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Jay Z Age, Height, Net Worth, Discography, Girlfriends, Kids – WikiFamous

Jay Z
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Shawn Corey Carter is known worldwide as ‘Jay Z’ is an American Rapper, Singer, Songwriter, and a businessperson, who is younger than his four siblings (including him makes four).  When he was 11-year-old his father abandoned him and his siblings, her mom raised them all on her own.  

Jay Z remained unidentified for many years, after his collaboration with Kareem Burke and Damon Dash; the trio founded their own record label ‘Roc-A-Fella’ in 1995.  Since his album “Hard Knock Life/Vol.2,” every single of his album has been certified platinum twice. 

Jay Z has 74 nomination at Grammys in which he has won 21 ‘each wins in four rap field category.’




Real Name Shawn Corey Carter
Occupation Rapper* Record producer* Songwriter
Jay-Z Autograph
Jay-Z Autograph


Website lifeandtimes.com
Net Worth

(How Much is Jay Z worth?)

$900 Million Dollars


Personal Info


Name Shawn Corey Carter
Nickname J-Hova, S dot, Hova, Jay Z (or Jazzy)
Date of Birth (Age)

(How old is Jay Z?)

December 4,  1969 (48 years old)
Place of birth Brooklyn, US

(Where is Jay Z from?)

Bedford-Stuyvesant area, Brooklyn

(Where does Jay Z live?)

Tribeca apartment ($6.85 Million)

Trump Tower world apartment (Rent- $65,000/month)

Indian Creek village ($9,300,000)


(How Tall is Jay Z?)

1.88m (6 foot 2 inches)
Weight 183lbs (83kg)
Body Measurements Chest: 44 inches

Waist: 36 inches

Bicep: 14 inches

Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Nationality American
Ethnicity African-American
Religion Does not believe in religion but does believe in God.
Zodiac sign Sagittarius
Status Married (m.2008)


Jay Z Family


Father’s Name Adness Reeves
Mother’s Name Gloria Carter
Grandmother Hattie White
Brother Eric Carter
Sister Andrea Carter

Michelle Carter

Spouse/wife Beyonce Giselle Knowles

(How many Children does Jay Z have?)

He has 3 children:-

Blue Ivy Carter (6 years-old Daughter)

Rumi Carter & Sir Carter (1-year-old Twin) (Boy Sir Carter, girl Rumi)


Jay Z mother Gloria grandmother Hattie and his sister
Jay Z mother Gloria grandmother Hattie and his sister (Image Source)



Jay Z Net Worth


(How much is Jay Z worth?)


Carter’s net worth proves without a doubt that he is ‘The Wealthiest Rapper on the Planet’ from the start Jay Z has been making money, like for instance in 2012 his net worth was estimated to be $610 Million USD, and in 2015 it raised up to $810 Million USD.  Now it reached up to $900 Million USD.  “That’s a lot.”


Jay Z & Beyoncé Net worth


Jay Z and Beyonce or ‘The Carters’ are insane when it comes to their fortune both stars are dope, one partner is the ‘Demigod’ of Hip-Hop/Pop, and the other is ‘The richest rapper on the planet.’  Beyonce net worth in 2018 estimated to be $355 Million USD which makes her ‘America’s Richest Self-made Woman’, and Jay Z worth is $900 Million USD.  

According to Forbes ‘The Carters’ net worth estimated to be around $1.255 Billion USD, (yes, Billion), they are in the list of ‘Top 10 Richest Couple’ in Hollywood (I say, Richest Couple on the Planet).

Jay Z and Beyonce
Jay Z and Beyonce (Image Source)


How did Beyonce become a Demigod of Pop?


Jay Z House


(Where does Jay Z live?)


The Multi-Millionaire Shawn Carter has owned three properties in which include, ‘Tribeca Apartment’ worth of $6.85 Million USD.  His House collection also includes an apartment in ‘Trump Tower’ with rent of $65,000/month, and in Indian Creek Village worth to be $9,300,000 USD.

When B-Jay welcomed twins, it was time for a change.  The couple bought a 30-square-foot House in Bel-Air neighborhood estimated worth of it is $88 Million USD with the mortgage of $52.8 Million USD, making the deal ‘The most expensive purchase ever.’

Jay Z house
Jay Z house (Image Source)


Taylor Swift owns the most expensive property, but how many does she own.



Jay Z Dating History



  • Amil Whitehead- Around the 90s rumor was around about Jay Z had a   fling with Amil.
  • T-Boz- Jay Z has dated T-Boz in the late 1990s.
  • Karrine Staffans- Karine mention about she has hooked up with Jay Z   in her Memoir.
  • Carmen Bryant- Carmen and Jay Z supposedly had a relationship in   1996.
  • Aaliyah- Jay Z and Aaliyah were Hip-Hop’s the hottest duo of 1999.
  • Rosario Dawson- Jay Z and Rosario has dated for a brief in 2000, in which she got pregnant, but unfortunately had a miscarriage.
  • Shenelle Scott- There has been a rumor about them having a relationship that stays from 2000-2001.
  • Blu Cantrell- It is confirming that Blu and Jay Z have dated each other in 2001.


With the list of Jay-Z’s ex-girlfriends may seem confusing, you may want to know when Beyonce did meet Jay Z.


Jay Z & Beyonce

(How did Jay Z and Beyonce meet?)


‘Jay Z and Beyonce’ AKA ‘The Carters’, the hottest couple in Hollywood Industry, and yes, the world wants to know how the two ended up together.  Their relationship has a complicated timeline, for starters when did they meet.  According to an interview that Jay Z had in 2007, he told in that interview that he met Beyonce ten-years-ago, like in between 1997-2000, at that time Beyonce must have been 18 years-old.

 Then came ‘Bonnie & Clyde’ one of the biggest hit and a classic music video that was the first time when Jay Z and Beyonce appear side-by-side ‘duet’ in 2002.

Bonnie and Clyde
Bonnie and Clyde (Image Source)


In 2003, they both appeared in Beyonce classic hit ‘Crazy in Love’ as the music started to heat so does the rumor of them dating.  The same year Corey did an interview in which interviewer ask him ‘Are you in a relationship with Beyonce’ clearly he denied he said, ‘She is beautiful, who wouldn’t wish she was their Girlfriend?’ he added ‘Maybe one day.’ 

Soon after the interview, the duo kept getting caught spending time together but still denies every dating rumor.  In 2004, they made it clear that they are indeed in a relationship; both of them attended the MTV Video Music Award as a ‘couple.’

B-Jay at MTV 2003
B-Jay at MTV 2003 (Image Source)


In 2006, Beyonce album ‘B’day’ dropped which two including singles featured Jay Z, and comes the year 2008, when they got married, the marriage was a small ceremony.  They did not even buy engagement, in the name of engagement ring they both a tattoo ‘IV’ on their finger.  

The wedding ceremony was private so no one ever saw the wedding photos until their collaborative tour ‘On the run’ when they showed the wedding album.

Jay Z and Beyonce wedding photo
Jay Z and Beyonce wedding photo (Image Source)


In 2008, Beyonce came up front to tell the story, in an interview, she told, ‘What they have is real, and that it is not about the interviews or getting the right photos, this is real.’  She added that an engagement ring is not important to her, people give it too much importance, it is a material, and it just looks silly to her.’

The Couple were having the perfect married life and were happy when they received the news about the new family member, ‘Beyonce was pregnant.’  

She was happy when she heard the little heartbeat, ‘the best music she ever heard’ she started picturing what her baby will look like and started shopping.  She went every month for the checkup and at one time when she did, ‘There was no heartbeat.’

Beyonce Miscarriage
Beyonce Miscarriage (Image Source)


The hardest thing she has to go through was at that time when she had a miscarriage, (2010).  We all know how devastated she was back then, that is why we were all happy when she announced after performing ‘Love on Top’  at VMAs that she is pregnant again, Jay stands right next to her cheering for her.  

The announcement has broken the Guinness World Record for ‘Most tweets per second recorded for a single event’ (8,868/second).  In 2012 born ‘Blue Ivy Carter’ Shawn named her daughter after his series album ‘Blueprint’, later comes the news of twins (February 2016) ‘God Bless us All.’

Blue Ivy Carter
Blue Ivy Carter (Image Source)


Jay Z Cheated on Beyonce


(Did Jay Z Cheat on Beyonce?)


There was a time when there were some serious rumors about Jay Z cheating on Beyonce and some may also start to believe that their marriage has come to an end. After the evening of Met Gala, the event was attended by many stars including Jay Z, Beyonce, and her sister Solange. 

After attending, the family went out and took elevator what may seem unbelievable, but as soon as they enter in Beyonce sister Solange started hitting him while Beyonce just stood there motionless as well expressionless.  The CCTV photage was leaked by a staff member (who was fired immediately) and was published by TMZ (2014).


Here is the CCTV photage.


After that family feud, everyone was confused; everyone wants to know the reason why she hit him.  The reason is still not clear, in some interview Beyonce and Solange has come up front to clear some matter.  According to them, ‘They have gone through it peacefully as a united family; both (Jay Z and Solange) sought out things and apologies to each other.

Then came ‘Lemonade’ (an album about rage, revenge, and betrayal) the singles from the album, ‘Sorry’, ‘Hold up’, ‘Love drought’, were all hints that world has seen that Carter has been unfaithful to Beyonce. 

It has been confirmed by himself that he has ‘been unfaithful to her’, his album ‘4:44’ song ‘Family Feud’ appeared as to be an apology for his doing.  The rumor has it that the woman he has been cheating with Beyonce on was ‘Rachel Roy.’

Carter opens up about how hard he has to try to save the marriage.  Firstly, he said that most man does not have any emotional cues, and he wants to change that.  ‘I want to have an emotional tool that it too takes to keep my family Together.’

Many thought that this incident will be the end of their married life, soon they be ought to get a divorce, but that is not the case when you are ‘soul mate.’  Shawn has said, ‘I have a beautiful wife who is understanding and knew that I’m not the worst of what I have done.’  

He said they both went in therapy, which was their art ‘music’; music was like a therapy to them.  They really love each other and they have put a lot of hard work to be in a better place.  Lastly, crossing all the difficulties they are together (and we hope will be)   and now is preparing to ‘On The Run II’ (OTR II) joint tour (2018).

On The Run Tour
On The Run Tour (Image Source)


Jay Z Discography


Jay Z releases his first debut album in 1966, ‘Reasonable Doubt’, which have not been great with the audience but still is count as ‘Greatest album of all time.’  He received even bigger success with his album ‘Vol.2 Hard knock life’, the single with the same name as the title has still is the greatest commercial hit singles by him to this day.  

In 1999, released ‘Vol.3….Life Times of S. Carter’, which did great as expected.  The same year he founded a clothing line ‘Rocawear.’

The year 2001-2005 become the greatest time of his career, with the release of his infamous series, ‘Blueprint, ‘The Blueprint 2: The gift of the Curse’, & ‘The Black’ album, which has sold over 2 Million units and certified double platinum.

His album ‘The Black’ was supposed to be his last album.

Jay Z Blueprint
Jay Z Blueprint (Image Source)


Jay Z greatest Albums


Vol.2…Hard Knock Life (1998)

The Blueprint (2001)

The Black Album (2003)

American Gangster (2007)

The Throne (2011)

4:44 (2017)


Jay Z greatest hit Songs


Ni***S in Paris (The throne)

The story of O.J (4:44)

Young Forever (The Blueprint)

Sing Cry (The Blueprint)

Kill Jay Z (4:44)


Jay Z Social Media


Shawn Carter has an official Twitter account name ‘Mr. Carter (@S_C_) that has 3.13 Million followers.  However, he does not have an account on Instagram.  He did join the Instagram, but left after Michael Jackson Tribute (he posted a picture of Michael Jackson), with a caption ‘Happy Birthday to the King, it may be first and last post’ he gained 100,000 of followers and then deactivated the account. 

Carter Instagram
Carter Instagram (Image Source)


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