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Gordon Ramsay Bio, Age, Net Worth, Controversies, F-word – WikiFamous

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Gordon Ramsay, Scottish chef, and restaurateur are known for his highly acclaimed restaurants and cookbooks. He is one of the highest paid and most popular celebrity chefs in the business. In the early 21st century he is known for his profanity and fiery temper that he freely displayed on television cooking programs.




Name Gordon Ramsay
Profession Chef, Tv Personality, restauranteur
Website gordonramsay.com
Net worth $175M
Autograph Gordon Ramsay Signature


Personal Info


Real Name Gordon James Ramsay
Nick Name Chef Ramsay
Date of Birth November 8, 1966 (51Years)
Place of Birth Scotland, UK
Religion Christian
Nationality English
Ethnicity Mixed (Scottish and Irish)
Height 6’2”
Weight 82kg
Hair color Light brown
Eye color Blue
Zodiac Scorpio
Sexual Orientation Straight
Status Married


Gordon Ramsay Family


Father Gordon James Ramsay Sr.
Mother Helen Cosgrove
Siblings Diane Ramsay

Ronnie Ramsay

Yvonne Ramsay

Spouse Tana Ramsay
Children Matilda Ramsay

Holly Anna Ramsay

Megan Jane Ramsay

Jack Scott Ramsay


Gordon Ramsay married at the age of 29 to Cayetana Elizabeth Hutcheson (Tana Ramsay) in 1996 at a Church in London’s Chelsea neighborhood.

They have the sweetest love story. When Gordon and Tana met, Tana was dating Gordon’s friend Tim and when the duo broke things off, Gordon swooped in.

Tana and Gordon welcomed their first baby, Megan in 1998 through IVF and later the twins Holly and Jack in 1999 and Matilda in 2002. The couple is really close friends with the power couple David and Victoria Beckham.

Gordon Ramsay Family
Gordon Ramsay Family (Image Source)


Early Life of Gordon Ramsay


Gordon Ramsay describes his early life as “hopelessly itinerant” and his family moved constantly due to the aspirations and failures of his father Gordon Ramsay Sr who was a swimming pool manager, a welder, and a shopkeeper but a violent alcoholic tops that list. He passed away in 1997.

Helen and his younger sister Yvonne are nurses. At the age of 11, Gordon professionally played football but when he was 18 and was close to the conclusion of the contract with Glasglow Rangers F.C., Gordon decided to finish his sports career because of numerous injuries.

At 19, Gordon enrolled into North Oxfordshire Technical College of the Hotel and Restaurant Business faculty.


Gordon Ramsay Net Worth


Gordon Ramsay has made a lot of money off of shouting curse words on TV. The chef became an American household name back in 2005 thanks to FOX’s US version of Hell’s Kitchen. The estimated net worth of one of the highest paid celebrity chef is $175M.

Gordon Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay (Image Source)



The Scottish celebrity chef divides his time between California and London keeping a balance. The California property is located in Bel-Air and cost him $6.75M. The California house of Chef Gordon Ramsay has the best of all worlds; with insane views of the canyon, city, and ocean.

The 5 bedroom mansion has a large pool, high ceiling, an impressive entrance way with a stunning staircase, an outside dining terrace and underwhelming kitchen. The 8,200 sq foot mansion is a mix of styles.

Gordon Ramsay Mansion
Ramsay Mansion (Image Source)


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Gordon Ramsay Restaurants


Twenty-two years after his solo venture, Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant empire is 32 spots strong. Let’s look at his journey.

After leaving Rossmore, Gordon began to work for only himself and became a businessman. Eventually, in 1998 the Scottish chef opened his first restaurant “Gordon Ramsay” at Royal Hospital Road.

The institution became famous and earned three Michelin stars within three years. In 2001, Gordon Ramsay was known to be the first British chef with such high status.

In 2002, Gordon opened the second haute cuisine institution in Belgravia naming it “Pétrus Restaurant” where he was the chief boss. Within a year the restaurant earned its Michelin star and in 2007 it earned its second star.

As for now, Gordon owns 11 restaurants in England, 16 restaurants and 3 pubs outside Great Britain. His recipes’ dishes can be found in Paris, New York, Tokyo, Tuscany, Singapore.

Gordon Ramsay Steak House
Gordon Ramsay Steak House (Image Source)


In 2011, Gordon opens up his very first ‘Laurie Gordon BBQ’ restaurant in Montreal, Cannada. The next year the owner of the restaurant, ‘Danny Lavy’ announced that the restaurant will cease itself from Gordon, the owner blamed lack of contribution and understanding from Ramsay’s side. In return, Gordon Ramsay filed a $2.7 Million USD Lawsuit towards the restaurant and its owner.


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Gordon Ramsay Cooking


After Gordon Ramsay graduated from college, he moved to the capital of Great Britain where he got a job at the prestigious Harvey’s restaurant. The chef of the restaurant was a master of the culinary art Marco Pierre White.

The young cook changed the restaurant and mentor once he gained his first experience at Harvey’s restaurant.

Gordon learned the elements of the classical French cuisine while working at British’s first three-star Le Gavroche restaurant under the leadership of Albert Roux. Albert took Gordon with him to a new restaurant in French Alps when he left Le Gavroche.

The Scottish cook set off for Paris to acquire skills ar French maestro of the culinary art. Gordon demonstrated his skills at a yacht where one of the owners of restaurants invited him to be his cook and Gordon agreed.

After a year-long voyage in the Atlantic Ocean around Bermuda, the young cook came back to the British capital.

Gordon Ramsay Presenting
Gordon Ramsay Presenting (Image Source)


Gordon worked as a chef at La Tante Claire for half a year until Albert Roux invited him to take the position of the chef in the London restaurant, Rossmore. Under him, the Rossmore received three Michelin stars. Gradually Gordon became the owner of 25% of the restaurant’s stocks.

But due to some quarrel between Gordon and the other shareholders, Gordon left Rossmore with all the service personnel from waiters to the cooks with him.

Gordon Ramsay comes up with the recipes of the best restaurant dishes and cooks them at home in his kitchen.


Hell’s Kitchen Restaurant


The world’s first Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen restaurant is turning up the heat at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. The restaurant seats more than 300 guests including two chef’s tables, floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the famous Las Vegas Strip, red and blue design details in the show kitchen. The Hell’s Kitchen signature dishes are served in the restaurant.

Hell's Kitchen Restaurant
Hell’s Kitchen Restaurant Gordon Ramsay (Image Source)


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Book & Recipes


Ramsay found time to write books as well. His first book “Passion For Flavour” came out in mid-nineties and by 2007, the chef had published 14 recipe books and two autobiographies. In the collection of his books, you can find recipes for first courses, second courses, various desserts, and pastry.

The well-known “Apple-Pie”, “Shepherd’s Pie” “Boston cream pie”, brownie and crumble’s recipes can also be found in the book. He also has a youtube channel where you can find all his famous recipes directly taught by the food god.



Gordon Ramsay Controversies


In the world of food, Gordon Ramsay is a god. It’s his angry, expletive insults against budding chefs that makes Gordon always a highlighted person.

Everyone knows that he is popular for being pushy, blunt and keeps his trainer or budding chefs always at the edge.

TV guide included Ramsay on their list of The 60 nastiest Villains of All Time. Gordon is very creative with his insults by the way.


Telly chef Gordon Ramsay faced Channel 4 ax after controversial shark fishing incident. According to some tabloids, the controversy was over him fishing for sharks 18 months on a show about their extinction could be the final star.


Gordon Ramsay Weight Loss


Gordon Ramsay shared his sentimental reason behind his weight loss journey. The 51-year-old celebrity chef says that his children motivated him to stay healthy after his own dad died at a young age. He deduced to take action and work on his body when his weight crept up to 270lbs.

Gordon’s wife Tana to encourage him gave him some tough love to kick him into gear. Gordon confronted her and she did what Gordon is best at; being pushy and blunt. Gordon was on a healthy diet which was eating smaller meals five times rather than having 3 big meals.

Eating five to six smaller meals increase metabolism, reduce cravings and control appetite overall for some people, worked for Gordon. He also increased his exercise routine and trained for triathlons.

His fitness streak also inspired his children his two Holly and Jack completed their first London Marathon in April.

Weight Loss Gordon Ramsay
Weight Loss (Image Source)


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Gordon Ramsay Tv show


Gordon Ramsay proved himself as a talented showman when he documented his first role in television in the fly on the kitchen wall documentaries: “Boiling Point” in 1998 and Beyond Boiling Point in 2000. In this documentary movie, Gordon explained the development of his first restaurant.

Gordon Ramsay’s temper is explosive and is very well known to people. In 2004, Gordon Ramsay appeared in two British television series; Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares which aired on Channel 4.

Gordon Ramsay also appeared in Hell’s Kitchen as well and trained ten British celebrities to be chefs as they ran a restaurant on Brick Lane.

With reality television in full bloom in the US, the time was ripe for Ramsay to make his across the Atlantic. In September 2007, Ramsay’s strong ratings on US screens opened the door for an adaptation of Kitchen Nightmares.

American Productions of MasterChef and MasterChef Junior with Ramsay heading the group of judges was put into production. In 2012, he added another show to his schedule, a variation of his “save a failing establishment” theme with Hotel Hell.

Hell's kitchen Gordon Ramsay
Hell’s Kitchen Gordon Ramsay (Image Source)


The F Word


The F Word, a British food magazine and cookery programme which featured Gordon Ramsay. It covers a wide range of topics from food recipes to food preparation and celebrity food fads.

The F-Word with Gordon Ramsay
The F-Word with Gordon Ramsay (Image Source)


Gordon Ramsay Social Media


Famed television yeller, Gordon Ramsay is also the subject of one of the favorite memes. Gordon Ramsay memes see meme-makers mimicking his creative way of insulting everyone with the audacity to cook for him.

The 51-year-old celebrity chef is active on Facebook with 7k followers, 6.6M followers on Twitter and 3.9M followers on Instagram. He also has a youtube channel where he uploads the recipes for people.

Gordon Ramsay Memes
Gordon Ramsay Memes (Image Source)


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