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Gigi Hadid Age, Height, Net Worth, Assault, Boyfriends, Style- WikiFamous

Gigi Hadid Wallpaper
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Jelena Noura Hadid (Gigi) is an American Model born on 23 April 1995 in Los Angeles. The year 2012 at the age of 17, she became the face of ‘Guess’. In January 2015, she became a new face for Maybelline and got the title of ‘Model of the year’ by Daily Front Rows. 

Her parents are divorced, and her stepfather is David Foster, who has won Grammy awards 16 times as a music producer. Gigi has appeared in various magazines cover such as Vogue, Sports Illustrated, Paper Magazine, Schön !, VMAN, Elle, and many more. The model Kylie Jenner and Gigi are tight BFFs.




Real Name Jelena Noura Hadid
Occupation Model
Agency IMG Models (New York)
Net Worth $13 million


Personal Info


Name Jelena Noura Hadid
Nickname Gigi
Date of Birth (Age)

(How old is Gigi Hadid?)

23 April 1995 (23 years old)

(How tall is Gigi Hadid?)

1.78m (5 foot 10 inches)

(How Much does Gigi Hadid weigh?)

Body Measurement (Bra size)

(What is Gigi Hadid Body Measurement?)

35-25-35 (32B)
Shoe Size

(What is Gigi Hadid shoe size?)

8 (US)
Eye Color

(What color is Gigi Hadid’s eye?

Hair Color

(What is Gigi Hadid natural hair color?)

Zodiac Sign

(What is Gigi Hadid Zodiac Sign?)

Nationality American
Ethnicity She is Dutch and Palestinian Descent.
High School

(Which school/college  Gigi Hadid went to?)

Malibu High school, LA


Malibu High School, LA, The New school, (New York)

(How much is Gigi Hadid salary?)

$300,000/instagram post


Gigi Hadid Family



(Who are Gigi Hadid parents?)

Mohamed Hadid (Father)

Yolanda Hadid (Mother)

Brother Anwar Hadid 
Sister Bella Hadid

(How many siblings Gigi Hadid have?)

She has five stepsisters.

Erin Foster

Amy S. Foster

Jordan Foster

Allison Jones Foster

Alana Hadid

Marielle Hadid


Gigi Hadid Family
Gigi Hadid Family (Image Source)


Selena Gomez’s mom had her when she was only 15 years old. Know more about her childhood, and a better life she had after Transplant Surgery.


Gigi Hadid- Boyfriends


(Who is Gigi Hadid dating now?)


Daniel Sharman Gigi and Daniel were rumoured to be dating
Patrick Uretz Gigi and Patrick dated from December 2012 to January 2013
Nick Jonas Gigi dated Nick from June 2012 to April 2013
Cody Simpson Gigi has dated Cody for three years.  June 2013 to April 2015
Lewis Hamilton Gigi rumoured to be hooking up with Lewis in May 2015
Joe Jonas Gigi dated Joe from June to November 2015
Zayn Malik After working together in his Music video ‘Pillowtalk’, Zayn and Gigi are dating since, November 2015. They appeared as a couple on the cover of ‘Vogue’ magazine.  March 2018, they both got separated
Is she single? Yes


Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid
Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid (Image Source)


Gigi Hadid- House


(Where did Gigi Hadid Grow up?)


Gigi and his sister Bella has grown up in mansion design and constructed by their father Mohamed Hadid. He developed many houses but the one he made for himself is special.  The house in 35,000-square-foot covering up 2.2 acres of land is one of the most lavish and luxury houses.  The house is currently on the market with a value of $85 million.

Gigi Hadid Residence
Residence (Image Source)


The insane house collection of Leonardo DiCaprio…


Gigi Hadid Endorsements


As a model, Gigi Hadid endorses many social campaigns and been the face of various companies. She is the brand ambassador of ‘Maybelline New York’.  She has enlisted as ‘model-of-the-movement’ to promote and did commercial for BMW new model M2.

Gigi has joined the Reebok freestyle campaign ‘Always Classic’.  Gigi has her own makeup collection with Maybelline, which includes, ‘Maybelline (NY) Hadid Matte lipstick’, liquid strobe, Eyeshadow pallets, Lipliner, mascara, and Gigi Fashion Brow Ultra fluffy.

Maybeline Gigi Hadid
Maybelline (Image Source)


The Deals, and Endorsements of Roger Federer that is a huge part of his Net Worth, and It is making him the Richest Athlete on the planet…


Gigi Hadid Collaborations


Hadid launched an exclusive collection of leather boots designed by her and Tommy Hilfiger. Ankle leather boots for women. In 2016, Gigi and Tom have launched their new range of fragrance ‘The Girl’ in jasmine, pear, and cashmere.  Be effortless, confident, and cool.

Tommy Hilfiger Gigi Hadid
Tommy Hilfiger Gigi Hadid (Image Source)


Gigi Hadid and Stuart Weitzman


Gigi is now designing a shoe collection for Stuart Weitzman after being the face of the brand’s campaign for the past two years.  To promote the collection, she did a short film/ commercial.  In the video, she is wearing her boots in the Boxing ring, which shows how style and strength can come together effortlessly. Speaking of boots, and shoes, Gigi’s favorite brand of the sneaker is ‘Adidas’.

Stuart Weitzman and Gigi Hadid
Stuart Weitzman and Gigi Hadid (Image Source)


Gigi Hadid Runway


Not only in footwear, had Gigi impressed everyone by her sense of style.  Runway walk to street walk Gigi has always maintained her level.

Gigi has walked in Giambattista Valli Runway, Fendi’s Spring/Summer Runway (2017), New York Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, and Victoria’s Secret Runway Show not only once but twice.  Gigi shared her wish to be Victoria’s, Secret Angel.

Runway walk Gigi Hadid
Runway walk (Image Source)


The Boldest Runway Walk Ever by Kendall Jenner.


Gigi Fashion Styles


May 2018, while she was leaving her apartment in New York City, she wore a ‘Denim Jacket’, white tee, Silted leggings, rectangular Sunglasses with White sneakers.

Street Style Gigi Hadid
Street Style (Image Source)


The western look pink from head to toe but still looks badass.

Western Look Gigi Hadid
Western Look (Image Source)


Cool, eclectic, and bold looking in Ralph Lauren new yellow outfits.

Ralph Lauren Gigi Hadid
Ralph Lauren Gigi Hadid (Image Source)


The Met gala event of 2018, Gigi Hadid wore the best for Fashion and Catholic imagination Theme event.

Met Gala Gigi Hadid
Met Gala Gigi Hadid (Image Source)


Gigi’s Calvin Klein & Swimwear collection


Even though Gigi is not been a part of Calvin (But her bestie is), she loves to wear them. She tweeted her photo of wearing Calvin with the hashtag (#mycalvinklein). In 2016, she was a part of ‘Sports Illustrated edition’ of Swimsuits.

Sports Illustrated Gigi Hadid
Sports Illustrated (Image Source)




Hadid at AMA’s with the chicest yet sexy hairstyle. Gigi always tried awesome haircuts and looks that we can’t take our eyes off it whether it is a short bob cut, bangs, braided ponytails or loose curls.

Long Wave Gigi Hadid
Long Waves Gigi Hadid (Image Source)


The ‘Queen of R&B’ is a ‘Queen in Fashion Style’ too. Rihanna has done over 150 Styles and apparel. 


Gigi Hadid- Plastic Surgery


It is common in celebrities to use fillers facelift to improve their facial features. The same thing applies to Gigi, people believe she has done a nose job, lip filler, a brow lift, and face-lift.  It all seems true until in 2018, she slams back the rumor of her having surgery to improve her features, In an interview, she said that she was too afraid of fillers, she thought that it will ruin her genetically features.

I was too afraid to put fillers in my lips, I don’t want to mess up my face.”

She said in an interview with Instyle.  “People think I did this and did that. You Know what!  We can scan my face, Darlings.  She added.

Erin Parsons is Maybelline’s Global makeup artists and Gigi Hadid artist has recently told that Gigi changed her eyebrow style to a subtle but gorgeous soft brow look.

Plastic Surgery Gigi Hadid
Plastic Surgery Gigi Hadid (Image Source)


Gigi Hadid- Assault


(Who is Vitali Sediuk?)


On the week of Milan Fashion show, Gigi and her sister were in Italy to attend the Milan Fashion Week. Gigi with her Sister Bella walking on the street hand in hand surrounding by people and photographer after seeing the Max Mara Show.

As Gigi was walking there was this guy who is a ‘prankster’ know as Vitali Sediuk’ picked her up out of nowhere (the behavior was not pleasant), to get herself out of the situation she elbowed him very hard on the face, that makes loose his grip. The attack by the 21-year old model was impressive.

She said later in an interview that,  she felt unsafe and wants to get out of the situation as soon as possible. She added, ‘I played volleyball and my coaches talked about muscle memory.

I started boxing two years ago and I always remember that.”

Since then she never had that situation that forced her to fight back, she said it just came out when he suddenly grabbed me- “It wasn’t a choice. I do have a fighter in me.”

Gigi Hadid Assault
Gigi Hadid Assault (GIF Source)


Gigi Hadid- Social Media


Being a model doing many campaigns still she is very active on social, it is fair because the model gets paid for posting every single post on Instagram.  With 42 million followers on her Instagram account (@gigihadid) gets a lot of attention, but the attention will always going to be positive that’s not necessary.

Recently her sister Bella has posted a video on Instagram that shows her squinting her eyes while holding a Buddha. The video went viral as ‘Mocking Asian’ and ‘racist joke’. Soon people started slamming her on her ‘Racist Joke’.

This thing sparked a campaign by ‘Angry Chinese’ (Victoria’s Secret fans) warned her lingerie brand not to bring Gigi to the Show in Shanghai, and if they do invite her for the show, people will boycott.

Eventually, Gigi has to sacrifice and she decided not to attend the Show in Shanghai.

On her Twitter account (@Gigihadid which has 9.05million followers) she posted that she is bummed about to be able to go to Shanghai.

Social Media Gigi Hadid
Social Media Gigi Hadid (Image Source)


She also has a snapchat account under the name of “itsgigihadid.” In one of social media account, she announced that she is suffering from ‘Hashimoto’s diseases. This condition thyroid and it causes rapidly lose weight. She is taking treatments to lessen the effect followed by a scheduled diet and routine.


Gigi Hadid- Lip Sync


Hadid has appeared on a TV show called ‘Lip Sync Battle’ who can lip sync better. She was playing against ‘Tyler Posey’ the ‘Teen Wolf.’ The winner was ‘Gigi Hadid and the funny thing was when she got the championship belt it was so big that it could have fit two of her.

Lip Sync Battle Gigi Hadid
Lip Sync Battle Gigi Hadid (Image Source)




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