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Leslie Jones, the loudest and funniest lady ever. She is undoubtedly the best comedian cast in SNL ever (Saturday Night Live).  Leslie was a part of live prank show called ‘Just For Laughs’, she was one of the prankers in the crew, she always knew what was her passion ‘to make people laugh.’  Jones started to do stand-up in 1987.

Leslie was born on September 7, 1967, in Memphis, Tennesse. Her confidence and sassy attitude are more likely what people love about her. It is true that some people resent her because of her behavior on stage. But as Leslie says, ‘I am the shit…I’m fine.’




Name Annette Jones
Occupation Actress* Comedian
Website  lesliejones.com
Autograph Leslie Jones Auotograph
Net Worth

(How much Leslie Jones worth?)

$5 Million USD


Personal Info


Name Annette Jones
Nickname Leslie
Date of Birth (Age)

(How old is Leslie Jones?)

7 September 1967 (51-years-old)
Place of Birth Memphis, Tennesee

(Where is Leslie Jones from?)

Lynwood, California

(How tall is Leslie Jones?)

1.83m (6 foot 1 inch)
Weight 171lbs (78kg)
Body Measurements 38-26-40
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Nationality American
Ethnicity African-American
Religion Not Known
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Sexual Orientation

(Is Leslie Jones gay?)


(Is Leslie Jones Dating someone?)

In a Relationship (name of the person is unknown)


Leslie Jones Family


It is believed to be that she came from a military family. Her father is a Military person after he retired her family moved to Lynwood, where her father took the job as an electronic engineer. Leslie Jones is really secretive when it comes to her personal life, who are Leslie’s parents? It is not known at the moment.

It is confirmed that she had a brother named Rodney Keith Jones, who unfortunately died for an unknown reason. Leslie Jones is currently dating a guy, (name not known), she confessed in an interview that she is dating a guy, and she doesn’t want to tell anyone because it is her secret boyfriend.

And that Leslie “doesn’t want people to ask him if you know what I mean…?” 

Women of SNL, you can consider them as a family as well, Kate McKinnon, Mellissa McCarthy, and Kristen Wiig, these three are a really close friend of Leslie Jones. This group was also cast in a reboot version of Ghostbusters.

And no, she ain’t a relative of Grace Jones.

Women of SNL Leslie Jones
Women of SNL (Image Source)


The Perfect Marriage life of Seth Rogen. Know about how Seth finds himself as the luckiest guy on the planet? Well, her finds herself too.


Leslie Jones Got Hacked


There was this incident happen with Jennifer Lawrence where some hacker hacked her iCloud and leaked her nudes online. The same scenario kinda happens with Leslie Jones. It is not confirmed that it was really her nudes. B

ut it is believable that on her Twitter account she frequently receive hate/racial comments. The comments were so over the top that Leslie decides to leave the Twitter forever.

After that, the rumours of her account getting hacked and that her nude was leaked, were wandering all over the place. The rumors became a serious issue when Leslie’s personal account was hacked, and the hacker replaced her photo with her official driving license and posted a photo of her Passport.

To prevent any further issues Leslie’s team took down the website. This incident started to compare with a situation happen in a Cincinnati Zoo with a Gorilla name ‘Harambe’. (because for no reason she was the target).

After that, Leslie Jones received a huge support from fans and A-Top celebrities, such Ellen DeGeneres and Katy Perry. The hashtag # LoveForLeslieJ started to trend.

On one segment of SNL ‘Weekend Update: On Being Hacked’, it is one of the funniest bit of Leslie’s, was the first time ever she spoke on the situation.

In this segment, Leslie just slammed the hacker, that even if they try to get back at me by hacking me and leaking my nudes online. “I ain’t getting hack, cause the one who can hack me, is me”, and If you want to see Leslie Jones naked, “JUST ASK!”


How did the iCloud scandal affect Jennifer Lawrence?


Leslie Jones Olympics


Leslie Jones is the No.1 fan of Olympics, she is a part of Team USA “Superfan” community. People didn’t know that she was a big fan, they find out about it through social media. She posts frequently and gives out every single update of what’s been going on in games.

Leslie Jones’ reaction was priceless, everyone loved her enthusiasm so much that they prefer to watch her instead of the real ongoing Olympics.

Seeing that craze from fans side a Television Producer named ‘Mike Shoemaker’ announced on Twitter that one of his friends is an executive on NBC networks and that he would love to make Leslie Jones a part of NBC’s team of the commentator.

And soon you know it, Leslie Jones accepted the offers and flew to Rio to give the commentary on Beach Volleyball, Track, Gymnastics, Swimming, and field.


Leslie Jones Weight Loss


If you are with Leslie Jones for a long period, you know how much she has changed. The Funny Lady used to be a little chubby, that when she was in her mid 40’s she looks like she is over 50. But now she is 51-year-old but her hard work makes her look like she is in her 40s.

In just one year, Leslie Jones has lost 40lbs, and she shared her workout tips and diet that she implied in her daily life. According to Leslie Jones, she was able to lose 40lbs within a year just by changing her habits and in her diet, which was difficult for her cause she has a sweet tooth.

It all started when her co-star from SNL (Saturday Night Live) Kate McKinnon make Leslie walk after everytime they had dinner together. After that it just becomes a habit of her, she would want to do yoga, she would exercise, she will look after what she is eating. And then a year later BAM! gone 40lbs, give her applause, please.

Leslie’s hard work really showed when she appeared at Emmys red carpet wearing a stunning outfit made by Christian Siriano.

Leslie Jones Weight Loss
Weight Loss Leslie Jones


Is it possible to have a body like Zac Efron that he had on Baywatch, without involving yourself with steroids? Yes, it is.


Lesslie Jones Stand-Up


Annette Jone has been doing the stand-up comedy since 1987, she first took a participation in a campus of ‘Funniest Person on Campus’, she had to do it because her friend put her name on the list. [She got no choice]…

Well, you know it, Leslie Jones won the campus competition. After that, she started to stand-up on regular basis in nightclubs. Even before she was a performer, it is said that she was a Telemarketer for Scientology. (She is not a Scientologist though).

Leslie Jones used to perform in  Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles, that was where she gained the attention of the stand-up comedians Mother Love and Dave Chapelle. 

They were the ones who encouraged Leslie to go NYC, she took their advice and went. Jones performed on ‘The Comedy Stores’ for two years refining her skills. Before coming back to LA she performed live in West Hollywood. 

Unfortunately, the audience didn’t like her performance, they booed her out. Feeling discouraged Leslie Jones stopped doing Stand-Ups for the next 3 years. 

Well, her passion didn’t let her gave up, she initially returned to her home, and Oh Boy! what a comeback. In the year 2009, Leslie Jones gave her very first performance on ‘Problem Child’, it is a one-hour stand-up comedy, and Leslie just crushed it.


Leslie Jones Saturday Night Live


Hired as a writer Leslie Jones became one of the best SNL cast members of this generation. Leslie Jones did the audition to be a part of the cast, but end up getting hired as a writer.

The team of SNL held a casting audition cause they want to add at least one African-American woman, according to Leslie Jones,  her views about SNL was different before. 

Leslie Jones thought that SNL especially Kenan Thompson was not funny. That was all in the past, Moving on… :p, So Leslie first gained the audience attention in 2014 her very first-weekend Update where she talks about her dating problems.


As you guys can guess people loved her on the show, and the team decided to make her permanent as a Cast member. There are a lot of people who hate Leslie’s guts, and frankly, it is their own choice, and Leslie doesn’t give Damm if you know what I mean.

And there are a lot of other people too, who admires the irresistible and never-ending enthusiasm. Far more Leslie Jones became an actress as well, she appeared in ‘Ghostbusters’, ‘Masterminds’, ‘Top Five’, and she even gave her voice to character name ‘Meena’s Mother’ in 2016 animated movie ‘Sing.’

Ghostbusters Leslie Jones
Ghostbusters Leslie Jones


Leslie Jones Social Media


It was a little hectic for a while, Leslie’s getting the negative comment and all the hacking, but she didn’t let that get to her. Leslie Jones is evenly active on social media as she ever was. Her official Twitter account (@Lesdoggg) has 937k followers, and on her Instagram account (@lesdogg) has over 1.1 million followers.


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