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Beard Growth? How to Grow a Beard Super Fast? – WikiFamous.com

Beard Growth
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Beard can be grown faster if you stop shaving, start grooming, start exercising, have a look at your diet, live stress-free. Beard transplant is the last option at the end if anything doesn’t work out for you.


Understanding and Observation


What you are gonna need to do to grow beard naturally is to actually understand how it grows. In the first place stop shaving and just let it grow out for a week or two to see where your patches are, how long it takes for it to grow.


Stop Shaving Your Beard
Stop Shaving (Image Source)


Genetics will obviously play a huge role in this. So you know what, take some time to let your beard grow and understand how your body works. Does the left side grow faster than the right side? Do you have patches in specific places? Is it thick hair or pretty thin and does it even grow at all?

Make sure to look around, look at your family, look your parents, you know just because if your dad can grow beard then it’s more likely that you would d be able to grow as well and once you know a little bit more about yourself then it’s time to get started on those improvements.


If you can take care of a few things then you will also be able to grow the beard. Read the following points step by step:



Exfoliate Your Skin
Exfoliate Your Skin (Image Source)


One thing that a lot of guys don’t know is that exfoliating your skin will actually help you grow a beard faster because what it does is, it actually gets rid of dead skin cells and makes way for new ones and it opens up the way for your beard to grow faster. It’s going to help you get rid of ingrown hairs which can be a pain in the neck literally.


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Start exercising, losing body fat and lifting weights, there is a direct correlation between exercise and increase your testosterone level. Exercise increases blood flow circulation. All the nutrients that are needed to grow a thick healthy luscious beard should be taken.

Breaded Man Exercising
Breaded Man Exercising (Image Source)




Another thing you can do to speed up the process is making sure that your diet is on point. Make sure it’s heavy on protein, heavy on biotin fish oils because these are the things that will help your body to produce what it needs to not only grow a beard but also better the health of your hair regardless of where it is, on your head or anywhere else.

Protein Rich Diet
Protein Rich Diet (Image Source)


I take fish oil because it’s a great source of omega-3s which is super healthy and it helps me with my hair. Having a diet that’s heavy on protein will also help you not only with your hair but in so many other different ways of building lean muscle etc. So improving your diet is obviously going to give you a lot of benefits such as having a nicer full thicker beard having healthier hair but above all, it’s going to help you have a healthier lifestyle which is exactly what we want.

Feed your body with all the beard growing nutrients that it needs like fats and proteins, that gets a bad rap but that is so critical to every component and cell in your body including testosterone when you eat a diet that is super low in fat.

Your beard should take its vitamins there are certain vitamins and minerals that enhance beards thickness density and growth rate.




Reduce your stress level, when we get all stressed out then cortisol level actually increases in our body. Increase in cortisol actually decreases testosterone. So if you want to grow a thicker beard then better is read, meditate, relax, yoga, take it easy.

Man in Beard doing yoga
(Image Source)




If you‘re trying to grow a beard then stop shaving it, stop trimming it. I know a lot of guys think that when you trim it or shave it, it helps to grow faster but that is simply not true.

One of the issues that a lot of guys have is that they shave or trim or cut their beard way back before ever giving it time to maximize its full potential you need to give it time a beard takes You’re literally just delaying the growth by doing that.

So don’t do it unless you’re trying to even it out or shape it up which is fine. Trust me it’s not going to speed up the process. So you try to naturally grow facial hairs, give it some time and improve your diet.

Stop Trimming
Stop Trimming (Image Source)




When you’re going to transition from short and stubbly to actually having something that you can manage maintain and comb. If you have thin facial hair all through and what you will find that over the course of 3-4 weeks as the facial hair will get a little bit longer instead of sticking straight out. Combing or brushing your beard actually helps.

Beard Grooming
Beard Grooming (Image Source)


and just the tip guys when you’re able to finally grow that full nice thick beard just makes sure you’re grooming it properly. Trim it regularly and make sure it’s clean and get some beard oil to make that hair nice and soft.




If you’re in your mid-20s and there’s still nothing coming in, I know that can be really frustrating. So I’m gonna give you guys an option that even though it is not natural but it is definitely gonna help you achieve the beard that you’ve been looking.

I think more like a last resort is a beard transplant and yes that is exactly what it sounds like, it’s basically when they take hair from somewhere else in your body and just plug it into your face.

It sounds weird because it is weird but it does work and I know that it is becoming more and more popular. It’s obviously a surgical procedure so like I said, I think it’s more of a last resort kind of thing and you should definitely be careful if you’re thinking about doing this

Beard Transplant
Facial Hair Transplant (Image Source)



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