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Kate Beckinsale Age, Height, Surgery, Net Worth, Career – WikiFamous

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Katherine Romary Beckinsale is an English actress born on July 1973 in Chiswick London, England.  She made her first TV appearance at four in an episode of, ‘This is your life’ dedicated to her father.  She made her first TV debut in 1991 with a small part in an ITV adaptation of P.D James ‘Devices and Desires’.  Kate Beckinsale was title by Esquire’s as Sexiest woman alive for 2009.




Real Name Katherine Romary Beckinsale
Occupation Actress
Education The new college, Oxford
Net Worth

(How much Kate Beckinsale worth?)

$16 Million





Personal info


Name  Katherine Romary Beckinsale
Nickname Kate
Date of Birth (Age)

(How old is Kate Beckinsale?)

July 26, 1973 (45-year-old)
Place of Birth Chiswick, London, England

(Where is Kate Beckinsale from?)

Hammersmith, West London
Height 1.7m (5 foot 7 inches)
Weight 119lbs (54 kg)
Body Measurements 34-23-34 (32B)
Hair Color Light Brown
eye Color Hazel
Nationality British
Ethnicity Burmese, English
Religion Atheist
Sexual Orientation Straight
Status Divorced


Kate Beckinsale Family


Father Richard Beckinsale (actor) (He died at the age of 31 due to heart attack)
Mother Judy Loe (Actress)
Sister Samantha Beckinsale (Half-sister)
Spouse Len Wiseman (2004-2016)
Children Lily Beckinsale (Daughter)


Kate Beckinsale Mother and Daughter
Kate Mother and Daughter (Image Source)


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Kate Beckinsale dating History



Michael Sheen (1995-2003):- Kate had an eight-year relationship with Michael.  Their daughter (Lily) was born in 1997.

 Len Wiseman (2004-2016):- Kate met Len on the set of 2003’s Underworld.  They were married on 9 may, 2004 and got separate in Nov 2015.  Len filed for divorce in 2016.

 Matt Rife:  – Kate has recently seen getting back together with her on and off 21-year old boyfriend Matt.


Matt Rife and Kate Beckinsale
Matt Rife and Kate Beckinsale (Image Source)


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Kate Beckinsale- Fashion and Hairstyles


Kate is a total badass on big screen, she is a versatile actress, and her fashion styles are one thing that can prove that she can pull off any look.  Form-fitting dress, ponytails, Fishtail dress, sheer dress, you name it Beckinsale has worn and looked stunning in every dress she chooses.

The gold Elie Saad gown is the perfect example.

Kate Beckinsale Gold Elie Saad gown
Gold Elie Saad gown (Image Source)


When it comes to hair she has tried every hairstyle such as a ponytail, long wavy cut, long curls, side sweep, and braided bun.  If you think she can only look good in long haircuts, let me remind the year 2017, when she evolve her beauty with a bob cut.


Kate Beckinsale Bob Haircut
Bob Haircut (Image Source)


In 2018, she went blonde with shoulder length wave cut.

Kate Beckinsale Blonde
Blonde (Image Source)


Her sexy long legs look more attractive in her Heel boots.

Long Heel Boots Kate Beckinsale
Long Heel Boots (Image Source)


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Kate Beckinsale- plastic surgery


Beckinsale is in the industry since she was 4 years old.  People have seen her grow.  Her transformation is impressive, but sometimes people give credits to plastic surgery.  The only one thing that believes to be fixing by surgery is her nose.  We can give credit to her face and body to diet.


Kate Beckinsale Nose Job
Nose Job (Image Source)


Kate Beckinsale- Emma


Beckinsale starred in an ITV adaptation of Jane Austen’s ‘Emma’.  The program aired in autumn 1996 just months after Gwyneth Paltrow had starred in a film adaptation of the same story.


Emma Kate Beckinsale
Emma Kate Beckinsale (Image Source)


Kate Beckinsale- Pearl harbor


In 2001, for the movie ‘Pearl Harbor’ Kate went to audition for the role.  Director of the film ‘Michael Bay’ was having doubts about hiring the actress.  He said ‘She wore black leather trousers in her screen test and I thought she was a little nasty.  It was easy to think this woman as a sl*t’. 

He eventually hired her because she was not “too beautiful.”  ‘woman feel disturbed when they see someone is too pretty.’  He asked her to lose some weight during filming.

In a 2004 interview, Kate Beckinsale said the comment was upsetting she said she wore leather because it was snowing outside.  “It wasn’t like I had a nipple ring.”  She added.  “If I had come on to a movie set at such a young age and someone said you are a bit funny-looking, can you go on a diet.  I might have jumped off a building.”


Pearl Harbor kate Beckinsale
Pearl Harbor Kate Beckinsale (Image Source)


Kate Beckinsale- Underworld Franchise


Kathrine Beckinsale is famous as an action star after playing the role of a vampire in Underworld (2003).  Kate said she was grateful for the change of pace after appearing in the bunch of romantic comedies.

In 2006, Kate reprised her role, as ‘Selene in the successful vampire Sequel, ‘Underworld Evolution’ directed by her husband ‘Len Wiseman’ and playing the young version of ‘Selene’ is her daughter ‘Lily’.  Kate also made a brief cameo in the prequel of the vampire franchise ‘Underworld: Rise of the Lycans.”  Kate replenished her role as ‘Selene’ in the fourth installment of the vampire franchise ‘Underworld: Awakening’.

In late 2016, Kate final appearance in the last installment of the series ‘Underworld: Blood wars’.  Kate also got the attention for her Underworld PVC heavy costume.

For Underworld: Awakening Kate wore a tight outfit so she wanted to look fit and curvy.  To get in Shape Kate’s fitness trainer Braganza make a tight routine for her that includes 321 training methods, with three segments of cardio, two circuits of strength training, and one core.


Underworld Kate Beckinsale
Underworld Kate Beckinsale (Image Source)


Kate Beckinsale: Van Helsing


After her very first ‘Underworld’ movie, Kate Beckinsale starred in the action horror film ‘Van Helsing’.  She was so surprised to be appearing in her second action film and working with Hugh Jackman.


Van Helsing Kate Beckinsale
Van Helsing Kate Beckinsale (Image Source)


Kate Beckinsale- Click


In 2006, Kate Beckinsale appeared alongside with Adam Sandler and Christopher Walken in movie ‘Click’.


Kate Beckinsale- Total Recall


Kate Beckinsale took a different perspective as a villain in a movie ‘Total Recall’ in 2012.  After her appearance in 2016 Underworld: Blood wars’, Kate’s last movie was ‘The only boy living in New York’ in 2017.


Kate Beckinsale – Social Media


Beckinsale uses social media to get in touch with her admires her. Kate Beckinsale joined Twitter in November 2009.  Her twitter account (@KateBeckinsale) has 200k followers.  On her Instagram, account (@Katebeckinsale) has 2.6 million followers. 

She has thousands of fans who like the hard work she put into the characters she played, to show that her fans have a fansite on Reddit dedicated to her.  Kate Beckinsale’s followers can share their favorite thing about her.  They also share her latest events and details of her projects.


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