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Kate Elizabeth Winslet is an English actress born on October 5, 1975, in Reading, England.  She is globally famous for her role in ‘Titanic’ as ‘Rose’.

Kate is the youngest to receive two nominations in Academy Awards for her performance in ‘Titanic’.  She is also the youngest to receive four nominations in Academy awards for other her future movies and roles. She finally wins one Oscar award for ‘Best Actress’ in the movie ‘The Reader’.




Real Name Kate Elizabeth Winslet
Occupation Actress* Singer
Education Redroof Theatre School
Net Worth $90million (As of January 2017)


Personal Info


Name Kate Elizabeth Winslet
Nickname Corset Kate, English Rose
Date of Birth (Age) October 5, 1975 (43 years old)
Place of Birth

(Where is Kate Winslet born?)

Reading, Berkshire, England

(How tall Kate Winslet is?)

1.70m (5 foot 7 inches)
Body Measurement 37-26-36
Bra size 34©
Hair color Blue
Eye Color Blonde

(Where does Kate Winslet live?)

West Wittering Sussex, England.  (Her house is worth ($2.5 million)
Nationality British
Ethnicity Swedish, English, Welsh
Religion Christian
Zodiac sign Libra
Does she smoke? No.
Is she married? Yes.


Kate Winslet Family


Father Roger Winslet 
Mother Sally bridges Winslet
Siblings Joss Winslet (Brother)

Anna Winslet (Sister)



(Does Kate Winslet have kids?)

Mia honey Threapleton (Daughter)

Joe Alfie Winslet Mendes (Son)

Bear Blaze Winslet (Son)


Kate Winslet Parents
Parents (Image Source)


Kate Winslet Kids
Kate Winslet Kids (Image Source)


Kate Winslet Dating History




Stephen Tredre (1991-1995)

Rufus Sewell (1996-97)

Louis Dowler (2010)


Jim Threapleton (1998-2001) – Kate married Threapleton in 1998 and they had their first baby daughter Mia.

Sam Mendes (2003-2010) – Kate met Sam when he offers her to play a role in one of his plays.  Kate declined the offers but they been in touch and eventually started dating.  They got married in 2003 and she gave birth to her second child Joe her son.  They went separated way in 2010 and got divorced in 2011.

Ned RocknRoll (2011- Present) – His real name is Ned Abel Smith.  He made up the name RocknRoll.  She met him in the year 2011, and they got married soon after a year.  The couple is now a parent to their son and Kate’s third son Bear.


Ned RocknRoll and Kate Winslet
Ned RocknRoll and Kate Winslet (Image Source)


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Kate Winslet- Fashion


Every time Kate wears something, it is always flawless.  Kate’s outfits are always a remarkable sight.  Kate had really come into her own fashion styles over the time.  In 1998, 55th Annual Golden Globe award she attended wearing a vamp like a dress with Caprio who wear a polo-type suit.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet
(Image Source)


In 2016, at Oscar, she wore a black dress designed by Ralph Lauren.  Leonardo is wearing again a polo type suit but now with mature looks.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet
Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet (Image Source)


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Kate Winslet- Diet


Winslet is one of those actresses who become more and more beautiful as she ages.  Kate Winslet is now 42 years old but still looks gorgeous than ever.  On top of that, she has a fit and tone body that goes with her beauty.  Kate once said she does not have weighed herself for the past 12 years. 

Her tips will make you push for a tone and healthy body, rather focusing on weight loss.

Kate told us what she heard from his personal trainer, ‘You shouldn’t be losing weight, and ideally, you want to keep your weight as same even as getting smaller’. The meaning of this is, as an alternative you are gaining muscle weight instead of losing weight. 

The fact you are getting rid of is being replaced by muscle weight, and it is heavier than fat.

It is important to get in shape but for that, you do not need to starve yourself, you must focus on eating healthy, and building muscle and don’t think of what your scales say.

Kate Winslet Diet
(Image Source)


Kate Winslet is a mother of three children even though it’s as if her body is arguing.  Kate showed off her body in the tight black dress.  People do ask how she is still in good shape.  Kate Winslet recently told that there are some complications. 

“My body will never go back to what it was, and I wouldn’t expect it to after three babies.  Life is just too short to be spending time focusing on things like that.”


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Kate Winslet- Botox


The 42 years-old actress is practically ageless. She is starting to look more beautiful than she was in ‘Titanic’.  There is no way it’s all natural, that’s what we all thought at some point.  However, it can be reasonable; maybe she had a face-lift or Botox. 

Kate was asked if she is using any injectables her answer was, “Oh F**k No.”

It seems Kate Winslet just having a little help of makeup.  Kate is just a perfect example that age is nothing but a silly number.

Kate Winslet
Kate Winslet (Image Source)


She is also a brand Ambassador of ‘Lancôme’ makeup brand.  It is for empowering the inner strength and beauty of a woman.

Beauty Products Kate Winslet
‘Lancome’ Kate Winslet (Image Source)


She ain’t bad without makeup though.

Kate Winslet without Makeup
Without Makeup Kate Winslet (Image Source)


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Kate Winslet Filmography


‘Titanic’ is ‘The Best Movie of All Time’, and everybody knows it.  However, one movie that people is unable to forget her performance as ‘Hannah Schmitz’ in the spine-chilling movie ‘The Reader’. Kate Winslet earned an Academy Award for ‘Best Actress’ in 2008, and she is the third actress in History to win Two Golden Globe Award in the same year for her work in ‘The Reader’ and ‘Revolutionary Road’.

Kate Winslet is a Singer too, she sang a hit title song ‘What if’ for an animated movie ‘Christmas Carol: The Movie’, she also gave the voice for the main character ‘Belle”.  Winslet met Leonardo Di Caprio met on the set of ‘Titanic’ and they have a close friendship since then.  Kate worked with him in two very successful movies ‘Titanic’ and ‘Revolutionary Road’.

Winslet and Johnny Deep worked together in 2004 movie ‘Finding Neverland’ that turn out to be ‘Best Commercially successful film’ after Titanic.


Kate Winslet memorable mention


Movies Quick Fact
Divergent (2014) Kate Winslet plays the role of a villain ‘Jeannie’.  She never really did any negative role before this.  She was surprised as well.  On the starting days of shooting Winslet was never on time, she later said that she wanted them to think ‘I am a complete bitch.’  Winslet was also five months pregnant while shooting.
The Mountain Between Us (2017) Kate Winslet worked alongside Idris Elba.  The movie got an average rating of about 48 out of 100.  The movie was basic, according to the makers, the chemistry between the cast was the only reason that this film has worked out.
 The Dressmaker (2015) The film was another blockbuster by Kate.  Kate especially had to learn how to sew for her role.  The revenge comedy movie received a standing Ovation when it premiered in Toronto.  The Hall was holding 2,400 people.
Holy Smoke (1999)

The film was announced as the Sexiest movie by Kate Winslet after ‘Titanic’.  If you have loved the film then this fact is about you, ‘The film could have ended with Ruth (Kate Winslet) being pregnant with P’J’s baby.’

On an advice from her fellow companion, She drank three shots of vodka in order to get drunk for a scene in a movie.

 The Holiday (2006)

Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz were in the movie as ‘Iris’ and ‘Amanda’.

The interior of Amanda house was approx $1 million dollar, that does not include exterior wall, roof, and heating or electricity.  Jude Law who plays the role of ‘Graham’ has a sister name ‘Iris’ in real life he has a daughter named ‘Iris’.


'Titanic' Kate Winslet
‘Titanic’ Kate Winslet (What epic is Epic) (Image Source)


Kate Winslet- Social Media


Kate Winslet has millions of followers.  Her fans want to know about her more, that’s why Twitter and Instagram are here, but unfortunately, Kate Winslet does not have any social media account.  No worries there is this fan site/fan page on Instagram (@kate.Winslet.Official) ‘Find the most about her’.



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