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Christina Hendricks Bra Size, Surgery, Husband, Movie, Age- WikiFamous

Christina Hendriks HD Wallpaper
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Christina Rene Hendricks is an American Actress born on May 3, 1975, in Tenessee, we know her since her days of ‘Joan’ on ‘Mad Men’ series. Titles as ‘Sexiest Women In The World’ not once but thrice, and two times in a row, to give the title company she also owns the title of ‘Hottest Women Of All Time’ and ‘Most Desirable Women’ voted by men.

Her red hair and blue eyes are one of her killer features. Christina’s dominant personality on the big screen is what makes her fandom go crazy all over the world.


Christina Hendricks Age, Height, and Net Worth


Hendricks is an actress and a model, with an estimated net worth of $10 Million USD. Her age is 43 years as of 2018. Christina’s height is 1.71m (5 foot 7 inches), she weighs 161lbs (73kg).


Christina Hendricks Body Measurements


She is not a natural redhead, Christina started to dye her hair at the age of 10. The look was inspired by her favorite novel character. Her natural hair color is dark brown, her eyes are of blue color.

Christina body build is voluptuous, her measurements are 42-30-39, 36F is her bra size.

Christina Hendricks Esquire
Sexy-Christina Hendricks-Esquire (Image Source)


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Christina Hendricks Nationality, Ethnicity, and Religion


Hendricks has dual citizenship, her nationality is both American and British. Is Christina Hendricks Hispanic? No, her ethnicity is White. Christina does not believe in religion, hence, her religion is Atheist.


Christina Hendricks Family


Father’s Name Robert Hendricks
Mother’s Name Jackie Sue Raymond
Brother Aaron Hendricks

(Who is Christina Hendricks married to?)

Geoffrey Arend


Christina Hendricks Parents and Husband
Christina Hendricks Parents and Husband


Hendricks started to dye her hair red from the age of 15, her desire to become an actress started from there on too. Her citizenship of UK is from her father side, who is an agent in United States Forest Service, while her mom is a psychologist. 

As a teenager Christina and her family used to move frequently, first, they lived in Portland, then Twin Fall, next they relocated in Fairfax, Virginia.

Hendricks last move was to New York City, where she worked with a modeling Agency, and that was the start of her journey to become an actress.


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Christina Hendricks Plastic Surgery


‘Mad Men’ star, Christina Hendricks make men go crazy all over her facial beauty and curvy body. As a kid she was insecure regarding beauty looks, she thought herself as an ugly person. That is why she eagerly started to hide her natural look by putting on wigs and dying her hair.

Whatever she had done in the past, it helped her to love herself more… Now she is counted in the list of ‘Most Sexiest & Desirable Women’ in the world. But is she really all real?

Apart from the hair part all of her facial features that we have seen transform over these years, it is all real?

Christina Hendricks is a very attractive woman and is successful in gaining people attention. Positive always comes with negativity,  many people have spread the rumors of Christina having “fake beauty” and doing all of it for popularity.

Well, without a doubt she hasn’t done any type of surgery, whether it is a nose job, botox, and breast implants. Yes, it is ALL real, Christina once said in an interview, Why does everyone want to know if my breast is real? I mean, Of Course, they are, whoever had touched them would know that they are 100% real.”

Christina Hendricks Boob Job
Christina Hendricks Boob Job (Image Source)


Christina Hendricks and Geoffrey Arend


The ‘Mad Men’ actress Christina Hendricks has never been in relationships other than with her husband Geoffrey. I can’t believe the fact that the women who are sexy as Christina never had any other relationships, and she is married for 9 years.

The couple met each other in the middle season of ‘Mad Men’ s set and started dating shortly after.

Christina and her husband Geoffrey who is a theatre and film actor tied the knot on October 11, 2009. They are married for 9 years but doesn’t have any kids. 

Christina stated that she and her husband plan to never have kids, ever. Any other detail about their marriage is not publicly out yet. They do have a cockapoo puppy.

Geoffrey Arend and Christina Hendricks
Geoffrey Arend and Christina Hendricks (Image Source)


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Christina Hendricks Fashion


If a woman is as sexy as Christina Hendricks, no doubt she has so many admirers, whether its male or female, everyone loves her sense of style. The actress has been in the cover of many magazines such as, ‘New York Magazine’, ‘The Edit’, ‘GQ’, ‘Esquire’, ‘Women’s Health Magazine’ and ‘Variety.’

Christina Hendricks Magazine Cover
Christina Hendricks Magazine Cover


When we see her on the cover of these high-class magazines we assume that in real life she is also living lavishly, and wearing fancy clothes.

But Hendricks is just as normal as we are when she speaks it gives out a vibe of a simple, funny, sophisticated girl living next door. Christina is really a down to earth girl, she is that type of girl who can wear a street style on a Red Carpet event.

Casual Wear Christina Hendricks
Casual Wear Christina Hendricks


Christina Hendricks Filmography


Began her career as a child actor and done plays in school theatre, later on, Christina Hendricks began taking steps towards modeling, by the age of 18, she already appeared on the cover of ‘Seventeen’ magazine.

Christina Hendricks debuted on small screen as an actress on a show called ‘Undressed’ an MTV series.

From there on Christina Hendricks started to make the appearances in series and Dramas such as, ‘Kevin Hill’, ‘ The Big Time’, ‘The Court’, and she also appeared in George Clooney starrer medical drama, ‘ER.’

Christina Hendricks Kevin Hill
Christina Hendricks Kevin Hill (Image Source)


She gained wide attention through ‘Firefly’ (2003), a space drama, which ran from 2002-2003. Through the drama, Christina Hendricks got offered for a role in a lot of other big-budget series, and eventually, she landed big on, ‘Mad Men’, as Joan Holloway.


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Christina Hendricks TV Series


Title Role Year
Undressed Rihanna 1999
Angel Bar Maid 2000
Firefly Saffron/Bridget/Yolanda 2000-03
American Dad! (Voice Acting) Naydern 2011


Along with American Dad! she lends her voice to other characters as well, such as, ‘Unity’ in popular kid’s classic ‘Rick & Morty.’ Zaina in the movie, ‘The Pirate Fairy’ and English dub version of Japanese animated series, ‘From Up on Poppy Hill’ as Saori Makimura.


Christina Hendricks Movies


Title Role Year
Life As We Know It Alison Novack 2010
I Don’t Know How She Does It Alison 2011
Lost River Billy 2014
Zoolander 2 Seductress 2016
Bad Santa Diane Hastings 2016


Christina Hendricks in Bad Santa 2
Christina Hendricks in Bad Santa 2 (Image Source)


Christina Hendricks Quotes


“I like a man with a nice, self-deprecating sense of humor”

“Women always keep coming up to me and saying, ‘I love your Character!’ She is so empowered, takes control over things and get what she wants, that’s another side of her. And I Respect Joan for that.”

“I don’t think any woman in the world could get tired of being compared to Marilyn Monroe.”

“Joan says and does the thing, that I would never allow myself to do.”

“I guess my mom raised me right. She was very celebratory of her body. I never heard her say, ‘I feel fat’.”



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