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“Born for the stage” Justin Timberlake, the only name comes to mind, which is the best fit for the title.  He may come to this industry as a group NSYNC, but now he is one of the best-selling solo artists of all time.  Justin Randall Timberlake was born on January 31, 1981, in Memphis, Tennessee.  

His songs such as ‘Sexy Back’, ‘Cry me a river’, and ‘Rock your Body’ is the best classic songs of the 90s and 2000s of all time.  He is no longer a bachelor, but a father of a son and a husband.





Real Name Justin Randall Timberlake
Occupation Actor* Singer* Songwriter* Dancer* Record Producer
Website timberlake.com
Net Worth $230 Million USD



Personal Info


Name Justin Randall Timberlake
Nickname JT
Date of Birth (Age)

(How old is Justin Timberlake?)

January 31, 1981 (37-year-old)
Place of birth Memphis, Tennessee, United States

(Where is Justin Timberlake from?)

Shelby Forest, Tennessee

(How tall is Justin Timberlake?)

1.85m (6 foot 1 inch)
Weight 168lbs (76kg)
Body Measurements Chest: 40 inches

Waist: 32 inches

Bicep: 16 inches

Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Blue
Sexual Orientation

(Is Justin Timberlake gay?)

Zodiac Sign Aquarian
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Religion Spiritualist (does not believe in religion)

(Is Justin Timberlake married?)




Justin Timberlake Family


Father’s Name Charles Randall Timberlake
Mother’s Name Lynn Harless
Brother Jonathan Perry Timberlake (Half Brother)

Stephen Robert Timberlake (Half Brother)

Sister Laura Katherine Timberlake (Justin has a baby sister who has died a minute after birth ‘he has mentioned about her in NSYNC ‘My Angel in Heaven.’)

(Whom is Justin Timberlake Married to?)

Jessica Biel (m.2012)
Children Silas Randall Timberlake (-year-old son).


Justin Timberlake Family
Justin Timberlake Family (Image Source)


Justin Timberlake Dating History



 Danielle Ditto– Danielle was Justin’s high school sweetheart.  They have dated through 1994-1996.

 Fergie– Justin and Fergie have dated in 1997, not much information about their romance just Fergie once told in an interview that ‘He was 16 and she was 23-years-old.’

 Veronica Finn– Justin has dated the former member of girl group ‘Innosense’ (the girl who was the replacement after Britney Spears left the group) from the days when he used to have hair dyed blonde and ramen hair (1998).

 Britney Spears (1999-2002) – The hottest couple of the 90s, Justin and Britney had the best relationship anyone could ever imagine.  Both were perfect for each other, and look great together.  But they say ‘good couple never last forever.’  They eventually break up according to rumors reason of the breakup was Britney who cheated on him. The break up led him to his Grammy-winning single ‘Cry me a river.’

 Nicole Appleton– Justin was linked to the news of him hooking up with the member of ‘All Saints and Appleton’ Nicole in 2000.

 Jenna Dewan- Yes, now the wife of Channing Tatum admits that she dated Justin Timberlake not sure when but rumor says it was in 2002.

 Alyssa Milano– Justin and Alyssa dated for a few months in 2002.

 Emma Bunton– There were only rumors about them hooking up briefly in 2003.

 Cameron Diaz– ‘Bad Teacher’ Cameron and Justin dated for almost four years, they first met on ‘Kid’s Choice Awards’ (way before ‘Bad Teacher’), in 2004 the media was all about their engagement (not true just rumors).  However, just like his previous exes, this has to end one day, they call the quits in Jan 2007.

 Jessica Biel– “She is the one”, after numerous dating and breaks ups, comes in the life of Justin his wife Jessica.  They started dating in 2007 got engaged in 2011, and married on October 19, 2012.  Justin has now become a Super Hot dad, to their son ‘Silas’ who was born in 2015.


Justin Timberlake Wife and Son
Justin Timberlake Wife and Son (Image Source)


Justin Timberlake net worth


(How much is Justin Timberlake worth?)


Justin Timberlake current net worth is estimated to be around $230 Million USD.  According to Forbes, he is one of the highest earning celebrity with income of $63.5 Million USD, he made it on No.19 on the list of Highest Earning 100 Celebrities of 2015-2016.


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Justin Timberlake house


(Where does Justin Timberlake live?)


Justin Timberlake recently moved into a new house with his wife and son that he newly purchase. The new penthouse is worth $20.2 Million USD, which is 30 times expensive than the average apartments in New York.  Along the apartment, he owns a 12,454-square-foot house that he bought in 2002 for $8.3 Million USD.  The house includes a big bright blue Basketball court.

Justin Timberlake House
Justin Timberlake House  (Image Source)


Justin Timberlake Discography


Prince of pop ‘Justin Timberlake’ started his career at the age of 14 as a second lead singer in a boy band ‘NSYNC’, he and J.C Chasez were the two lead singers of the band.  The name NSYNC was the idea of Timberlake’s mom, she combines the name of the member first name last letter like Justin, Chris, Joey, Jason, J.C. (Chasez).  

In 1996, the band released its very first single ‘I want you back’, which initially was a big hit.  Next, in 1998, they released their first debut studio album name ‘NSYNC’ and it’s single ‘Tearing up my heart’ were a major breakthrough for the band.  

With their next projects such as ‘No Strings Attached (2000)’, and the third studio album ‘Celebrity (2001)’ both albums have sold millions of copies worldwide and has been on international tours. The NSYNC has become in top five best-selling boy band of all time.

Justin Timberlake NSYNC
Justin Timberlake NSYNC (Image Source)


The rising fame of the band led members to make their career on their own, the band falls apart in 2002.  Justin went also after he had a discussion with Michael Jackson; he said that after the talk he never felt more confident to go solo.  

It was the fact that Michael had plans to perform the song (written by Justin Timberlake) ‘Gone’ but he recorded the song with his band NSYNC, even after the release Michael still wants to do a performance with him and only him.

Justin released his own solo debut single ‘Like I love you’ and his first studio album ‘Justified (2002).’  The hit track of the album ‘Cry Me a River’ and ‘Rock your body’ sold over ten million copies worldwide and the album went x3 platinum. 

The justified album won him his first Grammy for ‘Best Pop Vocal Album’ and the single ‘Cry Me a River’ won the Grammys for ‘Best Pop Male.’  The success of the album led to a collaborated tour ‘Justified/Stripped tour (2003)’ with Christina Aguilera.

Justin Timberlake and Christina
Justin Timberlake and Christina (Image Source)


In 2006, came his second album ‘FutureSex/LoveSounds’, this album features his classic songs ‘What goes around….Comes around’ and SexyBack.’  The album sold around ten million copies globally.  After this album, he went in pursuing his career in acting; he played a part in ‘Alpha Dog’ and Black Snake Moan (2006).

He gave his voice to King Arthur in the animated movie ‘Shrek the third.’  Justin most notable work had done in the dram ‘The Social Network’ (2010).

Then he appeared alongside Cameron Diaz in comedic film ‘Bad Teacher’ and with Mila Kunis in ‘Friends with Benefits’ in 2011.  After doing Rom-Com, he works in a thriller movie with Ben Affleck in 2013 ‘Runner Runner.’  Both of his careers have been successfully going on.  

In 2016, he gave his voice to the character ‘Branch’ in Dreamworks animation ‘trolls’ with Anna Kendrick.

Justin Timbrelake Trolls
Justin Timberlake Trolls (Image Source)


In 2013, he returns with his hit single ‘Suit & Ties’ and ‘Pusher love girl’, which he performed at Grammys with Jay Z.  The songs featured in his album 20/20 Experience.  After the album, he released a new original single ‘Can’t stop the feeling’, which was featured in Dreamworks animated movie ‘Trolls’ (2016).

Justin Timberlake Album
Justin Timberlake Album (Image Source)


In 2018, he released his very first single ‘Filthy’ from the album ‘Man of the woods’, its other single ‘Say Something Ft. Chris Stapleton’ was one take/ one camera music video, which was recorded in front of a live audience.  The making of the video required 17 musicians, a 60 people choir, several microphones, 2 elevators, and 5 floors directed by Arturo Perez Jr. (Music video down below).




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Justin Timberlake Super Bowl


‘Super Bowl XXXVIII’ hosted by Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake (2004) is one of the most controversial Super bowls to this day.  The event follows up with Justin Timberlake leading the song first and then joining him Janet Jackson, as the song came to an as a part of lyrics and choreography Timberlake supposed to tear off the leather cover off from her costume revealing a red line bra.  

Accidentally, he ends up revealing her breast in front of the thousands of audience and 140 million viewers (Live Broadcast), because of this incident the phrase ‘Wardrobe malfunction’ born and frequently used.  After this moment, ‘Janet Jackson’ was the most searched keyword and ‘Most event search over one day’ in the history of the Internet.  

She even made a Guinness World Record for “Most Searched in Internet history’ and ‘Most searched for News items.’  Justin did apologize for his misconception.  For a brief time, Janet was blacklist to play any song or music video on radio or channel.

Justin Timberlake Super bowl
Justin Timberlake Super bowl (Image Source)


Justin performed on Super Bowl again on February 4, 2018, Super Bowl LII.  Just two days before the Super Bowl he released his Album ‘Man of the woods’ he performed singles from the album with Tennessee Kids and the Minnesota Marching Band.  

During a performance, he projected a video directory of late Prince singing ‘I would die 4 U.’ He also performed some of classics ‘Rock your body’, ‘Cry me a river’ and ‘SexyBack.’  Thankfully, no controversy happens this time.

justin Timberlake Super Bowl LII
justin Timberlake Super Bowl LII (Image Source)


Justin Timberlake Social Media


Justin Timberlake has the longest friendship with Jimmy Fallon and Ellen DeGeneres.  He is friends with Jimmy since he started out his career solo.  Jimmy and Justin’s friendship is a big trend on social media (#friendshipgoals), they both frequently post for each other sometimes to wish each best and Happy Birthday.  

Justin has appeared in many shows as guest Star such as late night Show, and Saturday Night Live (SNL), and never misses going on Jimmy Fallon.

Justin official twitter account (@jtimberlake) has 64.3 million followers, and on his Instagram, account (@justintimberlake) has 51.1 million followers.


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