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How to make friends(New)? How to make them best friends? – WikiFamous

Childhood Friends
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You might be eagerly waiting to know the answer to the question, “How to Make Friends?” You can practice things like Spending time with people, Joining clubs or groups of your interest, Starting to talk to everybody you meet and Accepting every invitation.

This article is having two main portions. In the first portion, I will give you the tips about “How to make friends?” and in the second portion I will talk about “How to make a better relationship with people who are already your friend?”. So let’s start.

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How to make friends?


Friendship is not about whom you have known the longest. “It’s about who came and never left your side”, that is one of my favorite friendship quotes because of how insightful and true it is.

So lately I have been doing a lot of soul-searching really just analyzing sort of Who I am, where I am and where I want to go but part of that is actually taking inventory of the people in my life that I consider friends.

Childhood Friends
Childhood Friends (Image Source)


How our life moves from having true friends to No friends?


I’m talking like true friends, not acquaintances, we all have a ton of people that we know but true friends, they’re people you could probably count on one hand alright. So when you’re a kid right, who are your friends? People that you go to school with right? You’re playing on the playground, maybe they live up the street from you.

You have the friends that are around you or in your immediate area and as you grow, as you mature, you become closer to certain people certain people. You share more common things with the right other people, you were great friends in the earlier years.

Something happens when you graduate high school, there is a fork in the road. Now some people stay in the same area and maintain lifelong friendships with some of the people they grew up with.

Other people move away and they still may keep in touch with the people that they grow up with and that they were friends with. But they’re faced with the dilemma and that dilemma is, I got no friends where I am right now.

We need to find new friends because we are social creatures and derive a lot of our value and a lot of our happiness through the interpersonal relationships that we have and develop, so it is very important for us to know that how to make friends.

So now I would like to go over some friend finding tips to help you find more friends


Spend time with people


Be around people. This is like whoa mind-blowing stuff, right? But the deal is if you’re isolating yourself if you’re sitting on your couch and playing video games. You’re never gonna make new friends.

You need to get out and be social right? Maybe being social means going to a sporting event, maybe it means going to a coffee shop, maybe it means going and hanging out in a bar, but the fact is in order to make new friends you need to be around potential friends.

Playing with friends
Playing with friends (Image Source)


Join clubs or groups of your interest


Join a club group or organization of something that you enjoy doing. The idea here is that you’re going to go out, you’re going to be doing something social that you like, you’re going to be meeting people that also enjoy the things that you like.

So it makes sense when you think about it at a basic level that if there are a bunch of people around you that all like basket weaving, guess what friendships are gonna bloom.

Join clubs and groups
Join clubs and groups (Image Source)


Start talking to everybody you meet


When you’re out and you’re around people, start conversations, talk to everybody. Now the majority of people you’re gonna talk to, It’s gonna be like you can’t wait to leave because the conversations are gonna be dead on arrival but once in a while you’re gonna strike up a conversation with somebody that actually going to stick and you’re gonna find that this conversation leads to more conversations i.e. a friend bringing to us.

Man starting conversation with stranger person
Man starting the conversation with the stranger person (Image Source)


Make small talk small talk. I hate small talk guys. Small talk is a critical component of developing new friendships. So you’re out being social around people talking to them, chatting them up.


Accept every invitation


True story, I have a good friend her name is Jacqueline. Jacqueline went through a messy divorce and the process lost a lot of her good friends. So what she decided when she was sort of bummed out.

She was like, yeah I don’t have all these friends anymore. I’m sort of a little bit lonely. I’m not being a socialist.

I would like to be what she decided for one year, was to accept every invitation that people offered and what she found is that she had the best year of her life by the end of it.

She had some friends that she loved that were incredible that she would never have met if she stayed isolated. That’s how she learn that how to make friends.


How to make a better relationship with people who are already your friend?


You do have friends Don’t You? You are just having trouble keeping up the bond with them. Well, you don’t need to be overwhelmed by the pressure of keeping a better relationship with your old friends. 

There will be a time when you have a different opinion than your friend, and that can lead you to think about the indifference between you and your friend. But that’s what supposed to happen, it is a sign that you have a really tight bond with your friend.

It shows that you are not afraid to put your opinion out there, if you will be making a new friend, there is 100% chance that you want to match your opinion with him/her in order to start a bond.

So, don’t worry too much about it, that’s what having a friend is all about, they will nudge you, they will roast you, but they will always be there for you no matter how weird you are. :p

Still having doubts, you can take look at other suggestions:-


Know about each other


You don’t mean them as friends if you don’t share your secrets. In order to know about them, you have to tell about yourself. Share the secrets and know everything about each other and have fun together.

Interaction (Image Source)


Accept the differences


Everyone is different, as the time passes dynamics of friendship change, we should accept those differences for long lasting friendship. It is as simple as that, you are different, they are different from you, if you look at the bright side, you have something in common. 

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Build Trust


Loyalty, Faith, Trust, these words are small but represent a great responsibility. Keep secrets, respect your friend’s identity, stand beside your friend when he/she needs you. All these things will build trust between both of you and trust is the most important factor in any relationship. 

Loyalty (Image Source)


Spend quality time together


Even on phone or being in person with your friend, is enough for them to understand that you really need them, and are really happy that you have them as your friends. Spending time together like hanging out, doing goofy things, these thing is what makes us happy.  It is like the satisfaction you have someone by your side who is as weird as you are :P. 

So cherish your friendship as long as you are capable of.

Bonding (Image Source)


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Support in tough time


Helping your friend in tough time deepens your friendship. “A real friend is tested during the bad time”.  They are not your friends if they leave you in your worst time phase. And same goes to yourself, if you are expecting something from others, do it yourself first.

Friend in need is a friend indeed
A friend in need is a friend indeed (Image Source)


Maintain Contact


If your friend moves in any other city or country, call them, chat with them or do a video call regularly, be really interested in about that how your friend’s life is going on.

Meet them personally whenever it is possible for you to meet. If you are busy and still you try to be available for your friends, it strengthens your bond.

Conversations (Image Source)


Avoid Miscommunication


Sometimes it happens that a situation comes when your friend misunderstands you. In this kind of situation communicate with your friend properly. Clarify everything because proper communication is the key to a great relationship. 

Proper Communication
Proper Communication (Image Source)


Make your relation a priority


In a conflict, there is three type of situations, first is right, second is wrong and the third is friendship. It can be a matter of money or proving yourself right. Stay calm in these situations and find a solution. Don’t say something to your friend for which you would regret later.

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Solve conflicts with maturity


You should not blame your friend for every incident. Otherwise, they will feel that you don’t consider them as a friend truly. Find a solution which is favorable for both. If you need to compromise in friendship, you should do it except maintain your dignity and self-respect. Ego should never spoil your friendship.

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Hope you liked this article. Share it with all of your friends and people who really need to know these tips. If you have the question related to this topic, you can comment below.

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