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Dwayne Johnson, Age, Height, Girlfriends, Tattoos, Net worth- WikiFamous

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Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, name ‘The Rock’ was born in the ring, he was the first wrestler ever to win eight times WWE Heavyweight Championship.  Dwayne’s trademark is his muscular physique and commanding voice, he has a tough personality but afraid of spiders.  Dwayne Johnson was born on 2 May 1972 in California, United States.  People’s Magazines name rock Sexiest Man alive in 2016, he is now a father of three daughters.




Full Name Dwayne Douglas Johnson
Occupation Professional wrestler* Actor* Producer
Education Qualification Bachelor of General Studies Degree in Criminology and Physiology
Autograph Dwayne Johnson Autograph
Net Worth $220 Million



Personal Info


Name Dwayne Douglas Johnson
Nickname The rock, The Great One, Rocky Mavia
Date of Birth (Age)

(How old is Dwayne Johnson?)

May 2, 1972 (46-year-old)
Birth Place  California, United States
Hometown Hayward

(Where does Dwayne Johnson Live?)

Southwest Ranches, Florida, United States

(How Tall is Dwayne Johnson?)

1.88m (6foot 2 inches)
Weight 126 pounds (119kg)

Body Measurement

Chest: 50 inches

Waist: 35 inches

Bicep: 23 inches

Shoe Size 14
Eye Color Dark Brown
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Ethnicity Black Nova, Scotia, Samoan
Is he Gay? No
Sexual Orientation Straight
Does Dwayne Johnson have kids? Yes, He has three daughters.
Status In a relationship


Dwayne Johnson Family


Father’s Name Rocky Johnson (Professional Wrestler)
Mother’s Name Ata Johnson (Mavia)
Grandfather Peter Mavia (High Chief)
Grandmother Lia Mavia (Wrestler Promoter)
Brother Curtis Bowles
Sister Wanda Bowles

(Whom is Dwayne Johnson Married to?)

Dany Garcia (m1997-2007) (Divorced)
Partner Lauren Hashian (2007-present)



(Does Dwayne Johnson have Kids?)

Simone Alexander Johnson (16 years-old)Born in 2001

Jasmine Johnson (2 years-old) Born in 2015

Tiana Gia Johnson (3 months old) Born in 2018


Dwayne Johnson Parents
Dwayne Johnson Parents (Image Source)


Dwayne Johnson Dating



Dany Garcia- Dwayne was married to Garcia for 10 years; they have a daughter together name Simone who is now 16-year-old.  They separated in June 2007.

Lauren Hashian- Soon after Dwayne separation, Lauren came into his life, and they are together since. They have their first daughter Jasmine in 2015, and just three months ago, they welcomed Lauren second Dwayne’s third daughter Tiana ‘Tia’.


Dwayne Johnson Daughters and Lauren
Dwayne Johnson Daughters and Lauren (Image Source)


KNow about Vin Diesel dating life. Who is he with right now? 


Dwayne Johnson House


‘The Rock’  has a luxurious mansion in Florida worth $3.4 Million.  Dwayne Johnson’s house is stood on a  13,153-square-foot, five bedrooms, seven Bathrooms, 14 seats Theatre, 3 Car Garage, a pool, and a summer kitchen.


Dwayne Johnson House
Dwayne Johnson House (Image Source)


For three Car Garages, he has an awesome car collection.  His Collection includes-

Pagani Huayra– The 6’4 barrel-chested sports car drives on the premiere of the hit HBO show Ballers.  The car estimated to be 1.3 Million.


Dwayne Johnson Pagani Huayra
Dwayne Johnson Pagani Huayra (Image Source)


Ford F-150 Custom Built- A custom Built car ‘Oh, nope sorry’ a “truck” that is specially made for ‘The Rock’ called ‘Black Gorilla’.


Dwayne Johnson Ford F
Dwayne Johnson Ford F (Image Source)


Ferrari- There is no collection that could be complete without a Ferrari.  Dwayne Johnson has a Matte White LeFarrari, although because of the size of Rock he could not fit in the car, the maker probably didn’t see that coming.


Dwayne Johnson Ferrari
Dwayne Johnson Ferrari (Image Source)


Ford GT- The most iconic vehicles ever, Dwayne Johnson has said that he is proud to be Ambassador of Ford.  However, Dwayne soon realizes that this car was just another car that is not built up to fit him.


Dwayne Johnson Ford GT
Dwayne Johnson Ford GT (Image Source)


He also had seen driving Plymouth Prowler, a Mustang, and a Rolls-Royce Wraith.


Dwayne Johnson Net Worth


Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson net worth estimated $220 Million by Forbes.  He built up that money in 25 years.  In 2016 he was the highest-earning actor in the world, he earned $64.5 Million paydays doubling the amount what he earned in 2015.  Only 21 celebrities from across the industry have surpassed Dwayne Johnson. 

He topped Jackie Chan ($61 Million), Matt Damon ($55 Million), Tom Cruise ($53 Million), and Johnny Deep ($48 Million).  In 2017, Rock surpassed his earning $64.5 Million to $124 Million.


Dwayne Johnson workout & Diet Plan


Dwayne Johnson is a man with a rock hard body and tight physique.  The name ‘Rock’ is made for him and him only.  Everybody wants to have a body like that, but it is not that easy, “You want it but can’t have it.” 

The body like that not only needs discipline and strong motive it is genetics. Either way, you have to be committed to your body, whether it is painful, ‘You have to love the pain’.  Rock schedule of workout is insane you are going to love it.

Alrighty, the first item on the list is ‘wake up at 4 am’.  Imagine the time when you sleep until 10 or 11 or I don’t know (some of you may sleep at 2 or 3 *hint me), while you were sleeping, Rock was outside at 4 am sometimes even early running & jogging wearing headphones.  Want a body like Rock; you have to wake up before the sun.

Did you wake up?  Good, now warm up.  It is not like you picturing right now, Dwayne Johnson warms up is longer than a workout.  Rock does cardio for one hour straight.

Are you covering in sweat now?  Very good, now be ready to lift heavy.  There is nothing to explain lift heavy, at your limit, but not at first.  Start slow than seeing what you can do.  As for Rock, he doesn’t kid in the gym.


Dwayne Johnson workout
Dwayne Johnson workout (Image Source)


The rest routine is simple, you just have to exercise and weight lifting. Dwayne Johnson does the pyramid structure, as it was said earlier; you start with lightweights and slowly move forward to heavyweights.  It seems impossible, but if not for a Rock hard body, then to be healthy.


Diet Plan


If you survive his workout routine, then be ready for the ultimate diet.  Dwayne’s  Diet is no joke, to maintain that hard Rock body he consume 5000 Calories per day.  It means if you want to follow his diet then you have to eat 5 to 7 meals a day.  The common food includes egg white, chicken, broccoli, mushroom, and green veggies.  

Because he has to train according to the need, he takes a lot of protein shake and Supplements, obviously prescribed by his personal trainer.  If you need that help, get advice from your trainer first.  Every ‘body’ has a different need, so eat healthy be healthy.


Dwayne Johnson Diet plan
Dwayne Johnson Diet plan (Image Source)


Know Hardcore Workout Routine Wolverine style.


Dwayne Johnson Plastic surgery


Nowadays, plastic surgery is no issue for men.  Ever since he left wrestling and joined the Hollywood he has built up muscles to lose the fat muscle he was diagnosed gynecomastia. 

That helped him to lose a lot and with insane workout and routine, he was able to achieve perfect tight body.  However, he still has fat on his chest; the routine did not help him lose build up fat in the chest. 

Therefore, Rock took the option of liposuction to reduce man boobs.  The procedure of Male breast reduction is called ‘Moobs’, the result Rock now has a solid chest.

Dwayne Johnson Body Transformation
Dwayne Johnson Body Transformation (Image Source)


Dwayne isn’t the only one male celebrity who has undergone plastic surgery. Go Check it out who is he. (hint: an Oscar-Winning Actor)


Dwayne Johnson Obituary


He is not Dead; the rumors began spreading when the news broke of Dwayne Johnson Obituary on May 4, 2017.  The root of the rumors was his family, the Johnson Family has created a website for life Tribute page to make it easy to share your memories, the website called ‘Obituary & Services’, not Obituary in tributes of memory.  

People assume that the family is doing a tribute to Dwayne.  The rest you can guess how fire doesn’t spread fast enough then the news on social media.  *Again Obituary & Service, not Obituary*.


Dwayne Johnson Obituary
Dwayne Johnson Obituary (Image Source)


Dwayne Johnson Halloween Costume


Imagine being so famous that people will dress up as you from 25 years ago as a Halloween costume.  That is the level of Dwayne Johnson fame.  His photos from back days when he was in high school when he has hair, a turtleneck, and a fanny pack.  

When the photo breaks the internet, he kind of brought back the trend of a chic fanny pack.  With that, Twitter was full of memes.


Dwayne Johnson Fanny Pack
Dwayne Johnson Fanny Pack (Image Source)


Dwayne Johnson Under Armor


In January 2016, Dwayne Johnson has signed an endorsement deal with Under Armor.  He designed training sneaker/shoes for Under Armor called ‘Project Delta’ in March 2017.  He also designed T-shirts, shirts, sweatshirts, sleeveless hoddie tee, Tank Top, and more for Under Armor called ‘Project Rock’ and ‘Build The Belief’ collection.


Dwayne Johnson Under Armor
Dwayne Johnson Under Armor (Image Source)


Dwayne Johnson Tattoos


Johnson only has three tattoos that almost cover up his upper body.

The one tattoo is a tribal tattoo that covers up his half chest and right arm, the tattoo has three main meanings, family, protecting, and having an aggressive warrior spirit.  The tattoo took 60 hours to complete.


Dwayne Johnson Chest Tattoo
Dwayne Johnson Chest Tattoo (Image Source)


The second tattoo is Brahma Bull represents his Zodiac sign ‘Taurus The Bull’.  Dwayne Douglas Johnson evolved and became Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, same as the Bull became a warrior beast.


The rock Arm tattoo
The rock Arm tattoo (Image Source)


Dwayne Johnson Lip Sync Battle


Lip Sync Battle is one of the best Entertainment show on Television, and no one can forget the time when it starts. Season 1 Episode 1 Jimmy Fallon VS Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. 

Both stars compete for head to head to see who has the best moves.  This episode became more epic when The Rock showed his moves on Taylor Swift ‘Shake it Off’, in the final round He performed the song ‘Staying Alive’, and with that, he takes home the title belt. 



Dwayne Johnson Filmography


After he made the top in wrestling where ‘The Rock’ became one of the most charismatic and dynamic characters that WWE industry has ever seen, then he changes his profession and enters Hollywood, soon he became highest paid actors and with constant hit action Blockbuster.  

He is a good friend of Kevin Hart and they work together on their hits movies- ‘Jumanji: Welcome to The Jungle’ and ‘Central Intelligence’.  Dwayne Johnson is also famous for his appearances in the movie sequel even when he was not the part of first one, Eg:- ‘Journey 2: The Mysterious Island’, ‘Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle’, ‘The Mummy Returns’, ‘G.I. Joe Retaliation’, and Fast Five.  

He did voice acting in one of the hit movies by Disney ‘Moana’ as Maui.  In 2017, Dwayne Johnson got the Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6801, in Boulevard, California.


Dwayne Johnson Walk of Fame
Dwayne Johnson Walk of Fame (Image Source)


Dwayne Johnson Hit Movies


Walking Tall (2004)

Hercules (2014)

The Fast and Furious 6 & 7 (2013) (2015)

The Fate of Fast & Furious (2017)

San Andreas (2015)

Rampage (2018)

Skyscraper (2018)


Dwayne Johnson TV Shows


WWE RAW (Since 1993)

WWE SmackDown (Since 1999)

Ballers (Since 2015)

The Hero (2013)

MTV Movie Awards with Kevin Hart & Ariana Grande (2016)


The Rock Foundation


Dwayne Johnson has supported twelve charities; the cause they were supporting was AIDS & HIV, At-Risk/ Disadvantages Youth, Cancer, children, Disaster reliefs and more.  

The Rock Foundation has assisted in the recovery and creates hopes for children hospitalization for various medical conditions.  It has expanded over the years and now it includes child education and childhood obesity. 

Dwayne Johnson and his Wife Garcia gave $2 Million to a University in Miami in 2006.


Dwayne Johnson 'The Rock' Foundation
Dwayne Johnson ‘The Rock’ Foundation (Image Source)


Facts about The Rock


  • Before he got the coolest nickname ever he once has the funniest name ever. When he was a football player his teammates used to call him ‘Dewey’ Johnson and still to this day.


  • Dwayne was a professional wrestler than an actor, but he never wanted to become one, instead, he wants to be an FBI agent, he even did the degree of Criminology and Physiology. He later thought that it was not going to work.


  • We know his Grandfather ‘Peter Mavia’ was the Wrestling star, but do you know that his Grandmother ‘Lia Mavia’ was one of the first female wrestling promoters.
Dwayne Johnson Grandparents
Dwayne Johnson Grandparents  (Image Source)


  • Dwayne Johnson has the Guinness World Record for most taken selfies. He took 105 selfies in three minutes during the premiere of his movie ‘San Andreas’.


  • Speaking of World Record, he also broke the Guinness World Record for the Highest Salary ever paid to the first time top-billed actor. The Awards was for his very first movie ‘The Scorpion King’ in which he was offered $5.5 Million.


  • Dwayne Johnson had a very serious feud with his Fast 8 Co-star Vin Diesel. Both actors have not worked ever since the post uploaded by Rock on Instagram with him calling Vin not so friendly name.


  • When he was a teen, he got arrested a lot. Dwayne was arrested seven to eight times for fighting and theft when he was only 17.


  • His first kissed was eight minutes long with his schoolteacher when he was in fourth grade.


  • Dwayne Johnson did not support Trump, he said that ‘Trump proved the world that not anyone can be president’. Later he said if Trump can be a president so can he.  Dwayne Jokingly said to be standing in the election for President in 2020.


  • His large tattoo that covers his half of chest and full arm has a deep meaning. Rock said that it is a tattoo that Samoan males (he is half-Samoan) have traditionally and it tells the story of his ancestors and his own life. (*sings Moana! Make way make way*)
Dwayne Johnson Moana
Dwayne Johnson Moana (Image Source)



Dwayne Johnson Social Media


‘The Rock’ Johnson has an official twitter account (@therock) which has 13.2 Million followers.  One of his recent posts is about a present that he gave to his cousin and longtime stunt double, the present was a truck.  The present brought his Cousin AKA Stunt double happy tears.  His Instagram account (@therock) has 131 million followers; he is one of the 10 celebrities who have over 100 million followers on Instagram.


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