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Julia Roberts Marriages, Kids, Plastic Surgery, Movies, Age- WikiFamous

Julia Roberts Wallpaper
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Julia Fiona Roberts is an American actress born on 28 October 1967, in Smyrna, Georgia.  She is married to Daniel Moder and a mother of three children.  When she was a child, she wanted to be ‘Veterinarian’.

She did many films until her big break, that made her famous worldwide was her Movie ‘Pretty woman’ in 1990, the role earned her a nominee in Oscars.  She won an ‘Academy awards as ‘Best Actress’ for her role in 2000 film ‘Erin Brockovich’.


Julia Roberts Age, Height, and Measurements


Pretty Woman actress/executive producer Julia Fiona Roberts is age 51 years-old. Her birthday comes on October 28, 1967, she was raised in her hometown Smyrna, Georgia, where she went in Primary, Middle School, and Graduated from Campbell High School. She didn’t go to college.

Julia’s height is average 1.75m (5 foot 9 inches), she weighs 127lbs (58kg) her shoe size is 9 (US), and she wears a 32B size bra. Her body build is slim with measurements of 34-24-35 inches.

Julia’s other distinctive features are her dark brown eyes and light brown shade hair. Her real hair color is dark blonde, but she likes to keep her hair dark brown.

Julia Roberts Body
Hot Pic-Julia Roberts Body (Image Source)


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Julia Roberts Ethnicity, Religion, Zodiac Sign


Roberts’ ethnicity is multiracial, she is of English, Irish, Swedish, German, and Welsh descent. She and her siblings were raised as Roman Catholic but Julia is really fond of Hindu Culture. Julia is Roman Catholic and practices Hinduism, she even named her children to Hindu Gods.

Her daughter Hazel is named ‘Laxmi’, son Phinnaeus ‘Ganesh’ and Henry ‘Krishan Balram.’ According to her birthdate, her zodiac sign is Scorpio.


Julia Roberts Net Worth


(Where does Julia Roberts live?)


Julia Roberts is the owner of two beautiful and luxurious house. The actress estimated net worth is $140 Million USD. In 2003, she was paid $25 Million USD for her role in the movie ‘Monalisa Smile’, and the same year she purchased a sea-side house in Malibu worth $6.5 Million. She recently put her house in Mexico on sale, the house is worth $19.5 million.

Julia Roberts Malibu Beach House
Malibu Beach House (Image Source)


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Julia Roberts Family


Father Walter Grady Roberts (1933-1977)
Mother Betty Lou
Step-Father Michael Motes
Older Brother Eric Roberts (Actor)
Sister Lisa Robert Gillan
Young Half-Sister Nancy Motes


Behind Julia Roberts is her Step-Father
Behind Julia Roberts is her Step-Father (Image Source)


Julia’s real father Walter Grady Roberts had died when Julia was only -year-old, due to cancer (1933-1977). Her mom who is also an actress and life coach of Julia’s remarried to Michale Motes.

That bald guy in the picture used to physical harras Julia Roberts, and her mom didn’t have any idea what was happening to her daughter at that time. 

Betty Lou (Mom of Julia) eventually came to know and divorce the guy right away and even sue him. The tragedy in young of life of Julia didn’t end there.

Her young half-sister committed suicide on February 9, 2014, she was addicted to drugs and the cause of death was the overdose of drugs.


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Julia Roberts Dating History


Julia has been in any relationship in the past years. Now she is a settled woman with kids and a husband. Just why don’t we look last time of Who Julia Roberts has dated, and Who she was married to?


Richard Gere


It is reported that Pretty Woman co-stars Richard and Julia Roberts hooked-up during the shoot of the film. They appeared off-screen as mutual and close friends, they have worked together in more than one classic movie of all time.

We don’t know if rumors were true, but it is believable that the two are really close friends.

Richard Gere and Julia Roberts
Richard Gere and Julia Roberts (Image Source)


Kiefer Sutherland


She was in a serious relationship with ‘Kiefer Sutherland’. They were engaged, and the date of their wedding was scheduled, but unfortunately, they broke up three days before their wedding. 

Kiefer Sutherland and Julia Roberts
Kiefer Sutherland and Julia Roberts (Image Source)


Lyle Lovett


After divorcing Kiefer she got married to American country singer and songwriter ‘Lyle Lovett’ in the year 1993.  For an unknown reason, they got a divorce in 1995.

Lyle Lovett and Julia Roberts
Lyle Lovett and Julia Roberts (Image Source)


Daniel Day-Lewis


After another divorce, Julia dated Daniel for a short period of time, in 1995. After that short relationship, she dated Ethan Hawk in the same year.


Matthew Perry


F.R.I.E.N.D.S one of the main star cast known as Chandler Bing, Matthew Perry and Julia dated each other from 1995 to 1996. They met each other on the set of FRIENDS itself. Julia appeared in one episode where she played a role of Chandler’s old classmates. They were spotted quite few time hanging out in LA.

Matthew Perry and Julia Roberts
Matthew Perry and Julia Roberts (Image Source)

Daniel Moder


Julia met her current husband ‘Daniel Moder’ on the set of a film where he was a cameraman and married with her wife ‘Vera’, and she was also dating Benjamin Bratt at that time.

A Years later, Daniel filled divorce and Julia broke up with Benjamin. They were in touch with each other and trusted each other, soon they became close and started dating. They married on July 4, 2002. 

She soon got pregnant and gave birth to twins Hazel and Phinnaeus and later to a son Henry.

Daniel Moder and Julia Roberts
Daniel Moder and Julia Roberts (Image Source)


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Julia Roberts- Plastic Surgery


Roberts is named as the “World’s Most Beautiful Woman” not only once but five times. Julia Roberts is the only woman besides Halle Berry to be named ‘One of the Prettiest’ 11 times.  It is questionable that all that beauty is fragmented or all natural.

She claims that she never been a fan of plastic surgeries and prefers the natural looks.

Young Julia Roberts and Now
Young Julia Roberts and Now (Image Source)


Speaking of her looks, Does anybody heard of ‘Monica Potter’. People mostly ask is she related to Julia Roberts. The reason people ask is that they are look-alike and on top, their voices are the same too.

Monica Potter and Julia Roberts
Moniac Potter Look-alike Julia Roberts (Image Source)


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Julia Roberts ‘Pretty Outfits’


Roberts ‘Pretty woman’ outfits were popular in the 90s and still is, The Red dress, Cute Polka Dots dress, sexy boots, and bikini were all must have clothing in a teenager wardrobe.

Julia Roberts Polka Dot Dress
Pretty Woman ‘Polka Dot Dress’ (Image Source)


Julia Roberts Outfits
Julia Roberts Outfits of ‘Pretty Woman’ (Image Source)


Not only On-screen dress she wore was the best, but her off-screen outfits are also marvelous as well. On Oscars, she has the most captivating looks. The day she won her first Oscar,  she wore a Black and white Valentino dress.

Julia Roberts Oscar Outfits
Oscar outfits (Image Source)


Julia Roberts- Perfume Commercial


She is the Face of  Lancome’s brand of Fragrance. She was a model for their scent ‘Tresor’ Fragrance, and now she will be the new face of their new scent ‘La vie est belle’. Julia is also starring in the commercial video for the perfume.



Julia Roberts Movies and TV Shows


Roberts on-screen debut was in a TV series called ‘Crime Story’ in 1987 in an Episode ‘The Survivor’. Many people are unaware that Julia did appear in the all time-hit sitcom ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S’.  In 1996, season 2 episode ‘The One after super bowl’, she appeared as ‘Sussie Moss’ an old classmate of Chandler Bing.

she is also a voice actor, she did some animated such as ‘The Aunt Bully’ (2006) as an ant name ‘Hova’, ‘Charlotte’s web’ as Charlotte the spider (2006) and ‘The Smurf: The lost village’ as smurf willow (2017).

Julia Roberts has worked with Hugh Grant in 1999 films ‘Notting Hill’.  She has also worked with many A-class celebrities such as ‘George Clooney’- in ‘Confession of Dangerous Mind’ (2002), ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ (2001), ‘Ocean’s Twelve’ (2004), Money Monster and it’s bonus part ‘Money monster with Featurette (2016).

Richard Gere was in the best hit of Julia Roberts’s film ‘Pretty Woman’ (1990) and ‘Runaway Bride’ (1999).  Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks worked in ‘Charlie Wilson’s War’ (2007), and ‘Larry Crowne’ in (2011).

Julia Roberts Filmography
Movies-Julia Roberts (Image Source)


Julia Roberts Movies


Movie’s name Role Year
Pretty Woman Vivian Ward 1990
Hook Tinker Bell 1991
My Best Friend’s Wedding Julliane Potter 1997


Isabel Kelly In (1998) movie ‘Stepmom’ Julia with short hair plays a role of the respective ex-wife.
Notting Hill Anna Scott 1999
Runaway Bride Maggie Carpenter 1999

American’s Sweethearts

Kathleen ‘Kiki’ Harrison (2001) Julia Roberts is a paternal aunt of Emma Roberts William who is a cast member in this movie.
Ocean’s Eleven Series Batrice Ocean 2001-2004


Emma Roberts William has worked with her aunt in three movies, ‘American’s sweethearts’, ‘Grand Champion’ and ‘Valentine’s Day’.

Emma Roberts and Julia Roberts
Emma Roberts and Julia Roberts (Image Source)


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Julia Roberts Social Media


Knowing the fame and success of the actress, we can imagine how many people of all ages and gender admires her. It is hard to believe that Julia doesn’t have a social media account. Well, she does not have an official twitter account, because Julia recently made a profile on Instagram.

Her Instagram account (@juliaroberts) has 3.5 million followers, knowingly that it is a start she will reach a pretty high followers milestone in no time. Down below is her very first Instagram post.


View this post on Instagram



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