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Lady Gaga Age, Height, Weight, Real name, Plastic Surgery – WikiFamous

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Lady Gaga is an American singer, Songwriter, and actress. Lady Gaga’s age is 32 years (March 28, 1986).  Her Net worth last estimate on February 2016, was 275 Million US$.




Real Name Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta
Height 155 cm (5 feet 1 inch)
Age (in 2018) 32 Years
Date of Birth 28 March 1986
Weight 54 kg (119 Pounds)
Body Measurements (Figure) 35-26-36
Family Joe Germanotta (Father)

Cynthia Germanotta (Mother)

Natali Germanotta (Sister).

Joseph Anthony (Grandfather)

Angelina Calderon (Grandmother)

Net worth

Estimated (Feb 2016)

$275 Million


Gaga with Family
Gaga with Family (Image Source)


Lady Gaga Net worth


Know by her stage Name Lady Gaga (Real Name: Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta)’s first Debut album “The Fame” was the first success of Gaga, the superstar earned 33 Million$ in 2014, and 59 Million$ in 2015. And now the artist’s total net worth is 275 Million$.


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Family and religion


Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta comes from a Catholic family with Italian and French Canadian roots.  Her parents are Joe Germanotta and Cynthia Germanotta.

She also has a younger sister name Natali Germanotta. Gaga has a very close relationship with her grandparents Joseph Germanotta, and Angelina Calderon.


Lady Gaga House


With the estimated Value of $275 Million, Gaga sure knows how to live like a Diva. Lady Gaga just used 23 Million$ on a 10,000 Square foot Oceanfront Malibu Estate. Nearly 6 acres property is owned by her.

Gaga's House
Gaga’s House  (Image Source)


Lady Gaga Artpop


Artpop (2013) was the third studio album by Gaga after ‘The Fame Monster’ (2009). The album was commercially successful as it makes a sale of 258,000 copies within the first sale. Lady Gaga has been recovering from a surgery during this period of time.


Lady Gaga Dive Bar Tour


Gaga’s Dive bar tour is one of the recent tours takes place in 2016 afterCheek to Cheek tour” in 2014-15. Lady Gaga planned this tour as to continuity for her New album Joanne world tour.

Gaga’s first performance took place in the dive bar in ‘New York City’. She stated that “working with bud light and to go back to the roots to perform her new song from the album ‘Joanne’ is such an exciting way to connect with my fans and sharing the music with them for the first time.”

Lady Gaga Dive Bar Tour
Lady Gaga Dive Bar Tour (Image Source)


Lady Gaga American Horror Story


Lady Gaga has a TV series called “American Horror story” this is consist of 6 seasons. Gaga has been playing the role of ‘Elizabeth’, the first of started as a central character of the ‘Hotel’ event and after joining as the main actress. American Horror story. Hotel was the fifth edition of the series.


American Horror story: Lady Gaga Roanoke


After American Horror Story: Hotel,  Roanoke was the sixth edition of the series, Gaga played the role of a witch named ‘Scathach’. After she played her role in the series, it makes a big part in her featured music “The art of Darkness”.

Lady Gaga American Horror Story Roanoke
Lady Gaga American Horror Story Roanoke (Image Source)


Lady Gaga Dating Profile


Tara Savelo As a bisexual and supports LGBT stands, Gaga has a certain rumor that she hooked up with Tara Savelo (2008).
Robert Fusari Robert Fusari and Lady Gaga were in a relationship for almost a year.
Speedy Lady Gaga and speedy had an affair for a couple of months.
Matthew Williams Matthew William is was a former Creative Director, Gaga and Williams dated from 2008-10
Luc Carl Lady Gaga and Luc Carl (a bar owner) dated each other in 2005, and the for brief amount in 2010.
Taylor Kinney After dating for five years and then got engage. They broke it off in 2016
Christian Carino Lady Gaga is recently dating Christian Carino. (2017)


Lady Gaga rumored Pink Diamond engagement ring.


Gaga Engagement Ring
Gaga Engagement Ring (Image Source)


Her engagement broke off and she is currently dating Christian Carino

Gaga with Christian Carino
Gaga with Christian Carino (Image Source)


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Lady Gaga Plastic Surgery


Lady Gaga once stated that she was Obsessed with plastic Surgery phase.  Her transformation is one of the most heated topics among her fan and other Critics.


Lady Gaga Nose Job

Gaga Nose Job
Gaga Nose Job (Image Source)

It appears to be that Gaga had the nasal bridge fix. 


Boob job                                 

Gaga Boob Job
Gaga Boob Job (Image Source)

Gaga actually loves to show her Cleavage in public, it makes sense that she implied breast implants.


Face Lift 

Gaga Plastic Surgery
Gaga Plastic Surgery (Image Source)

It appears that Gaga got the filters for her cheeks and Chin.

It has been a wild transformation that has been the major heated topics for media critics.

Speaking of Wild transformation, there has been a hectic transformation in her Outfits too.



Lady Gaga – Fashion Styles


When it comes to the unique sense of style the one name that tops all is Lady Gaga. Whether it’s her unique sense of style or somewhat bizarre outfits, she always makes the hot topic in media with Bizarre wardrobe.


Lady Gaga Shoes


Dress can’t complete without a shoe

As we saw some Drastically outfit, let’s see what shoe will match them.

Gaga Fashion
Gaga Fashion (Image Source)



Lady Gaga and Hillary Clinton


“we want you to stand up, be a part of history”. These words are said by Gaga in one of the recent election in support of Hillary Clinton. Join by Jon Bon Jovi.

She was dressed in stylish military outfit sort of reminds you of Michael Jackson Style, stood throughout the rally followed by some serious words by Gaga.


Gaga and Hilary Clinton
Gaga and Hilary Clinton (Image Source)


Lady Gaga Madonna


As the names of two very successful divas come to mind, Madonna and Lady Gaga are the names. Even though both are international top celebrities having the passion and style of music means to Hate each other.

The Feud between two divas has been going on for Five years.

Gaga has been having a controversial fight with Madonna, on the side she has sung a Duet with Tony Benett in her Collaborative Album ‘Cheek to Cheek’.


Gaga with Madonna
Gaga with Madonna (Image Source)


Lady Gaga Fame


‘Fame’ is a Unisex perfume, created by herself. The singer has been working on its fragrance with Coty.Inc. Gaga Fame was released on August 22, 2012, and then worldwide in September. The Fame has sold over 30 million bottles and earned 1.5 million in 2013.

Gaga Fame Perfume
Gaga Fame Perfume (Image Source)


Lady Gaga and Starbucks


As a Creative and a businesswoman, Gaga has created productive endorsement. As the pop star making such new product as her fragrance, She Created her own drink in Starbucks. Gaga has her own line of drinks include, The new violet drink blend, Blackberries and tart, and Lemonade.


Lady Gaga: Body and Tattoos


Lady Gaga is best known for her wild and unique style. She has the total number of 14 tattoos in her body, include on her hip, thighs, and arms. She also has a tattoo out of respect for her father.

Gaga once said “She asked to remain, on one side, slightly normal”, and to show the respect to her father all of her Tattoo is on the same side of her body.

In one of the recent Super bowl games, Gaga was accused of body shaming, the fan in the audience defended her.


Lionel Messi Tattoos



Lady Gaga Instagram (@ladygaga)


Lady Gaga has total no. of 28.8 Million of followers, 34 following with total no. of 2872 posts.

Gaga always post on her Instagram to share and connect with fans. Everyone has seen what she looks like with Make-up, people call her Chameleon because she adapts any type of looks. Gaga once took a selfie with no make-up making her followers say that she looks the best without any makeup.

Gaga with No make up
Gaga with No makeup (Image Source)


Lady Gaga Awards


There is no doubt that Gaga was one of the best artists world has seen. She has won 6 Grammy’s in total followed by 14 nominations. She has won a majority number of awards followed by winning 249 awards with the nominee of 516.

She also won a Golden Globe.


YEAR Nominee Award
2016 American Horror story Best Actress- in a Miniseries or Television films WON



She has Won Grammy in Best Electronic/ Dance album, Best Dance Record, Best Pop Vocal Album, Best Female Pop Vocal Performance, Best Short form Music Video.


Lady Gaga at Oscars


She has given the most emotional performance of ‘Till it happens’ at Oscars. Gaga took the stage and dedicates the heartfelt Song to the Survivors of Sexual abuse as here herself. Lady was abused when she was 11 years old.


Gaga at Oscars
Gaga at Oscars (Image Source)



Lady Gaga Quotes


“Some woman chooses to follow men, and some choose to follow their dreams. If you’re wondering which way to go, remember that your career never wakes up and tell you that it doesn’t love you anymore.”

There are many (484) quotes from Gaga that can inspire you to be you.

Here are some of them:


We need fantasy to survive because the reality is too difficult”

“You define beauty for yourself, society doesn’t define your beauty.”

“At the end of the day, you won’t be happy until you love yourself”

“Every time they said NO, it makes me stronger.”


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