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Hillary Clinton Age, Bill Clinton, Net Worth, Campaign, Scandal- Wikiamous

Hillary Clinton Wallpaper
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In July of 2016, Hillary Rodham Clinton became the first woman in the history to represent a major party in United States presidential elections. She was also the first woman to win the Iowa Presidential Caucus, first First Lady elected to United States Senate and the first female senator from New York.




Real name Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton
Nickname Hillary, Hill, HRod, Mrs. Clinton
Date of Birth October 26, 1947
Place of Birth Chicago, Illinois
Nationality American
Profession Politician
Party Democratic Party
Religion Methodist
Biggest Rival Donald Trump
Net Worth $240 Million


Hillary Clinton Family


Father Hugh Ellsworth Rodham
Mother Dorothy Howell Rodham
Brother Tony Rodham

Hugh Rodham

Sisters None


Hillary Clinton Parents
Hillary Clinton Parents (Image Source)


Hillary Clinton Young

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton (Image Source)


Hillary Clinton Education


School Park Ridge, Maine East High School

Maine South High School

College Wellesley College

Yale Law School

Education Qualifications Bachelor of arts with departmental honors in Political Science


Hillary Clinton Net Worth


Hillary Clinton became the nation’s First Lady in 1992. In 2000, she won her own election as U.S. senator from New York, and she served as President Barack Obama’s secretary of state from 2009 to 2013. Hillary Clinton’s estimated net worth comes around $240 Million (Joint with Bill Clinton)


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Hillary Clinton’s Marriage to Bill Clinton


Bill Clinton Hillary Rodham and met in a library and eventually got married on October 11, 1975. Before he proposed the marriage, Bill has secretly purchased a house that Hillary Clinton remarked that she liked. They got married in the living room of the same house Bill purchased for them.

A local minister and his wife officiated the ceremony as 15 of their closest friends and family looked on. Later their friends hosted a reception party at the backyard with some hundred guests.

Bill and Hillary Clinton
Bill and Hillary Clinton (Image Source)


Hillary Clinton’s Political career


Clinton worked at various jobs during her summers as a college student. In 1971, Hilary Clinton first came to Washington, D.C to work on U.S. Senator Walter Mondale’s subcommittee on migrant workers. In the summer of 1972, Hillary Clinton has worked in the western states for the campaign of Democratic presidential nominee George McGovern.

Hillary became a member of the presidential impeachment inquiry staff, advising the Judiciary Committee of the House of Representatives during the Watergate Scandal during the spring of 1974.

In 1976, Hillary Clinton worked on Jimmy Carter’s successful campaign for president while husband Bill Clinton was elected attorney general. Hillary Clinton joined the Rose Law Firm n 1977 and was appointed to part-time chairman of the Legal Services Corporation by President Carter.

During Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign, Hillary emerged as an effective and highly regarded partner of her husband, and as president, Bill named Hillary head the Task Force on National Health Reform (1993).  

In 1999, Hillary Clinton decided she would seek the U.S Senate seat from New York held by Daniel Patrick Moynihan and beat popular Republican Rick Lazio. Hillary Clinton became the First Lady to seek and win public office and the first woman to be elected to the U.S. Senate from New York.

After winning the U.S. presidential election, Obama nominated Hillary Clinton as secretary of the state. During her term, she used her powerful and influential position to make women’s and humans rights a central talking point of U.S. initiatives.


Hillary Clinton Email Scandal


On May 2016, the State Department issued a statement regarding Hillary Clinton’s ongoing email scandal, in which she exclusively used a private server while serving as secretary of state. The department criticized her for not seeking permission to use the server and also stated it would not have approved it if she had.

The FBI’s director James B. Comey announced that according to their investigation the agency would not recommend criminal charges against Clinton.

Clinton’s email troubles started to resurface on October 28,2016 when Comey revealed in a letter to Congress that while investigating disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner for texts he had sent to a 15-year old girl, law enforcement officials had found emails that appeared “to be pertinent” to the closed investigation of Clinton’s use of a personal email server.

The emails were reportedly sent by Huma Abedin, Weiner’s wife and Clinton’s top aide to her personal server but the content of the emails were unknown. On November 6, Comey wrote another letter to Congress stating that Clinton should not face criminal charges as they have reviewed the emails. This was all two days before the election.


Hillary Clinton Plastic Surgery


A book by Ed Klein on Hillary Clinton claims that she underwent secret plastic surgery ahead of her current run for president. Klein writes in “Unlikeable” that Bill Clinton wanted Hilary to get a face-lift. “She had no intention of going to a clinic”. A well known plastic surgeon use to go to her house for operating on her.

Hillary Clinton has her cheeks lifted and her wrinkles and lines bottomed. She has work done on her eyes as well as on her neck and forehead.

Quoting one of Hillary Clinton’s friends, Klein continues, “She took it gradually and didn’t have anything drastic done because she wanted to evaluate the changes as she proceeded.

If it had started to make her look weird, she would have stopped it immediately. It was a pretty big deal and required multiple visits.”

Hillary Clinton Plastic Surgery
Hillary Clinton Plastic Surgery (Image Source)


Hillary Clinton Campaign


During her election campaign, Hillary Clinton’s main focus was on issues, like expanding racial, LGBT and women’s rights, raising wages and ensuring equal pay for women and health care.


Hillary Clinton Campaign
Hillary Clinton Campaign (Image Source)



“Progress for the rest of us”

“Building a better tomorrow”

“Go Further”

“Renewing our basic bargain” were some of the slogans that came in the light for Hillary Clinton’s campaign. They tested about 85 slogans and finally settled on “Stronger Together” as their campaign.


Hollywood supports Hillary Clinton


Hillary Clinton and Beyonce and Jay-Z


The Carters performed at a rally for Clinton on Friday in Cleveland, Ohio, and strongly supported Hillary Clinton for President. Beyonce said, “I want my daughter to grow up seeing a woman lead our country and knowing that her possibilities are limitless”. Whereas on the other hand, Jay-Z lambasted Trump’s “divisive” rhetoric.

Hillary Clinton and The Carters
Hillary Clinton and The Carters (Image Source)


Did Jay Z Chea on Beyonce?



Hillary Clinton and Lady Gaga


Lady Gaga showed her support for Hillary Clinton for President by speaking at Clinton’s final rally on Monday night. Gaga performed a number of songs including a duet of “Livin’ on a Prayer” with Jon Bon Jovi.

“Ladies and gentlemen, why don’t you put your voting shades on, practice your walk to the polls and vote for Hillary Clinton”, Gaga said.


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Hillary Clinton and Amy Schumer


Amy Schumer has shown her support for Clinton on social media and even crashed Hillary Clinton’s interview on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, which actually worked in favor for Amy as Clinton praised her. Schumer satirized the potential historical moment of the first female president on her variety show “Inside Amy Schumer”.

Amy Schumer volunteered to help Clinton win by helping register voters for Clinton in Florida. She has been vocal about her dislikeness for Trump and has spoken about Donald Trump in her standup act.


Hillary Clinton and Ellen DeGeneres


Ellen DeGeneres had Hillary Clinton on her talk show repeatedly and supported Hilary Clinton during the interviews. “You know what a supporter I am,” DeGeneres said in one show. “I think you are smart as can be, you are qualified. I think you stand for everything that I want in a president.”


Hillary Clinton VS Donald Trump


On countless concern, the candidates’ positions line up with a political platform on their platform.  Just like Hillary Clinton supports the DREAM Act, a path for an undocumented citizen who got in the country illegally to be legal.

On the other hand, Trump wants to deport all undocumented immigrant, and now constructing a wall on the Mexico border.  Trump had also prohibited on allowing far-off Muslims to enter the United States (US) until they figure out what’s going on.

Hillary Clinton has terms for a path to ‘Full and equal citizens’ for undocumented refugee, who have not committed any violent crimes.

Trumps want to get rid of Obama’s managerial actions.  As Hillary Clinton guarantee to not only defend Obama’s executive actions but also even take it further. Clinton said as a President she would end “Family detention, close private immigrant detention centers, and help more eligible people become naturalized.

”She offered to create a new government organisation-‘The office of Immigrant Affairs’- to transaction with immigration-related matters. Hillary Clinton also opposed Trump’s proposal to ban Muslims.  

She said that ‘It’s unconstitutional and Un-American because America is a secular state where all religions and atheists are to be treated equally.


Gay Right


In 2015, The Supreme Court decided to legalize gay marriages.  Therefore, it is not a big matter or political issue. This topic is included to see and compare the Candidates changed positions.  

Until 2011-12, Hillary Clinton was against same-sex marriages, but she was in favor of civil unions and offering legal protection to gay couples.

In 2013, many democratic figures changed their views on same-sex marriages including President Obama and Clinton came out to support same-sex/Gay marriages. Trump has always supported the Gay rights.

Trump has considered suggesting the Supreme Court of Justice, who would overturn the gay marriages legalization ruling. He also suggests a ‘Value Test’ of would-be-immigrant to the US and tests their ideological compatibility with women’s and gay rights.


Black lives issue


The Black lives issue is the one topic on which both applicants have called for stronger and to be more agreeable.  There should be an appropriate relationship between the police and the community they serve.

Trump has called for more police, particularly in areas where crimes rated are high.  He has been in favor of introducing the stop-and-frisk policing system in Chicago because there have been less and low effect crimes in New York (NY).

Hillary Clinton has said that “Contained bias is a problem for everyone, As well as the police.”  She is in favor of adding money to the budget. “To help us deal with contained bias by retraining lot of our police officers.”  She stated.

Abortion is another topic on which both candidates follow the same path but yet different ways. Hillary Clinton has said that not only she will preserve a woman’s right to choose, but also intended Parenthood because it will provide the woman with an access to critical health and reproductive services.  

I will oppose efforts to roll back women’s access to reproductive health care, including Republican efforts to fund Planned Parenthood.  As President, I’ll stand up for Planned Parenthood and women’s access to critical health services including safe and legal abortion.”  – Clinton.

Another side, Trump has to preserve Planned Parenthood because of the other services the organization provides to women like scanning and diagnosing for ‘Cervical cancer’ or ‘breast cancer.’  As he speaks sometimes, he doesn’t think before letting those words out. Trump has been asked a question, ‘What should Happen if abortion was illegal and was performed anyway?’

trump answered, ‘A law has broken, the woman getting an abortion should go to jail,’ After coming back to his sense he changed his statement and said, ‘The physician performing the abortion should be punished, not the woman.”

Death Penalty


Both parties are supporting the ‘Death Penalty’.  Trump has called for increasing the penalty to include all the killing of police officers.

Hillary Clinton also supports, but believes it has its need only in a limited number of ‘Federal cases’.

Hillary Clinton VS Trump
Hillary Clinton VS Trump (Image Source)


Political views of Bernie Sanders in support or against Hillary Clinton, and his views VS Donald Trump.



Hillary Clinton House


Chappaqua, New York:


Hillary Clinton has paid $1.7 Million for their Old House Lane which is a Dutch colonial wooden house in the New York suburb. It is the primary residence for the couple and the bought this house after Bill Clinton neared the end of his presidential term.

This is the home from where Mrs. Hillary Clinton ran for the New York Senate. According to The New York Times, the two spend most of their downtime here.

Hillary Clinton House
Hillary Clinton House (Image Source)


Washington, D.C


Whitehaven is a Clinton family owned a mansion in Washington. Hillary Clinton used this mansion when she in Washington. Built in 1951, the Georgian-style house is located near Washington’s Embassy Row.

Whitehaven was sold to the Clintons by Henderson in 2000 for $2.85 million. In 2006, Hillary’s mother Dorothy Howell Rodham moved into Whitehaven.

Hillary Clinton Mansion
Hillary Clinton Mansion (Image Source)


Little Rock home


The couple bought this apartment on top of the Hillary Clinton library in 2004. They bought this house after three years of Mr. Clinton’s tenure as president ended The apartment has a sprawling terrace overlooking the Arkansas River. Mr. Clinton served as the governor of Arkansas for 12 years.

According to the New York Times, the apartment has a sprawling terrace overlooking the Arkansas River and the aptly named Clinton Presidential Park Bridge.


Hillary Clinton Fashion


Over the past several decades, Hillary Rodham Clinton has worn a bunch of different looks. She was the former First Lady, New York senator, Secretary of State and most recently, a Democratic nominee for last year’s election. She was always a style icon whether she’s sporting an extravagant gown to the Inaugural Ball or a pantsuit that has “boss” written all over it.

Even though Hillary’s election campaign look was all about color-block tailoring by Ralph Lauren, she was always groomed with a power blow dry. Since the time Hillary Clinton has lost the election, she has returned to the more playful attitude with clothes, sometimes wearing little makeup or opting for bright or glittery outfits.

It reminds us of her time as First Lady in the 90s where she was known for her bright skirt suits and metallic evening-wear.

Hillary Clinton Fashion
Hillary Clinton Fashion (Image Source)


Hillary Clinton Dress
Hillary Clinton Dress (Image Source)


Hillary Clinton Lookalike


Some magazines’ reports say that former Dance Moms star Maddie Ziegler is a lookalike of Hillary Clinton. She resembles Hillary’s school days and the internet cannot keep calm of how much they look alike. This came into notice when Hillary Clinton’s campaign posted Hillary’s young photo on social media in celebration of her 69th birthday.

Hillary Clinton Look-Alike
Hillary Clinton Look-Alike (Image Source)


Hillary Clinton Writings


In 1996, Hillary Clinton declared her vision for the children of America in the book “It Takes A Village: And Other Lessons Children Teaches Us”. Hillary won a Grammy Award for this book’s audio version.

In 2003, Hillary Clinton released a 562 paged autobiography, “Living History”. It was a massive hit and went onto sell in twelve foreign languages.

In 2014, “Hard Choices”, was published as a second memoir which mainly focused on her time as a Secretary of State.

In 2017, Hillary published a book called “What Happened” which focused on Hillary’s experiences as the Democratic Party’s nominee and general election candidate for President of the United States in 2016 elections.

The New York Times wrote that the aim of the book was to offer an intimate view of what it was like for Clinton to run as the first female presidential candidate.


Hillary Clinton Health


Hillary’s health became a topic of much discussion especially with her election campaign on the run. The news started to surface after a footage of her leaving the 9/11 memorial surfaced online. The then-presidential candidate was seen stumbling and needed help to walk up to her car.

The news of Hillary Clinton being unwell spread like a wildfire but  Clinton’s campaign team released a statement claiming that Secretary has suffered from heatstroke and dehydration as she was on antibiotics because she had been diagnosed with pneumonia a few days before the event.

But Donald Trump said that she lacked the stamina to take up the responsibilities of the White House.

Edward Klein, author of the book “Guilty as Sin: Uncovering New Evidence of Corruption and How Hillary Clinton and the Democrats Derailed the FBI Investigation” says that according to his sources the doctors had diagnosed Hillary Clinton with arrhythmia, a condition where the heartbeat rhythm is abnormal. He also says that Hillary had a leaking heart valve which required surgery to get fixed.


Hillary Clinton Defended the Rapist


In 1975, Hillary Clinton was appointed as an attorney to a 41-year old man, Tom Taylor who worked in a factory and was accused of raping a minor Shelton (a 12-year-old). Clinton who was practicing her law that time stated that she was not very much happy and thrilled to fight the case but she had no choice but to take it.

Shelton who was infatuated with a 15-year-old boy who also worked in the factory went out on a night drive with Taylor and 20-year old cousin. They all had alcohol and left Shelton and 15year old boy to spend some time.

They got physical and later Taylor approached Shelton and attacked her. The boy heard her screams and saw Taylor hitching up his pants.

Clinton who was defending a rapist, filed an affidavit on July 28, 1975, requesting the court of getting Shelton a psychiatric examination because she was emotionally unstable.

Clinton also raised a point that Shelton had previously made false accusations about persons claiming that they have attacked her. At that time Shelton told her lawyer that she understands why Hillary was accusing her; because she was doing her job.


But in 2014, Shelton told a renowned newspaper that “Hillary Clinton took me through hell”. She was boiling in anger after listening to a recording where Clinton was hear laughing or giggling four times when discussing the case.

Later, Taylor’s charges were dropped from first-degree rape to “unlawful fondling of a child under 14” because of lack of evidence against him or maybe the prosecutors’ couldn’t keep their evidence safe. The only evidence was a pair of underwear that had blood on it which was not enough when they sent a piece of it for examination.


In a nutshell, the memories of that night still come as a shock to Shelton and when Taylor’s sentence was reduced this came as a shock to her. She didn’t let the grudge go and supported Trump’s campaign by accusing Hillary Clinton of the fact that she defends a rapist.

According to the sources, Hillary Clinton tried her best to get out of that case but couldn’t. All she did was her job and accusing her after so many years was not the very right move Kathy Shelton. You could have thought wiser.


Hillary Clinton’s Visit to India


Hillary Clinton visited India after she lost the 2016 US presidential election at India Today Conclave 2018 in Mumbai.

She recalled her loss at elections and said “So I won the places that are optimistic, diverse, dynamic, moving forward. And his whole campaign ‘Make America Great Again,’ was looking backward.”


She backlashed Trump’s campaign by saying “You didn’t like black people getting rights, you don’t like women, you know, getting jobs. You don’t want, you know, see that Indian American succeeding more than you are.

Whatever your problem is, I’m gonna solve it.” She also said that she’s fighting for a fairer, big-hearted inclusive America. *I really hoped she’d win*


Hillary Clinton Meme


A video titled “Hillary Clinton: Meme Queen 2016” had gone viral for its hilarious representation of Mrs. Hillary Clinton.



Hillary Clinton Quotes


“Fear is always with us, but we just don’t have time for it. Not Now”


“People can judge me for what I’ve done. And I think when somebody’s out in the public eye, that’s what they do. So I’m fully comfortable with who I am, what I stand for, and what I’ve always stood for.”–on PBS NewsHour in 2014


“Do all the good you can, for all the people you can, in all the ways you can, as long as you can.”


“You know, everybody has setbacks in their life, and everybody falls short of whatever goals they might set for themselves. That’s part of living and coming to terms with who you are as a person.”


“We need to understand that there is no formula for how women should lead their lives. That is why we must respect the choices that each woman makes for herself and her family. Every woman deserves the chance to realize her God-given potential.”–to the UN 4th World Conference in 1995


“To every little girl who dreams big: Yes, you can be anything you want — even president.”


“You have to be true to yourself. You have to be enough in touch with who you are and what you want, how you want to live and what’s important to you, to make your decisions based on that. Sometimes that’s very difficult.”–to Marie Claire in 2012.



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