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Josh Hutcherson Bio, Net Worth, Girlfriends, Career, Tattoos- WikiFamous

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Josh Ryan Hutcherson, famous for his not so manly character ‘Peeta’ in Hunger Games Franchise, not anything against him, loved him since my childhood. He is in Hollywood Industry since he was a child, Josh landed as ‘Gabe’ lead role in ‘Little Manhattan’ when he was only 10-year-old. Furthermore, he appeared in ‘Zathura: A Space Adventure’ 2005, (*personal favorite*) ‘Bridge To Terabithia’ (2007) (*still can’t believe that she… spoilers*).

Josh Hutcherson was born on October 12, 1992, in Union, Kentucky. He strongly supports the gay equal rights, he is a part of a group called ‘Straight But Not Narrow’, the group’s goal is to teach straight people how to be supportive and more understanding towards equal gay rights.




Name Joshua Ryan Hutcherson
Occupation Actor* Model
Website joshhutcherson.com
Autograph Josh Hutcherson Signature
Net Worth $2 Million USD


Personal Info


Name Joshua Ryan Hutcherson
Nickname Josh, Jay
Date of Birth (Age)

(How old is Josh Hutcherson?)

October 12, 1992 (26-year-old)
Place of Birth Union, Kentucky

(Where is Josh Hutcherson?)

Union, Kentucky

(How tall is Josh Hutcherson?)

1.70m (5 foot 7 inches)
Weight 50lbs (68kg)
Body Measurements Chest: 40 inches

Waist: 34 inches

Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Dark Brown
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Religion Christian
Zodiac Sign Libra
Sexual Orientation

(Is Josh Hutcherson gay?)

Status In a relationship


Josh Hutcherson Family


Father Chris Hutcherson (Analyst for U.S. Environment Protection Agency)
Mother Michelle Fightmaster Hutcherson (Delta Airline Employee)
Brother Connor Hutcherson
Partner Claudia Traisac


Josh Hutcherson Parents and Brother
Young Josh Hutcherson Parents and Brother (Image Source)


Hutcherson parents were concerned about his choice of career since Josh loved the film Industry as a 4-year-old child. His parents thought that it was just a phase and that he can get over with it.

Josh’s mom Michelle told that he used to bother them a lot about him wanted to become an actor. At the age of Eight, Hutcherson’s parents met an acting coach name Bob Luke, and he was the one to advise them to move to LA.

Josh went in a lot of audition for various TV serial pilots, his mon stayed with him for three years, they lived in a residential community, who supports basic facilities to a young child and their families.


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Josh Hutcherson Net Worth


(How much is Josh Hutcherson worth?)


The 26-year-old Hunger Games actor Josh Hutcherson has a net worth of $2 Million USD. His co-stars from the franchise Jennifer Lawrence has $110 Million USD, and Liam Hemsworth has an estimated net worth of $16 Million USD.

Josh Hutcherson started his career at an early age, and in just two years of auditioning, he landed on two major roles in films, as well as in a sitcom. He dubbed in two animation movies back-to-back in the year 2004. He is still young and definitely has potential.

Josh had bought a tree house which once belongs to Heath Ledger and Ellen DeGeneres. Hutcherson bought that house at a market price of $2.5 Million USD.


Josh Hutcherson House
Tree House Josh Hutcherson (Image Source)


Josh Hutcherson Dating History



Alexandra Burman- Just like many other relationships between celebrities never been confirmed, this one also all based on rumors. Alex was 3 years older than Josh.

Zoey Dutch- Zoey Dutch and Josh Hutcherson did date each other for a short period, they broke-off after few months of dating, but they still very close to each other.

Victoria Justice- Nickelodeon hit sitcom ‘Victorious’ main lead Victoria and Josh Hutcherson was in a relationship that went on for 1 year. (Jan 2008-Mar 2009).

Lanchen Mihalic- Josh Hutcherson and Lanchen dated each other in 2009, and stay together for the next 3 years, they broke off in August 2012.

Vanessa Hudgens- Met on the sets of ‘Journey 2: The Mysterious Island’, both dated each other for 9 months.

Claudia Traisac- Josh Hutcherson has been dating his ‘Escobar: Paradise Lost’ co-star Claudia since the fall of 2012. They are still reportedly together.


Claudia Traisac and Josh Hutcherson
Claudia Traisac and Josh Hutcherson (Image Source)


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Josh Hutcherson Hulu Series


In 2017, Josh Hutcherson became a part of a Television Series ‘Future Man’ presented by Hulu series, the sitcom is of 12 to 13 episodes and it received great views. The series is considered to be a great sci-fi with a dip of comedy. 

‘Future Man’ definitely is the best series as a Sci-Fi/fantasy, but that is not the only reason behind its popularity. If anyone did see it, will understand what we’re getting into. In one of the episode, Josh had to do a full naked scene, which he agreed to do way before, just didn’t plan for how to do it.

The scene is really funny, Josh Hutcherson opens up about the topic and said, ‘I knew it was going to be really funny and it was going to be done tastefully, so to speak. It was the day before that we actually figured out how we were going to do it.’ 

Josh added, ‘It’s a combination of me with camera lock-offs, and also a stunt double, and a lot of prosthetics as I’m sure you may have noticed.’

It is all part of the series, but ‘Future Man’ is really a great watch.


'Future Man' Josh Hutcherson
‘Future Man’ Josh Hutcherson (Image Source)


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Josh Hutcherson Fashion


The 10-year-old boy in ‘Little Manhattan’ had grown up to be mature Hunger Games Hunk. As he grew up in the spotlight we’ve seen his every style. The cool-blue casual to a charming tuxedo, the boy attracted many people with his innocent smile and prime physique.

Josh Hutcherson likes to keep his wardrobe basic, he loves to wear casual shirts and T-shirts with a pair of jeans. If he wants to be fancy he just adds a layer with a leather jacket and a cap. For footwear, he prefers shoes by Adidas.


Josh Hutcherson Fashion
Josh Hutcherson Fashion


Josh Hutcherson in Tux
Tuxedo Formal wear Josh Hutcherson (Image Source)


Josh Hutcherson Tattoos


Surprising facts about his tattoos that he recently revealed in an interview. He has a tattoo of Libra sign on his wrist, that it his first tattoo he got when he was 17-year-old, and his mom was with him. Josh Hutcherson has a giant sail anchor on the side of his waist, and a similar sailing in the sunset tattoo on the back of his neck.

I always like the old-school sailor tattoos, it was such a pain in movies, if I have a scene where I need to take my shirt off, then I have to go through hours of make-ups and covers up to hide it.’


Josh Hutcherson Tattoos
Tattoos of Josh Hutcherson


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Josh Hutcherson Filmography


Joshua started his career at the age of 10, he appeared in various commercial before he landed on the pilot for TV sitcom called ‘House Blend’, and ‘Becoming Glen.’ His acting was admirable as a child actor, he even got a chance to act in ‘George Clooney’ starrer sitcom ‘ER.’

The year 2004, was a good era for Josh as he got a chance to dub two animated movie back-to-back, as Hero Boy in ‘The Polar Express’, and as ‘Markl’  in the English version of Japanese animated movie ‘Howl’s Moving Castle’

In 2005, Josh appeared as ‘Gabe ‘ in sweet romantic drama ‘Litlle Manhattan’, the same year he appeared in fantasy movie ‘Zathura: A Space Adventure.’ He received highly positive reviews from critics and the audience for his acting in both movies.


Young Josh Hutcherson in Zathura
Young Josh Hutcherson in Zathura (Image Source)


The best was yet to come, in the year 2007 Josh was cast in a film called ‘RV’ which did not stand on audience expectation, his major breakthrough was by ‘Bridge of Terabithia’ alongside AnnaSophia Robb. Young Josh did not only love his work but the audience also. Hutcherson received the Young Artists as ‘Leading Young Actor’ twice for that movie.


AnnaSophia Robb and Josh Hutcherson
AnnaSophia Robb and Josh Hutcherson


The Hunger Games


The biggest and most successful franchise in his career, and in the history of fantasy franchise. Josh Hutcherson came on big as ‘Peeta’ in Hunger Games Franchise, but as many say his character is practically useless. Jennifer Lawrence, on the other hand, you can say that she is the main lead as female and male, maybe that’s why the franchise is the 20th highest grossing movie. The movie doesn’t follow the common dilemma where female actress just plays side support of the main lead.

Katniss Everdeen is the perfect idol for women empowerment, and that’s what we love. The first half of the franchise made $690 Million USD alone, overall the franchise grossed over $2.9 Billion USD.


Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson
Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson (Image Source)




Young Artists Awards Best Performance- Leading Young Actor (2009) Journey to the Center of the Earth
MTV Movie Award Best Male Performance (2012) The Hunger Games
Do Something Award Movie Star- Male (2012) The Hunger Games
MTV Movie Awards Best Male Performance (2014) The Hunger Games: Catching Fire


MTV Awards (2014) Josh Hutcherson and Johnny Depp
MTV Awards (2014) Josh Hutcherson and Johnny Depp (Image Source)


Josh Hutcherson Social Media


The Hunk of Hunger Games Josh Hutcherson is a fan of social media, his Facebook page got over 7 million likes. His official Twitter account (@jhutch1992) has over 2.64 Million followers. In 2017, he made his Instagram account (@jhutch1992) that has 546k followers and its still growing.




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