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Demi Lovato Age, Height, Illness, Surgery, Career, Net Worth- WikiFamous

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Demi Lovato is a singer, songwriter, and actress who starred on Disney Channel’s original series “Sonny with a Chance”. As an adult, she’s become a successful recording artist with hits like “Cool for the Summer”, “Heart Attack”, “Sorry Not Sorry”, etc. Her feelings come very clean through her song, and it is such an inspiration. 

“There’s gonna be haters, but don’t let them affect you, don’t let them take away a part of you”.

In 2018, she had a drug overdose, she was rushed to the hospital, the news somewhat shocked people and mostly, fans were worried about their beloved star health. After doctors run some tests and announced that she is doing ok.




Real Name Demetria Devonne Lovato
Nick Name Demi
Date of Birth August 20, 1992
Birth Place New Mexico, United States
Religion Christianity
Ethnicity Hispanic, Italian, Irish Heritage
Nationality American
Profession Singer, Songwriter, Actress


Personal Info


Height 161 cm



Weight 58kg


Body Measurements 36-30-38
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Black
Hobbies Volley Ball and Surfing
Inspiration Kelly Clarkson
Zodiac Sign Leo


Demi Lovato Family


Father Patrick Martin Lovato
Mother Dianna De La Garza
Sister Madison De La Garza



Brother None


Demi Lovato Family
Demi Lovato Family (Image Source)


Demi Lovato Net Worth


With her immense talent, beauty, and generous heart, Demi Lovato is taking over the world. Demi worked hard for her success and her net worth comes to about $33 Million.


Demi Lovato Relationships


Cody Linley 2007-2008 Cody after the breakup only had nice things to say about her. He described her as “sweet” and “a technology geek”. He also wrote a song for Demi
Alex DeLeon 2008-2009 The Cab musician and Demi dated for a year before breaking up. Her song “Catch Me” is reportedly about him
Trace Cyrus 2009 Miley’s brother and Demi dated for a brief time. The four-year age gap between them and scheduling issues was the reason for the breakup
Joe Jonas 2010 The two Camp Rock sweethearts dated for a brief time before Joe broke up but wanted to be friends and they are to this date.
Wilmer Valderrama 2010-2016 Demi’s longest relationship till now was with Wilmer before the couple called it quits in 2016. Wilmer stood by her side through her thick and thin and Demi says she was blessed to have him in her life.
Luke Rockhold 2016 It was a very short-lived relationship.
Guilherme Vasconcelos 2017 The MMA fighter and Demi were dating and Guilherme shared photos and videos with Demi. They seemed pretty strong until they broke up after a few months.  


Trace Cyrus, Joe Jonas, Wilmer, and Guilherme
Trace Cyrus, Joe Jonas, Wilmer, and Guilherme


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Demi Lovato Mental Illness


Not many stars have opened up about their long list of health issues, but Demi bares her soul, tackling serious objects like depression, bipolar disorder, addiction, and substance abuse and eating disorders in her YouTube documentary, Demi Lovato: Simply Uncomplicated.

This is the first time, Demi Lovato has spoken about her health or mental illness. She has been honest about her problems with drugs and alcohol, along with her body image. She was 18 when she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and then she got addicted to drugs and alcohol.

Demi Lovato Quote
Demi Lovato Quote (Image Source)


She was checked into rehab after she punched one of her backup dancers in the face for telling management about her drug use. Since then, Demi has been vocal about “mental illness” and want everyone to come out about their own mental health conditions.

“Like millions of Americans, I am living with mental illness,” she said before her convention performance. “But I am lucky. I had the resources and support to get treatment at a top facility. Unfortunately, too many Americans from all walks of life don’t get help, whether they fear the stigma or cannot afford treatment.”

Convention Performance Speech Demi Lovato
Convention Performance Speech Demi Lovato (Image Source)


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Demi Lovato Food Disorder


The “Heart Attack” singer said that food is “still the biggest challenge in my life” and revealed that she struggled with disordered eating after her breakup from longtime boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama. She also revealed that her relapse started when she began missing Wilmer.

Demi Lovato traces her issues with eating back to her childhood, noting that she first began bingeing when she was 9 after her little sister was born and she felt like less attention was on her.

Popcorn GIF Demi Lovato
Popcorn GIF Demi Lovato (Image Source)


Demi Lovato Rehab


Demi underwent rehab in 2010 for drugs and alcohol addiction, bipolar disorder, and an eating disorder. Her struggle in rehab is not hidden from people as she has been vocal about it with her YouTube documentary. In 2013, it was revealed Lovato checked into the sober house and stayed there for a year.

During an interview with American Way, Demi Lovato recalls her days in rehab and struggle. She confessed she “couldn’t go without 30 minutes to an hour without cocaine”. American ways say the singer took her last drink in Jan 2012 and continues to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. Lovato celebrated her seventh year of sobriety this past March.

Demi Lovato First time in public after Rehab Demi Lovato
First time in public after Rehab (Image Source)


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Demi Lovato Body Image


Lovato’s body image battle began long before she was officially diagnosed with bulimia. Demi’s mother and grandmother have also battled with bulimia. She said she began binge-eating when she was 9 and soon she gained weight with age and compared herself to skinny models, bullied in school she even tried cutting herself. Demi Lovato uses her fame to raise awareness for body image acceptance.

In one of her Instagram post, Demi posted a picture with this caption :

“Feeling better than I’ve ever felt. It’s all about self-love,” she wrote. “Tell yourself you’re beautiful daily. Be gentle with yourself. Eat carbs without guilt and remember that life is too short to worry about what others think!!” #GirlPower


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Demi Lovato Plastic Surgery


As Demi Lovato was changing her style from Disney to the punk princess, her body parts and facial features were also changing a great deal.




Back in the Camp rocks days, Demi Lovato’s nose was more around globe shape and now it is more refine and has a perfectly symmetrical shape.

Demi Lovato Nose Job
Demi Lovato Nose Job (Image Source)


Lip Filler Injections


Demi Lovato had smaller lips a few years ago but now her lips seem to be fuller. Well, it does look her more adult and sexy.

Demi Lovato Lip fillers
Demi Lovato Lip Fillers (Image Source)


Chin Implants


According to some sources, Lovato has had chin implants to enhance her face shape. She has always wanted to have more “American” face.  Well, can say for sure, because she was struggling from bulimia and she is working out and dieting for that perfect figure.


Breast Implants


Demi has been already caught in a bikini top that certainly shows us bigger breast size. She claims it’s a part of natural growth. It can be seen in her some images that her breast is bigger than before but it can be because of push up bra also. Even if she got one, she didn’t get very large ones.

Breast Implants Demi Lovato
Then and Now Demi Lovato (Image Source)


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Demi Lovato Philanthropic Works


Lovato’s efforts in campaigning for mental health issues has earned her the Artistic Award of Courage. The award was presented to Demi at the Open Mind Gala on March 22. In July of 2016, Lovato spoke at the Democratic National Convention about mental health awareness.


Demi Lovato Friends


Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato have known each other since the time of Camp Rock and been friends since then. Nick has helped Demi for her first album “Don’t Forget”. Demi has also revealed that she lent on Nick during her stint in rehab. Well, all we can say is, Nick and Demi have been with each other through thick and thin. We can only dream for a friend like these two.

Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato
Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato (Image Source)


Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez


Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato started out in the industry together in Barney and Friends and have been BFFs since then.

She and Demi were auditioning for the same things because they were the same age, they were both Hispanic, they both had dark hair — so she ended up going to a lot of auditions with us. They started out together! We had some great times together. They will always love each other. There’s nothing that will ever come between them.”

Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato
Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato (Image Source)


Demi Lovato Discography


American entertainer Demi Lovato has released six studio albums, two EPs and 33 singles. Prior to launching her music career, Demi starred in Disney’s Camp Rock opposite Joe Jonas. Their duet “This is Me” debuted at 9 on Billboard Hot 100.


Don’t Forget


A debut studio album of Demi was released on September 23, 2008, by Hollywood Records. Don’t Forget features primarily a pop-rock sound, with the lyrical content dealing with various adolescent topics.

Don't Forget Demi Lovato
Don’t Forget Demi Lovato (Image Source)


Here We Go Again


The second studio album of Demi was released on July 21, 2009, by Hollywood Records. Here We Go Again derives mainly from the pop-rock genre, mixed with influences of power pop, jazz-pop, soul and pop. Lovato described the album as more “relaxed” than her previous album.

Here We Go Again Demi Lovato
Here We Go Again Demi Lovato (Image Source)




Demi described this album as “more mature” and with more R&B elements that her previous materials. Rihanna was a major influence for Demi during this album. Influenced by Demi Lovato’s personal struggles and lighter subjects, this album is all about love, self-empowerment and having fun.

"Unbroken" Demi Lovato
“Unbroken” Demi Lovato (Image Source)




The album incorporates pop with elements of synth-pop and bubblegum pop. She wanted to make her album which has songs that excited her.

Confident, fifth studio album by Demi Lovato was released on October 16, 2015, by Hollywood, Island and Safehouse Records. The album was nominated for Best Pop Vocal Album at the 59th Grammy Awards.

Confident Photoshoot Demi Lovato
Confident Photoshoot Demi Lovato (Image Source)


Tell Me You Love Me


The sixth studio album by Demi Lovato was released on September 29, 2017, by Island, Hollywood, and Safehouse Records. Primarily a pop record, the album also explores elements of R&B. She describes the album as having a more “soulful” side than her previous work and named Christina Aguilera, Aretha Franklin, and Kehlani as its major influence.

Tell Me You Love Me Demi Lovato
Tell Me You Love Me Demi Lovato (Image Source)


Demi Lovato Sexuality


A longtime LGBT advocate, the Sorry Not Sorry singer, revealed last year that she was open to dating women. Demi said ” I’m very fluid, and I think love in love. You can find it in any gender.” She said she wanted to find someone who would make her laugh and treat her like a queen.


Demi Lovato Social Media


Her official Twitter account (@ddllovato) holds up to 57.5 million followers. On her Instagram account (@ddlovato) has over 70 million followers.


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