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All Things You Need To Know About Dave Franco’s Wife Alison Brie

Dave Franco's Wife
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How much do you guys know about Dave Franco and his wife Alison Brie?  Any idea how they met? What is the spark between the two or anything related to their life after marriage? We are gonna find out right now!


How did Dave Franco and His wife Alison Brie meet?


Alison Brie has recently opened up about her relationship with Dave during an interview for her second season of Netflix’s ‘GLOW.’  In the interview, Alsion mentioned that she and Dave and she met each other through a mutual friend. They did not bum up into each other, Brie said, they met for the first time in a restaurant called, ‘Mardi Gras.’

According to Brie, they had an instant and strong connection from the star.  Dave on the other side was a single quirky cat guy. Franco has mentioned that he loves his two cats very much, and he wasn’t out in the game. His love life was complicated due to due to his eternal love for cats.

Dave said it was really difficult to find someone who would understand his way of living, and thankfully Alison also a cat lover. When he first introduces her to his cats she loved them, that’s when Franco realize, that she was the last & only option for him.

Dave Franco wife and a cat
Dave Franco’s wife and a cat (Image Source)


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When Dave Franco did get married to his wife Alison Brie?


Soon after their first encounter, the couple starts to date. Many people had no idea about it till the year 2012 when they got caught holding hand in hand. Even after that Dave and Alison never officially came clean regarding their dating rumors.

In 2015, they finally appear on a red carpet event as a couple but by that time they were already dating for over three years.

Dave Franco and his wife Alison
Dave Franco’s wife (Image Source)


Alison Brie Age, Height, Biography, Movies, and Lot More!


The year 2015, is the time when they officially became boyfriend and girlfriend, and later, Alison Brie became, ‘Mrs. Alison Brie Franco.’  In August Dave and Alison announced that they are engaged. Alison was seen wearing an engagement ring during a screening of her movie, ‘Sleeping with others.’

The interviewer asked Alison about her experience, she said, “I was so shocked that I actually burst out laughing and asked him a number of times if he was being serious before saying yes.”

The Disaster Artist and brother of Dave Franco, ‘James Franco’ congratulates his little brother for getting married via Instagram.

The Wedding took place in 2017, the couple had a very intimate wedding, and no other detail of their wedding ceremony is out yet.

Dave did mention that it was great and very fun.

Mr. & Mrs. Dave Franco
Mr. & Mrs. Dave Franco [Dave Franco’s wife] (Image Source)

Are Dave Franco and his wife Alison Brie planning to have kids?


Well, both of them not have any future plan which involves kids. Alison was the one who told media that they are planning not to have any kids. She said, “I don’t really want to have kids. It’s great because I don’t worry about when should I get pregnant, plus, the two cats at home are already a handful.”

Dave Franco Wife
Dave Franco’s Wife (Image Source)


The couple is still young, Dave Franco is 32-year-old and his wife Alison Brie is 34-year-old. Who can say what will happen in the future?


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