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Joanna Gaines Wiki, Net Worth, Husband, Kids, House, Age- WikiFamous

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Joanna Gaines is a reality star who grew from normal individual to famous celebrity through her collaboration with husband Chip Gaines. With Joanna’s skill of decorating and Chip’s handy work, the couple has made their own space in Hollywood and are praised by millions of people.


Joanna Gaines Age, Height and Weight


People say that Joanna has the Midas touch, everything she does turn out to be a gold masterpiece. Joanna nickname ‘Joanne’ Gaines was born on April 19, 1987, in the Kansas United States, as of 2018 her age is 40 years, her height is 1.7m (5 foot 7 inches) and weight is 55kg (121 Pounds). 


Joanna Gaines Religion and Ethnicity


Many people wonder if ‘Fixer Upper’ star Joanna is Asian. Well, it is half true, as her parents Jerry and Nan met in Seoul, Korea. As you can guess, Joanna Gaines is half Korean from her mother side and half Lebanese/German descent from her father side. Joanna’s siblings are all raised as, ‘Catholic.’

Since she was born in Kansas, US, her nationality is American.


Joanna Gaines Family


Father Jerry Stevens
Mother Nan Stevens
Sibling Mary Kay

Teresa Criswell

Spouse Chip Gaines
Children Duke


Emmie Kay

Ella Rose


Joanna Gaines Family
Joanna Gaines Family (Image Source)


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Joanna Gaines Net Worth


(How much does Joanna Gaines worth?)


In 2018, the Mr. and Mrs.Gaines have opened their new Magnolia Table restaurant, Joanna Gaines published her first cookbook, opened their “little shop on Bosque”, released a new line with Matilda Jane Clothing. The Gaines hosted their first ever Silo District Marathon event.

These new projects combined with all of their growing business and existing product lines bring the net worth of this power couple around $18M making it $9M each.


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Joanna Gaines Personal Life


Joanna’s elder sister Teresa hosts an inspiration Youtube show called Let’s Talk with Teresa Ann. She also writes lifestyles and math-based posts at her blog Triumphant Victorious Reminders and posts about healthy mother-daughter relationships on Instagram.  

While she was growing up, she learned a fair share of business from her dad as she helped him with managing his tire shop. After Joanna graduated, she interned in various boutiques and gained experience.


Joanna Gaines and Chip Gaines


Chip and Joanna Gaines are married since 2003 and are very much happy in their lives. They have a perfect balance between their personal and professional lives.

Speaking of their first meeting which was a total coincidence even though it is a fact that these two lovers were students at the same Baylor University.

Once Chip had to go to the auto repairing shop and Joanna Gaines was working at the tire repairing shop that her father owned. The duo met and one thing leads to another and in no time they were head over heels for each other.

The couple has four children together Drake, Ella, Rose, Duke, and Emmie Kay.

The couple welcomed their fifth child, son, Crew, in June 2018. The Gaines have opened up about their faith. With their commitment to put God first, Joanna and Chip have been able to allow their four beautiful children and themselves revolve around their religious beliefs.

The couple is like the flag bearers of an example of Good Parenting. They do not have a television in their home and their children are not allowed to own a cell phone up until college.

Keeping their kids off social media have worked in their favor as the kids have tried their hands on seeing, baking, designing, gardening (girls), football, ranching, hiking, construction (boys) and many more.

They are very well behaved kids and fans never stop praising the couple as of how well they have brought up their children.

Chip and Joanna Gaines Wedding photos
Chip and Joanna Gaines Wedding photos (Image Source)


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Joanna Gaines House


Chip and Joanna Gaines are living the dream. Recently, Joanna shot for an interview which included her home tour as well. The couple lives in Magnolia Silos, a trio of chic home goods boutiques that have a presence in Waco their hometown and also online.

They also now Magnolia house, an exclusive cation rental where one night costs $695. The couple owns over 60 animals on their 40-acre farm and they keep posting their pictures online. They built a treehouse on the farm to keep their kids entertained.

Joanna Gaines House
Joanna Gaines House (Image Source)


Joanna and Chip Scandal


Sometime in April, a lawsuit created after a scandal in which Chip’s former Magnolia Real Estate partner sued him for $1M. They claimed that Chip made them sell their shares to him at a dollar a dime and did not discuss the future plans before making the sale.

Chip and his lawyers dismissed the claims by calling the claims worthless.

The other scandal which took everyone surprised was Joanna Gaines claiming that she was planning to leave the show and going into a new skincare line.

She dismissed the rumors by saying that you can’t believe everything you read.


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Joanna Gaines fashion


“Fixer Upper” host, Joanna Gaines has already conquered the world of home renovation business starting from her interior decorating skills to her now beautifully curated Magnolia Market home store. We cannot ignore her comfortable approach to fashion.

Floral print kimono,  crop flare jeans, midi dress, denim, utility jackets, Cozy sweatpants, dresses are some of her favorite and everyday outfits. How can forget clogs, sneakers, and boots?

Joanna Gaines Denim
Joanna Gaines Denim (Image Source)


Joanna Gaines Career


After getting married to Chip Gaines, the couple went onto do their business together. Their first project together was opening their shop Magnolia Market after borrowing $5,000. It’s one of several businesses they own in Texas. Joanna Gaines learned about interior design on the job.

With almost a decade of renovation experience already, Chip and Joanna Gaines were offered a show “Fixer Upper” and they shot a pilot which aired on HGTV in spring 2014 and was already successful with 1.9M viewers.

The show “Fixer Upper” was fixed for five seasons with an option for a sixth. It was the second- most-watched cable telecast of the second quarter of 2017.

The show dealt with remodeling and designing of the houses. The couple later announced that the fifth season is the last season of the show because they wanted to focus on their family and children.

Joanna Gaines and Chip's children
Joanna Gaines and Chip’s children (Image Source)


The name “Magnolia” came from the story before Joanna Gaines and Chip were married. Chip would pick flowers from Magnolia tree and thus this gesture turned out to be the name of their business.

Aside from remodeling houses for a couple on “Fixer Upper”, Joanna Gaines has opened home decor store “Magnolia Market” and Joanna co-owns bed and breakfast Magnolia House.

Joanna and Chip also run a real estate company and a construction company “Magnolia Villas”. The couple owns a line of a premium interior paints which sell for around $46 a gallon.

Joanna Gaines Magnolia
Joanna Gaines Magnolia (Image Source)


In 2016, the couple penned down their lives in the book “The Magnolia Story” to give their fans a closer look at their life behind the cameras.

The book shared a number of stories ranging from humorous anecdotes to more serious topics like financial low points and the struggle of balancing being a parent with having a full-time career.

The book also states about the person the couple is like Joanna is naturally cautious whereas Chip is impulsive and a risk taker. They call their relationship a “rollercoaster ride”

The website we mention in biodata is where you can find furniture designed by Joanna Gaines. She has designed every piece of Furniture in the Magnolia Home line with family, aesthetic and practicality in mind.


Joanna Gaines Social Media


Joanna Gaines is mostly active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram where she shares her personal and professional life through pictures or videos. She has 8.7M followers on Instagram (@joannagaines) and 1.26M followers on twitter (@joannagaines).

Joanna Gaines also has a blog where she puts up everything https://magnolia.com/blog/. The couple has often used their fame for good and donates to charities like St. Jude and the Time Tebow Foundation.

Their organization Magnolia Foundation exists to restore lives and communities in different parts of the world as well.


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