has been born they have a feud about who will have the custody, because the at-that-time boyfriend of Amey name Chris Brown as just a ‘Sperm donor’ and that ‘Royalty’ is his daughter.

His album ‘Royalty’ (2015) was dedicated to his daughter ‘Royalty Brown.’

Chris Brown Daughter
Chris Brown Daughter (Image Source)


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Chris Brown Assault


Domestic Abuse/assault is never acceptable whatever your reason was to do it.  Same case scenario happens with Chris Brown.  It was at that time Chris and Rihanna being a happy couple and madly loved each other (2007).

Both have been friends with each other since 2005, they made their romantic relationship in public in 2007, the couple even performed together on stage in 2008 at Jingle Ball.

Chris Brown and Rihanna
Chris Brown and Rihanna (Image Source)


Chris Brown: Welcome to my life


In 2017, release a new documentary based on Chris life called, ‘Welcome to my life’, in this documentary Chris talks about the 2009 incident in details and said ‘I felt like a fu*#** monster.’

It all started when Rihanna figures that Chris has been lying to her about him having a sexual encounter (having an affair) with someone who worked with him.  Chris said that Rihanna hated him; she did not trust him after that.  

After that, it all went downhill, fights, verbal fights, and violence.  Chris tells that Rihanna and he was constantly having a fight with each other, she will hit him, and he would hit her.  

Chris added that he tried to talk about it with her, he was like ‘Sit down, ‘I am telling the truth.’  He explains her ‘I do not like you slapping me, I have to go on stage and I have to explain (to fans) ‘Oh no I Fell’ the fight went on serious Rihanna kicked him, and then he punched her in the face.

Chris Brown assaulted Rihanna
Chris Brown assaulted Rihanna (Image Source)


When Chris sees the photos of Rihanna he was like ‘That’s not me’, he cannot believe what he had done to her; he said ‘I hated it to this day’ and that it will haunt him forever.

Chris intended to marry her he was crazy about her.  It was his fault that she did not trust him after she finds out that he has been cheating on her.

Chris Brown 'This is my life'
Chris Brown ‘This is my life’ (Image Source)


Rihanna’s Views on the Incident


Words from Rihanna on the incident, ‘We just fell really fast, the more in love we became, the more dangerous we became to each other,—-equally as dangerous—- because it was bit obsession.’

In 2012, they shocked the world by attending ‘Lakers Game’ on Christmas getting cozy.  They spotted many times spending time together and attended Grammys as a couple.  

In the end, Chris told the media that they were not a couple; he agreed that it is always going to be love, and he will always love her.  Just now (then-at-the-time) he said, ‘I need to be the best Chris Brown I can be.’

Rihanna and Chris Brown
Rihanna and Chris Brown (Image Source)


Chris Brown Rape Allegation


Year after the Rihanna assault scandal, Chris found himself covered in another allegation and it is more shocking to believe. The singer was allegedly arrested by the police in Paris under the case filed by the victims who claimed she was sexual assault by Chris Brown.  The woman stated that Brown and Two members of his team held her hostage and raped her again and again in the Paris Hotel room.

Can’t believe right? Many fans and even normal people who are aware are having a hard time believing it.

Chris Brown recently posted a video of himself that can’t prove his innocence but It did make us believe that he did nothing. Brown said in the video, “I feel like I don’t have to explain any bullshit or any lie that somebody is perpetrating or portraying me as. So, for me, it’s like alright cool, I came out there to do a job and that’s what I did. We gon’ shoot this muthafuckin’ video!”

He added, “My mom and grandma always said, ‘The Lord can give you a gift and he can take it away.”




Chris Brown VS Soulja Boy


The legit fight between Soulja and Chris Brown has been going on for a while, and it all started when Soulja commented on Chris’s ex-girlfriend ‘Karruecha Tran’, after that he posted many tweets accusing Chris on stating that he wants to fight with (Soulja) for like his girlfriends Instagram post.  

Both were verbally attacking each on Instagram, in which they both accused each other to take drugs.  Karruecha responded to all of this and ask them to keep her out of the matter. However, Chris snapped with her comment, he posted a long Instagram post and called her a ‘Dumbass’, and that she is famous because of him.

Chris Brown VS Soulja
Chris Brown VS Soulja (Image Source)


With that Chris and Soulja still dissing each other on Instagram, on the way of insulting each other Soulja called out Chris on the beat up Rihanna (2009) and challenge him to a fight.  Then Soulja backed off, he went back under the hood and regretted to call out Chris for a fight.  In the end, Soulja apologies and ask Chris for collaboration.

Soulja Boy and Chris Brown
Soulja Boy and Chris Brown (Image Source)


Chris Brown VS Soulja Boy Again!


In a strange turn of event, the day Soulja apologized, they both announced that they would settle with a fight, which means an official fight a boxing match ‘Chris Brown VS Soulja Boy.’  

50 cent and Mike Tyson come up front in support of Chris Brown, Mike Tyson said on Instagram that he will personally train Chris for the match, and 50 Cent said ‘Chris will win for sure.’ 

As for Soulja, he announced that former boxer ‘Floyd Mayweather’ would be training him for a fight.  Soulja posted on twitter saying ‘Chilled with royalty and Nia tonight at Floyd’s house’, this triggered Chris and he posted a furious video on Instagram warning him to keep her daughter (Royalty) away from the matter.

The information regarding fight is that it will be happening on 28thJanruary in Dubai.

Chris Brown VS Soulja Boy
Chris Brown VS Soulja Boy (Image Source)


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Chris Brown Discography


Brown is a self-taught entertainer, who has been inspired by Michael Jackson. He has collaborated with several songwriters, and while he was working on his debut album ‘Chris Brown’ that was released in November 2005.

Singles from the album like ‘Runt it’, ‘Say Goodbye’ and ‘Gimme that’ went platinum and Chris receive two nominations in Grammys. Chris became a teenage sensation with his debut album that got him to offer for film and TV series; he was cast in 2007 dram/dance film ‘Stomp in the Yard’ as ‘Duron.’

Chris Brown released his second studio album ‘Exclusive’ in 2007, and made it on No.4 on Billboard 200 chart, his third studio Album ‘Graffiti’ went on No.7 on US Billboard 200 chart.

In 2011, his fourth studio album ‘F.A.M.E’ went on No.1 at US Billboard 200 as well as his fifth album ‘Fortune’ (2012).  ‘F.A.M.E’ single ‘Yeah3x’ featured many guest stars like Justin Bieber, Big Sean, and Lil Wayne.

“Fortune” became the top album in US, New Zealand, and Netherland.


His one of the latest album his eighth studio album ‘Heartbreak on a full Moon’ (2017), has official certified ‘Platinum’, the album reached the gold status in just seven days, which initially become ‘fastest Album by a Male Singer to receiver gold certificate’ by RIAA in 2017.

Chris Brown Heartbreak on a Full Moon
Chris Brown Heartbreak on a Full Moon (Image Source)


Chris Brown Hits Songs


Loyal (X) (2014)

To My Bed (Heartbreak on a full moon) (2017)

With You (Exclusive) (2007)

New Flame (X) (2014)

Questions (Heartbreak on a full moon) (2017)


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Chris Brown Movies


Think like a Man- as ‘Alex’ (2012)

Battle of the Year: The Dream team- as ‘Roosters’ (2013)

This Christmas- as “Michael ‘baby’ Whitfield” (2007)


Chris Brown Social Media


Chris Brown official twitter account (@chrisbrown) has 28.6 Million followers, and his Instagram account (@chrisborwnofficial) has 45.4 Million followers.


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