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Madonna Louise Ciccone, her surname ‘Ciccone’ is very similar to the Italian word that is used for insulting a Fat man (ciccione), close.  She is an American singer, actress, songwriter, and known as ‘Queen of Pop.’  

Her songs are famous for being limitless, when she first got famous she moved out from East Village, cruised around in her limo, and on weekend nights she picks up Latino’s youth from St. Marks place to have a backseat hook-up. She is now 60-years old and has six children.





Real Name Madonna Louise Ciccone
Occupation Singer* Songwriter* Actress* Film Director*  Record Producer* Businesswoman

Madonna Autograph
Madonna Autograph
website madonna.com
Net Worth $590-$900 Million USD



Personal Info


Name Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone
Nickname Queen of Pop, The queen of songs, Maddy, Little Nonnie, Madge
Date of Birth (Age)

(How old is Madonna?)

August 16, 1958 (60 years old)
Place of Birth Bay City, Michigan, United States

(Where is Madonna from?)

Pontiac, Detroit, Rochester Hills, Michigan, United States

(How tall is Madonna?)

1.64m (5 foot 5 inches)
Weight 119lbs (54kg)
Body Measurement 35-27-33
Bra Size 34C (She had insured her Breast for $2 Million USD, $1 Million for each)
Hair Color Dark Brown (Natural)
Eye Color Green
Nationality American
Ethnicity Canadian-French, Italian
Religion Judaism
Zodiac Sign Leo
Sexual Orientation She is Bisexual and ‘The Greatest Gay Icon’
Status Unmarried (Divorced)


Madonna Family


Father’s Name Silvio Anthony Ciccone
Mother’s Name Madonna Louise Fortin
Brother Anthony Ciccone

Martin Ciccone

Christopher Ciccone

Sister Paula Ciccone

Melanie Ciccone

Children Lourdes Leon (21-year-old Daughter)

Rocco Ritchie (18-year-old Son)

David Banda Mwale Ciccone Ritchie (12-year-old son)

Mercy James (12-year-old Daughter)

Estere Ciccone (5-year-old Daughter)

Stelle Ciccone (5-year-old Daughter)




Madonna Parents Brothers and Sister
Parents Brothers and Sister (Image Source)


Madonna Childrens
Kids (Image Source)


Madonna Net Worth


Madonna is ‘The Richest Self-Made Woman’ with the estimated worth of $590 Million USD. She has sold over millions of copies in 2006 it was estimated that she has sold over 200 Million copies of albums worldwide. As she is an influential, best selling record Artists, and ‘The Greatest Artists of ‘Rock N Roll’ of all time’ that her estimated value raise up to $800 Million USD.


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Madonna House


Madonna has been living in a Palace in Lisbon, a palace of 16 Bedrooms worth to be of $8,927,470 USD, where she sleeps on a pillowcase sign by Michael Jackson.  The house is of 18th Centuries, like 150 years-old stone foundation.  

She once bought a mini-mansion only for her daughter Lourdes (2003), range from $6,500-$125,000 USD.  She also has a house in Beverly Hills, California whose estimated value is $35 Million USD.

Country Mansion (Image Source)


Madonna Biography


As we know that, Madonna is a mom of six children, in which four of them are adopted.  In early days, she has faced some hard phase of life, she has gone through three abortion in 1985; in which two of them were with her then-lover ‘John Benitez’ and one from her ex-husband ‘Sean Penn’.  In 1998, she got pregnant with her-then-boyfriend ‘Andy Bird’; at 7 weeks of pregnancy, she had a miscarriage.  

In 1990, she became pregnant with her boyfriend ‘Tony Ward’ that she eventually aborted in December 1990

She was married to ‘Sean Penn’ from 1985-1989, she became a mom in 1996 giving to her daughter ‘Lourdes’, whom she had with her lover/fitness trainer ‘Carlos Leon.’ 

She and her daughter ‘Lourdes’ created an original collection named ‘The Material Girl.’  In 2000, she married the British Director ‘Guy Ritchie’ she had given birth to their son ‘Rocco Ritchie’ in the same year.  She gave divorce to Ritchie in 2008.

Madonna and Sean Penn
Madonna and Sean Penn (Image Source)


Madonna and Guy Ritchie
Madonna and Guy Ritchie (Image Source)


She also has to suffer a lot when she tried to adopt Malawi and her son ‘David Banda’ that she has been raising since 2006.  The adoption was not legal in the country where she wants to adopt the girl ‘Malawi’, so as the problem occurred for granting permission to take home her son “David Banda.”  People started accusing her of using her fame and wealth as an advantage.  Finally, the court approved the full adoption rights of the kids to her in May 2008.  

She fought another battle for adopting her daughter ‘Mercy’ which again initially got approval in 2009. In February 2017, she announced on via Instagram that she had recently adopted 4-year old twins ‘Estere and Stelle.’

David,Malawi, Estere and Stelle
David, Malawi, Estere, and Stelle (Image Source)


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Madonna Discography


She is tough, she is ambitious, she knows what exactly she wants, if someone says that she is a bitch for what she does, then it is okay.  In the early days of her career, she started as a member of ‘The Breakfast Club’ and then as a bandmate in a band named ‘Madonna & the Sky.’ 

She begins her acting career by playing a role in the 1979 movie ‘A certain sacrifice.’  Her very first solo album ‘Everybody’ was released in 1982, which top most dance Charts, after the ‘Everybody’ her first debut studio album ‘Madonna’ launched the same year.  

The year 1984 became the major breakthrough in her career; with the release of her album ‘Like a Virgin’, that was a huge hit in her career to this day.  The album launched her as an International figure, and the title of this album stays in the list of Billboard for six whole weeks.

Like a virgin
Like a virgin (Image Source)


In 1990, she released her compilation album ‘The Immaculate Collection’, its success making it the ‘Best Selling Album by any solo artists in history.’  She is the ‘Fourth Best-Selling’ music artists who have grossed over $300 Million.


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Madonna Albums


Madonna (1983)

Like A Virgin (1984)

Rebel Heart (2015)

Celebration (2009)

Hard Candy (2008)


Madonna Songs


La Isla Bonita (True Blue) (1986)

Like a prayer (Like a Prayer) (1989)

Vogue (I’m Breathless) (1990)

Papa Don’t Preach (True Blue) (1986)

Material girl (Like a Virgin) (1984)


Madonna Plastic Surgery


Did Madonna have a plastic surgery?  The 60-year-old while being a ‘Queen of pop’ is still glowing as she was in the 80s. It is true that she has hyaluronic acid fillers in her face for some volume, for a smoother looking skin.

She also seems to have breast implants, as the days pass people did some changes in her chest area.

In Hollywood, having a plastic surgery is very common, so it is not a shame of a thing.  Although, she never agree to any accusation related to plastic surgeries.

Well, she still looks gorgeous as ever, whether she had a plastic surgery or not.

Then and Now
Then and Now (Image Source)


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Madonna Movies


She has worked in several movies, including her own biopic, ‘Madonna: Innocent Lost’ in 1994.  She started her acting career with a film in 1979 ‘A Certain Sacrifice’ and appeared in 1985 film ‘Desperately Seeking Susan’, which featured a song ‘Into the Groove’ that became No.1 in U.S Dance Charts.

In 1986-1990, she has also worked in several movies such as- ‘Who’s that girl’, ‘Dick Tracy’, ‘Bloodhounds of Broadway’, and, ‘Shanghai Surprise.’


Madonna Movies


Who’s that girl (1987)

Evita (1996)

A league of their own (1992)

Madonna: Truth or Dare (1991)

Body of Evidence (1993)

Madonna Truth or Dare
Madonna Truth or Dare (Image Source)


Madonna Social Media


Madonna has been socially active for a really long time, she has an official twitter account (@Madonna) that has 2.29 Million followers, and on her Instagram account (@madonna) she has 11.8 Millions of followers.



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