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John Cena Age, Height, Net Worth, Cars, Girlfriend, Workout- WikiFamous

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John Felix Anthony Cena Jr. is best known as WWE Legend ‘John Cena’, also famous for his deadly moves like Throwback modified neck snap, and double leg spine buster.

He was born on April 23, 1977, in Massachusetts. At first, Cena got attention as a trash-talking rapper, who writes his own raps, nobody would have guessed that the rapper can be a winner of U.S Championship four times, and five-time ‘World Tag Team Championship.’

John Cena was ranked three times at Top in the ‘Best 500 Single Wrestlers’ in Pro Wrestling Illustrated. Despite his success as a Wrestler, Cena is a huge fan of Japanese Anime and love Cartoons. 




Name John Felix Anthony Cena Jr.
Occupation Professional Wrestler* Actor* Rapper* Voice Artists
Website johncena.com
Autograph John Cena Autograph
Net Worth $57 Million USD


Personal Info


Name John Felix Anthony Cena Jr.
Nickname The Champ
Date of Birth (Age)

(How old is John Cena?)

April 23, 1977 (41-year-old)
Place of Birth West Newbury, Massachusetts

(Where is John Cena from?)

Ashburnham, Massachusetts

Springfield, Massachusetts


(How tall is John Cena?)

1.80m (5 foot 11 Inches)
Weight 250lbs (113kg)
Body Measurements Chest: 50 inches

Waist: 36 inches)

Bicep: 19 inches

Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Light Brown
Nationality American
Ethnicity French-Canadian, Italian, English
Religion Catholic
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Sexual Orientation Straight
Status Single


John Cena Family


Father John Cena Sr.
Mother Carol Cena
Brother Sean Cena

Dan Cena

Matt Cena

Stephen Cena


John Cena's Parents and Brother Matt, and Dan
John Cena’s Parents and Brother Matt, and Dan


Cena is the second oldest son among his three siblings, Stephen is the eldest. John Cena was a born fighter, his dad once said that when he was born the umbilical cord wrapped three times around his neck, which was obviously an extremely scary situation. Miraculously, Cena survived and did not suffer any long-term effects. 


John Cena Net Worth


(How much John Cena make money per year?)


The Champ Cena is undeniably the most successful and popular wrestlers of this generation. The wrestler/actor used to make $2.71 Million USD per year. His total estimated value is $57 Million USD. As of 2018 he now earns $8 Million USD per year. Alongside this, his endorsements and merchandise alone make $100,000 USD.

John Cena is a man who devotedly, and hopelessly in love with cars. He has a huge passion for cars, his collection is the most insane collection ever recorded. Here is the list of his cars-

1969 AMC AMX                                     

COPO Chevrolet Camaro
Dodge Daytona 1969
1971 Plymouth Road Runner
Dodge Viper 2006
2006 Ford GT,
Dodge Charger SRT-8 (2007)
2007 Ford Mustang Saleen Parnelli Jones Limited Edition,
Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 2009                   

1970 AMC Rebel Machine
Buick GSX 1970
Mercury Cougar Eliminator
Oldsmobile Cutlass Rallye 350
Plymouth Superbird
Pontiac GT Judge 


Car Collection of John Cena
Car Collection of John Cena


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John Cena Dating History



Elizabeth Huberdeau (m.2009-2012)- Elizabeth was Cena’s high school sweetheart, they were in a long relationship before they finally tied the knot. Both were the perfect example of what a relationship should be like. The out of the blue after three years of Marriage they got divorced. 

Speculation was that John Cena cheated on her. Rumors were that he cheated with Mickie James, ‘The former 5-times WWE Women’s Champion’ and Victoria.

Whether it is true or not, they know the answer.


Nikki Bella- After breaking up with his high school sweetheart, the only long relationship he has been in was with Nikki. She and Cena started to date in the year 2013, of course at that time it was all rumor, even though they were the most popular and most shipped Couple of WWE.

Only John Cena is the man who can make through entire wrestle mania with a $10K USD Diamond ring in his pocket. It was the day of the WWE Wrestle Mania where John pops up the big question. “Could you Imagine, you would Marry Me?”

John Cena and Nikki Bella went on with their relationship for the next six years. Then suddenly out of the blue, just a few weeks before the big day, they broke up. 

There are many reasons speculating like, John wasn’t ready to become a father, and that Nikki wanted to pursue her dreams more than getting married to John Cena.


Elizabeth Huberdeau and Nikki Bella and John Cena
Elizabeth Huberdeau and Nikki Bella with John Cena


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Is John Cena Retiring?


“Nothing Lasts Forever”, These three word has been haunting the fans of WWE. John Cena recently tweeted this quote, and it is making fans worried if he is retiring any time soon. It is appearing that John Cena is taking hard after he broke up with supposed to be the wife, Nikki Bella. 

John is being really off, since the break-up. Cena’s last match was in Saudi Arabia where he beat the triple H name wrestler.

John Cena is in the wrestling business since 1999, where he played professionally all these years and become a 16-time World Champion, tied to Ric Flair. He can easily win the 17th title of Championship if he wants to. And, maybe it is possible that he will in these following years. That can be his last match.

As of now John appearance on RAW and Smackdown are quite a few comparing to his performance in these past years. The reason behind it could be that he was busy shooting ‘The Wall’, and ‘Daddy’s Home 2.’ 

As far as fans are concerned, don’t worry, he will not retire anytime soon, but he will eventually.

“As far as the performance level it’s definitely a business for the young and I am on the older side of young but I don’t think I’ll ever not be involved with the WWE. They will have to tell me that they no longer need my services because it is my home.”

Is John Cena Retiring?
Is John Cena Retiring? (Image Source)


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John Cena Workout Routine


The one-time heavyweight Championship winner, and owns the title of ‘World Champion’ sixteen times, John Cena is the ‘God Of The Ring.’ Even when he is covered in blood, he still successfully claims what belongs to him only. To do that he sure needs to train his body really hard.




The Pro Wrestler John Cena trains for 5 days per week, in which the workout is in full hardcore mode. Cena’s main goal is to build some muscle. To make it happen, he has maintained a scheduled diet plan.

in the morning he fed himself an oatmeal, and two whole eggs (boiled), and 6 egg white. Moving on to next he serves himself 2 chicken breasts with a whole bowl of brown rice. His third time of the day, he likes to Pasta, vegetable salad, with some meat (Chicken or Fish).

Except those in between for energy, he drinks protein shakes, some fruits (especially bananas), and tuna bread.

And just like us, John likes to have fun on weekends.

John Cena Diet
John Cena Diet (Image Source)




Are you ready to hear about his workout routine? Ok, Let’s do it…

John Cena likes to pump up his muscle, he workout straight for 5 days in a week, in 90 minutes of time lapse. In those 90 minutes, he focused on to build muscle and strength on his Legs and Calves, chest, Arms, Shoulder, and back.

For Calves and Legs, he does 4-5 sets of Seated Calf Raise and Standing Single Leg Out, with 4-6 sets of leg press, leg extension, standing body weight calf, and squat.

To do Chest John does 3-5 sets of Incline machine press, pec dec, bench press, and cable crossovers. For Arms, he does total 5 sets of preacher curler and seating dumble curl.

For his Shoulder and back, he does the complete 5 sets of Rear Delt Machine Flyes, Lateral Raise, Overhead Press, Lat Pull Down, One Arm dumbbell roll, and Barbell Roll. Adding 3-4 sets of Deadlift, high lifts, and Military Press.

It is clear, that it is not suitable for everyone, and that “Champions are not born, They Are Made.”


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John Cena Fashion


Started his career as an enthusiastic boy from Massachusetts who loves the hip-hop culture, that represented by his “Throwback Jersey”, his signature clothes would be a cap and knee length shorts. John Cena was an official member of Merchandise which was specifically made or him.

His signature styles such as big chains and padlock later evolved into chromed and diamond necklace. After he became ‘The Marine’ his style evolve from hip-hop to country serve. His military outfits and dogtag are still counting as his signature style.

Speaking of his signature style, his catchphrase ‘You Can’t See Me’, ‘Rise Above Hate Cenation’ has its own great business. His Merchandise with his catchphrases is a big part of John Cena’s earning source. Along with being the badass wrestler, he knows how to dress like a gentleman.

John Cena Fashion
Fashion “John Cena”


John Cena Career


The Young Cena has left a scar in everybody’s mind who had witnessed his first ever open challenge against ‘Kurt Angle’ is what we know was the start of ‘Ruthless Aggression’ era. The year 2000, was “The” iconic era of WWF, which changed that year as now we recall “WWE.”

That year John Cena started to make the world see what the hell of a creation he is. John Cena made his debut through ‘WWE Smackdown’ (2002), although at that time he already became the fan-favorite after he lost to Kurt AngleOpen Challenge” (but still it was a close win, and Kurt back down after Cena want more).

When John Cena appeared in the Smackdown, he had the image of trash-talk rapper. In 2004, he made it into final six in the annual ‘Royal Rumble’, and got eliminated by the ‘Big Show.’

That was not the end, he came back to solve some “personal issues” with the Big Show, on his way he becomes the owner of ‘U.S Championship’ Title, for the first time.


John Cena Movies


Winning world as a Wrestler, John Cena started to the takeover Movie business, as he made a debut through ‘Ready To Rumble’ in 2000, he came back in 2006 with ‘The Marine’ the film was produced by WWE Studios, distributing partner 20th Century Fox.

John Cena worked under WWE Studios for his other movies, ’12 Rounds’ and ‘Legendary.’ His image in people mind was like a deadly bloodthirsty ass-kicker, so it was hard to picture him as a ‘Softie.’ In 2009, Cena acted in Nickelodeon’s production ‘Fred: The Movie’ and its sequels. He also appeared in ‘The Reunion’ and the comedy-drama ‘Trainwreck’ and ‘Daddy’s Home.’

John Cena also became a voice artist as he lent his voice to an animated character ‘Ferdinand’ in a movie name ‘Ferdinand’ 2017. He got cast as a lead in sex-comedy as ‘Mitchell’ in the film ‘Blockers’ releases on 2018.

'Blockers' John Cena
‘Blockers’ John Cena (Image Source)


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John Cena Charity


Cena has contributed a big part in making people’s lives better. He started supporting the anti-bullying campaign, that he is with since 2011. He wore a black shirt that says ‘Rise Above Hate’ as to show that he is the part of ‘Breast Cancer Awareness Month’ and his partnership with Susan G. Komen for Cure.

In 2016, John Cena became a part of public service ‘We Are America’ and his campaign ‘Love has No Labels.’  John Cena is the first celebrity ever to make 500 wishes come true, being the part of ‘Make-A-Wish Foundation.’ He is ranked on No.2 as ‘Most Charitable Athlete.’

Reason Why You Should Respect John Cena
Reason Why You Should Respect John Cena (Image Source)


John Cena Social Media


The World Champion and an actor, has now become an Author too. John Cena Elbow grease book is getting great praise from all the ages. His Twiter (@JohnCena) has 11.5 Million followers, he puts up every detail about his book, and more.

His Instagram account (@johncena) has over 10.3 Million followers.



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