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Justin Bieber Age, Height, Net Worth, Discography, Tattoos – WikiFamous

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Justin Drew Bieber is a Canadian-American Singer born in London, Ontario, Canada on March 1, 1994. Bieber’s first album “My World” included seven singles went on Billboard Hot 100 all at the same time and he was the first one to achieve that.  He has performed for President Barack Obama twice.




Full Name Justin Drew Bieber
Birthday (Age) March 1, 1994 (24 years)
Occupation Singer*  Songwriter
Labels Island* Teen Island* RBMG* Schoolboy* Def Jam
Autograph Justin Bieber Autograph
Net Worth $265 Million USD
Salary $60-$80 Million/year


Personal Info


Name Justin Drew Bieber
Date of Birth (age)

(How old is Justin Bieber?)

March 1, 1994 (24-years-old)
Place of Birth Ontario, London, Canada

(Where is Justin Bieber from?)

Stratford, Ontario

(How tall is Justin Bieber?)

1.75m (5 foot 9 inches)
Weight 66 kg

Body Measurement

Chest: 42 inches (107 cm)


Bicep: 14.5 inches (37 cm)


Waist: 32 inches (81 cm)

Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Nationality Canadian
Ethnicity French-Canadian, German, English, Irish, Scottish
Religion Christian
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Sexual Orientation Straight
Status Engaged


Justin Bieber’s Net worth


(How much does Justin Bieber worth?)


Justin Bieber has a massive net worth.  According to RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America), he has earned 68.5 Million$ in digital sales and 13.5 Million$ in album sales.

In January 2012, Justin Bieber estimated net worth was 40 Million$, and the next two year it reaches up to 200 Million$, and now his estimated Net worth $265 Million USD.

Justin Bieber HQ Wallpaper
HQ Wallpaper (Image Source)


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Justin Bieber Family


Grandfather Michael Mallette 
Grandmother Diane Mallette
Father Jeremy Jack
Mother Patricia ‘Pattie’ Mallette
Step-Father Bruce
Siblings Jaxon (Half-brother) (Born 2010)

Jasmyn (Half- Sister) (Born 2009)


Justin Biber's Family
Biber’s Family (Image Source)


Justin Bieber House


(Where does Justin Bieber live?)


With the estimated net worth of $265 Million USD, you cannot even imagine what lifestyle Bieber is living. Justin Bieber house of Glass is just an example.  His house rent for one month is $60,000.  The property site is 8,600+Square feet, which has 6 bedrooms, 5.5 baths, a movie theatre, 5 Car-garage, and a pool.

Justin Bieber's House
Bieber’s House (Image Source)


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Justin Bieber- Car collection


If you are not impressed by the house a 24-year-old living in, then you might get serious jealous by his Car collection.

Justin Owns a massive designer and muscle cars.  The collection includes a Cadillac CTS-V (AKA ‘Batmobile he got on his 16 birthday), Campagna T-REX 4R, an MV Augusta F3, Ferrari F430, a Ferrari 458, Chrome Frisker Karma, Lamborghini Aventador, a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder, Mercedes Benz, Sprinter Van, a Porsche 997 turbo, range rover, an Audi P8(Leopard exterior), and smart car.

Justin Bieber's Batmobile ($84,990 USD)
Bieber’s Batmobile ($84,990 USD) (Image Source)


Justin Bieber's custom car
custom car (Image Source)


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Justin Bieber- Dating History


Selena Gomez (2010) Selena & Justin had an on-off relationship.

Yovanna Ventura

Justin has posted photos of them together on Instagram.

Kendall Jenner (2014-15)

She rumored was to be dating Justin.  Justin has admitted it was just a fling.

Nicola Peltz (2016)

Justin & Nicola have dated for the brief period.

Sofia Richie

Justin Bieber & Sofia dated in 2017, several months before he started dating Selena.
Kourtney Kardashian They rumored for repeatedly hooked up in 2016.  Justin Later joked that ‘She used him’.  They started Dating in 2017, as they were pictured on several outings and club.

Baskin Champion(2018)

Baskin was a rebound after Justin broke up with Selena.  They were captured while attending a soul cycle class in LA.
Hailey Baldwin( 2018- present) Hailey & Justin Got back together in June 2018, and now she is engaged to Justin.


Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber
Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber (Image Source)


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Justin Bieber- Calvin Klein & GQ


Bieber has done a lot of endorsement, some of his branded deals have made major money, and Calvin Klein & GQ is one of them.

He unveiled the spring 2016 underwear ads, along with his partner Kendall Jenner.

Justin Bieber has chosen as the new face of Calvin Klein. He will be posing with Lara stone in a Black & White theme photo shoot for the brand.

Justin Bieber Calvin Klein 2015
JB Calvin Klein 2015 (Image Source)


Justin Bieber Calvin Klein 2016
Calvin Klein 2016 (Image Source)


Justin Bieber was endorsing GQ.  The comfortable Outfit that you can do anything. For GQ Justin pose that you can do skateboarding wearing anything even a suit.

Justin Bieber GQ
JB GQ (Image Source)


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Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez


Even after many years, the complicated relation between Selena and Justin Bieber has never been forgotten.  Let’s go back through there up & down relationship one last time.


They first met in the year 2009


Justin Bieber met Selena in the year 2009.  The 2 years later, Selena went on ‘Letterman’ and talked about how it all began.

Her mom and Justin Bieber manager Scooter set them up.  Scooter calls her mom who is also Selena’s manager.


The 2010 MTV Awards


We remember the Red carpet when Justin and Selena Shared sweet hug.

Justin and Selena at MTV
Justin Bieber and Selena at MTV (Image Source)


The year 2011, ‘it’s official’


Who could forget that iconic photo booth kiss?  Justin and Selena finally came in public as a Couple at Oscar’s party (Vanity’s Fair), in February 2011.

Justin and Selena at Grammys
Justin Bieber and Selena at Grammys (Image Source)


The Beach Wedding


December 2011, was winter but love was in the air for the couple. Both attended a wedding in Mexico.  Moreover, we remember them having fun at the beach, and ‘Jelena’ became a permanent thing.

Justin and Selena at a beach
Jelena at Beach (Image Source)


The year 2012, when things started to get ‘Complicated’


During summer 2012, Selena & Justin Bieber went to the ‘Teen Choice Awards’ as a couple again and celebrated Selena birthday after the award ceremony.

However, things were about to get down, during a ‘Teen Vogue’ interview Selena stated, ‘I didn’t take anything in my personal life too seriously.’

In November 2012, it happens, ‘Jelena’ was officially ended.  The reason for their break-up is still unclear.


2013, things are getting confusing


The first few months of 2013, seemed like Justin Bieber was trying to get back Selena. However, things were not sure because it was all made-up.  Justin tweeted ‘How people can make up things…  Whatever back to music.’

However, things seem fishy, when Justin posted a photo of him snuggling Selena and (and he was shirtless) on his Instagram.

At the spring of 2013, Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez were seated next to each other at Billboard.  They shared a friendly kiss, which was enough for ‘Jelena’ shipper hope.


January 2014


Justin Bieber & Selena spotted hanging out together in Los Angeles.  This was enough for rumors to spread that the couple is back on good terms with each other.

Justin and Selena having breakfast in Texas
Justin Bieber and Selena having breakfast in Texas (Image Source)


Summer of 2014


Justin Bieber & Orlando Bloom (the on-off boyfriend of Katy Perry ) got into a fight in Ibiza, which according to the source root of the argument was Selena.  (Orlando and Selena been seen a couple of time together).

Justin and Selena went to Canada together, but they never confirmed the dating rumors.


Purpose 2015


Justin Bieber and Selena spotted dancing together at a slow song and the video went viral.

Justin Bieber admitted that He will never be going to stop loving her and most of the song in his new ‘Purpose album’ was about Selena.


October 2017


The couple spotted once again while “hanging out,” and they were captured while cuddling in Los Angeles.

Nov 2017 Selena get captured wearing Justin’s hockey Jersey after they both attended a hockey game.


February 2018


The couple seems to enjoy Valentine. Justin Bieber and Selena both had seen together spending the night during an outing.

It was as clear as crystal ‘Jelena’ fans freak out as soon the photo of them kissing gone online making it official that they are back together.

Justin and Selena at a dinner party
Justin Bieber and Selena at a dinner party (Image Source)


March 2018


After all, that complication when they finally get back together, fans have a sigh of relief; unfortunately, things could not stay long.

Justin Bieber once gave an interview and said, “I love her so much but we both know a serious relationship right now is just too much to take on.  It has been a weird few weeks for Selena.  She tired of talking to people on other people drama, and just wants to continue focusing on herself.”

They both have expressed that they have been feeling overwhelmed with peer pressure that has come with their public relationship.


July 7, 2018


Finally, with broken hearts of shippers ‘Jelena’ congratulate Justin on his engagement with Hailey Baldwin.  Justin Bieber announced his engagement on Instagram.  All we want is for him to be happy.


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Justin Bieber- Tattoos


There was a time when Justin got his first tattoo of a tiny seagull on his waist.

Justin Bieber Seagull
Seagull (Image Source)


Now he has 59 Tattoos on his body.

Justin Bieber Tattoos
Justin Bieber Tattoos (Image Source)


Here are some of his Favorites


Let’s start with first tattoo Seagull, Justin Bieber said in an interview with GQ; based on a book that his whole family read. “A seagull who wants to be more than a seagull”.  All family has the tattoo on their wrist.


The X Justin himself said it’s unknown. “People may know the artists, but not me”.

Justin Bieber X tattoo
JB X tattoo (Image Source)



Angel Selena– We all knows that it is she. Justin said, “I try covering it with some shading but people still know.”

Justin Bieber Angelena tattoo
JB Angelena tattoo (Image Source)


Wisdom Owl: – The tattoo signifies wisdom.

Justin Bieber wisdom owl tattoo
JB wisdom owl tattoo (Image Source)


G- The ‘G’ tattoo is in honor of a girl named Georgia, who was born with a very rare Brain Disorder called ‘Lissencephaly’. Her brave fight has inspired many artists including Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber 'G' tattoo
JB ‘G’ tattoo (Image Source)


Arm eye tattoo and Roman number: – The two tattoos that mean a lot, arm eye tattoo are his mother’s eye and the roman number is her birth date.

Justin Bieber tattoos for mom
JB tattoos for mom


Justin Bieber favorite tattoo is his new Angel wings on his neck. He has to sit for 3 hours looking downwards.

Justin Bieber Angel Wings
JB Angel Wings (Image Source)


His one of the recent tattoos of Justin he gets on June 23 “Better at 70,” it will remind Justin to be better at 70.

Justin Bieber 'Better at 70'
JB ‘Better at 70’ (Image Source)


On October 24, Justin got his entire abdomen in ink.

Justin Bieber Abdomen tattoo
JB Abdomen tattoo (Image Source)


Justin Bieber- Fashion Styles


As Justin walks out his wardrobe gets as much attention as he does.


Drop crotch pants


Justin Bieber is famous for Drop-crotch pants.  The pants were been here for a while but Justin Bieber is the one who brought it back and makes it Groovy.

Justin Bieber Fashion
Justin Bieber Fashion (Image Source)


The Leather Jackets


Justin Bieber wears designer Jackets by At.laurent. The jackets alone cost $5,000 USD.

Justin Bieber Leather Jacket
Leather Jacket (Image Source)


Justin Bieber’s Tour Jacket


The purple outfit of Justin which he wore in his ‘Never say never tour’ was cost $3,500 USD.  The name ‘Bieber’ was hand-stoned by a designer on the back. 

Justin Bieber wardrobe value is estimated to be $100,000 USD.


Justin Bieber Tour Jacket
Tour Jacket (Image Source)


Justin Bieber- Sneaker


Bieber has his own closet just for his shoes. And he got 100 of them. The sneakers are not regular they are especially custom design by Dominic Chambrone A.K.A Shoe Surgeon.


Purple Glam Leather Shoe


Justin Bieber likes zippers and shiny thing. He custom made his shoe for the tour, which made in glam leather, that if you see on stage, it will glow.  It cost $3,000 USD.

Justin Bieber's custom Shoe
Bieber’s custom Shoe (Image Source)


Rhinestones: Justin customizes his red shoes with $1,000 USD worth of rhinestones. Justin Bieber yearly spends 70,000$ on shoe made by ‘Shoe Surgeon’.

Justin Bieber Rhinestone
Rhinestone (Image Source)


Justin Bieber- Hairstyles


He has spent 100,000$ on his hair one toy maker.

Let’s look at his Hair evolution.


Bangs (2009)

Justin Bieber's hairstyles
Beginning (Image Source)


Bangs (2010)

Justin Bieber's hairstyles (1)
Growth (Image Source)


Undercut (2011)

Justin Bieber's hairstyle (2)
Loved It! (Image Source)


Spikes (2012)

Justin Biber's hairstyles (3)
Lived for it! (Image Source)


After the scandal, he came back with new hairstyle & ‘Patience’ (2014).

Bieber's Hairstyles (5)
Died for It! (Image Source)


With New ‘Purpose’ (2015)

Justin Bieber's hairstyles (6)
(♦o♦) I born again  (Image Source)


Dreads (2016)

Justin Bieber Dreads
He shot me *v* (Image Source)


Little Trim (2017)

Justin Bieber's hairstyles (7)
OH oh (Image Source)


It’s Happening again (2017)

Justin Bieber's hairstyles (7)
Phew! (Image Source)


Headbands (2018)

Justin Bieber headbands
Just WoW (Image Source)


Justin Bieber got Arrested


In 2014, on Justin Bieber 20 birthday was not a good way to end his teen year. Justin was arrested for ‘Drink & Drive’ Case and for drag racing (DUI).

As the pop star was still young, he has to go through some nasty Controversies.  It was not a good year for him and the one who loves him.  There was a statement that Chantel Jeffries was with Justin Bieber all along that period.

Justin Bieber Mugshot
Mugshot (Image Source)


Justin Bieber- Ellen


After many Controversies that a 20-year-old Justin has gone through some allegation was not properly explained, and some were just made to mock him.  Bieber was not able to show his face in public.

Ellen is a real close friend with Justin so she invited him to his talk show on her birthday.  Justin Bieber then went on AIR for the first time after his controversy.

“So, I went on Ellen, I wanted to express how I feel right now, Ellen is amazing, she’s the best, But I was really nervous, I was afraid of what people are thinking about me right now,”  Justin said during an interview.

Just Bieber on Ellen
JB on Ellen (Image Source)


Justin Bieber- Roast


After he went on Ellen, Justin gets an invite as a guest for ‘Comedy Central: Roast’.  In the show, the comedian comes one by one and started roasting Justin Bieber. He said that it was good. “I needed that.”  (with a laugh). At the end of the show Justin apologies he said-

“Ok, let’s get serious for a second, I came here (in Music Industry) when I was 12 and I really didn’t know what I getting myself into.  There have been moments of what I really proud of, and there are some moments when I looked back and was pretty disappointed with myself.”

He continues, “However, the things that I have done do not define the person who I am. I am a person who cares and really loves people, and to do that I have to be at my best quality for that, ‘I am Sorry’.”

Justin Bieber Apology
Apology (Image Source)


Justin Bieber- Car Crash


The recent news about the car crash was reported by Time Magazine, the incident happens just before 9 pm on Friday night at Sunset Boulevard LA.

The site reports, “ Justin Bieber was on Sunset Boulevard just before 9 pm in West Hollywood when he was rear-ended by a Range Rover.”

Justin Bieber Car Crash
JB Car Crash (Image Source)


Justin Bieber- Discography


Bieber has making Millions from his debut.  Justin first debut song ‘One Time’ launched was on a radio show while Justin Bieber was still recording.

Then his first Album ‘My World’ was released in November 2009.  It was his very first Extended play album.

Justin Bieber My World
My World (Image Source)


Justin Bieber first Full-length album “My World 2.0” debuted no.1 in seven countries. The featured hit ‘Baby’ reached No.3 on UK top chart nearly in three months of the song release date, and it was certified with double platinum by RIAA (Record Industry Association of America)  due to its sale of total 2,00,000 units in just 7 months of its release.

In 2013, the Recording Industry Association of America honored him with a Diamond Award to recognize his single “Baby” as the highest certified digital song ‘of All Time’. 

His Second album ‘Under the Mistletoe’ debuted at no.1 on the Billboard 200.

Justin Bieber My world 2.0
My world 2.0 (Image Source)


In 2015, Justin Bieber became the first ever artist to replace his own song from being No.1 on UK singles chart, he is second ever to do that after Elvis Presley.

Album List


Album Year
My world November 17, 2009
My World 2.0 March 19, 2010
My World Collection November 19, 2010
My World Acoustic November 26, 2010
Never Say Never February 14, 2011
Under the Mistletoe November 1, 2011
Believe June 15, 2012
Believe Acoustic January 29, 2013
Journals December 23, 2013
Purpose November 13, 2015


Justin Bieber- Grammy


Bieber has won many fan-based awards. Justin has received 10 Grammy nomination for “New Artists (2011)”, “Pop vocal album (2011)”, “Album” purpose (2017), Song “Love yourself” (2017), “pop vocal album” (2017), “pop Solo performance ‘Love yourself’ (2017),  Pop Duo/Group performance for Despacito Remix”(2018), and for “Song” & “Record” for Despacito remix.

In 2016, Justin Bieber has finally won a Grammy for ‘Best Dancing record’ for “Where R U now.”  (2016)

Justin Bieber Grammy
Grammys (Image Source)


Justin Bieber- Perfume


Bieber has launched own brand of perfume in the year (2011). His first Fragrance was ‘Someday’ only made for women’.

Justin Bieber perfume
Justin Bieber Someday (Image Source)


His second range of Fragrance was ‘Girlfriend’ (2012).

Justin Bieber perfume (1)
Girlfriend (Image Source)


Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus


We know that Justin and Miley are very close friends since Justin was still managing his bangs. Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus collaborated in 2011 ‘Never say never’ including single ‘overboard.’

Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus
Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus (Image Source)


Miley and Justin recently spot together on Manchester tribute concert.

Justin Bieber and Miley at Manchester
Justin and Miley at Manchester (Image Source)


Justin Bieber- looks alike


Many people want to look like Justin Bieber.  In many of them, there is one person who spends more than $100,000 just to look like Justin.  His name is Toby Sheldon.  He has done some serious drugs and surgeries to do it.

Justin Bieber Look-alike
Bieber Look-alike (Image Source)


Unfortunately, Toby died from serious toxic drugs.  (Overdose)


For you people who will say he does not even look close to Justin. Then how about this ‘girl’ named ‘Dani Shay’.

She once auditions in ‘America’s got talent’, and everybody there keeps wondering, and she said, I know what you are thinking, she said that ‘she doesn’t look like Justin, he looks like her.’

Justin Bieber Look-alike (1)
Dani Shay (Image Source)


Justin Bieber- Fanfiction & Social Media


Wattpad.com is a fan site in which fans can write their stories or visual novels and share it on the internet.

Justin Bieber has a snap chat account under the name (@rickthesizzler).

Justin Bieber Twitter account (@justinbieber) has over 104 Million followers.  He is the second celebrity after Katy Perry who got over 100 million followers.  Justin Bieber Instagram account (@justinbieber) has over 101.3 Million followers.  Which makes him on the list of top 10 most followed celebrity on the internet.


Justin Bieber- Quotes


Compare to his age Justin is more wise and mature than you think. Here are some words that represent his wisdom.


I want my world to be fun.  No parents, no rules, no nothing.  Like, no one can stop me.  No one can stop me”


“A girl has to have a beautiful smile, beautiful eyes and she should have a good sense of humor.  She should be honest, loving, and trustworthy.”


“I’m looking forward to influencing others in a positive way.  My message is you can do anything if you just put your mind to it.”




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