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Mark Whalberg Body, Kids, Net Worth, Tattoos, Wife, Movies- WikiFamous

Mark Wahlberg Wallpaper
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Mark Wahlberg is an American actor, producer, former rapper, songwriter, and for once a model. He is one of the most popular actors in Hollywood; his Boston accent is one of his trademarks.  In 1992, he was named on People’s magazine as ’50 Most Beautiful People in the world.’ 

Mark Wahlberg has been an official member of New Kids on the Block’ but he left the band before they hit big.  Many fans respect him for his nice and polite behavior who met him on the streets.  

Mark is the Highest paid actor of 2017 with earnings of $68 Million USD, according to Forbes.


Mark Wahlberg Age, Height, Body Measurements 


Marky Mark, real name ‘Mark Robert Michael Wahlberg’ was born on June 5, 1971, in Boston, Massachusetts, United States, though he grew up in Dorchester. As of 2018, his age is 47 years old.

His height is 1.73m (5 foot 8 inches), he weighs 185lbs (78kg), other distinctive features are his hazel eye color and dark brown hair.

Mark has an athletic body, his measurements are 46-35-16, it goes like, [43] chest, [35] waist, and [16] bicep.

Mark Wahlberg Shirtless
Marky ‘Mark Wahlberg’ Shirtless (Image Source)


Mark Wahlberg Ethnicity, Religion, Zodiac Sign


Wahlberg ethnicity is multiracial, he is of Swedish, Irish, English, and French-Canadian descent. He and his siblings were all raised as Roman Catholic, and according to Mark’s horoscope, he is a Gemini. Is Mark Wahlberg Gay? No, he is not gay, his sexual orientation is straight.


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Mark Wahlberg Net Worth


(How much money does Mark Wahlberg have?)


Mark Wahlberg net worth is $225 Million USD, according to celebrity net worth. By Forbes, his earning is around $68 Million USD estimated in 2017 and so does in June 2016.


Mark Walhberg House


Mark Wahlberg owns a big luxury mansion in Beverly Hills, California.  The house is spread on two-acre land, consist of seven generous rooms, a movie theatre, a basketball court, two-story gym with a boxing ring, swimming pool, Jacuzzi, water slide with a waterfall. 

If you are wondering about its worth, the house recently put on the market and its the market value turns out to be $30 Million USD.

Mark Wahlberg House
Mark Wahlberg House (Image Source)


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Mark Wahlberg Family


Father’s Name Donald Wahlberg(Died on 14 February 2008)
Mother’s Name Alma Wahlberg
Brother Donnie Wahlberg (one of the main vocals of ‘New Kids on the Block)

Paul Wahlberg

Robert Wahlberg

Arthur Wahlberg

Jim Wahlberg

Buddy Wahlberg

Scott Wahlberg

Sister Debbie Wahlberg

Tracy Wahlberg

Michelle Wahlberg

Donna Wahlberg


(How many siblings does Mark Wahlberg have?)

He is the youngest among his nine siblings.

(Whom is Mark Wahlberg married to?)

Rhea Durhan (m. 2009)

(How many kids does Mark Wahlberg have?)

Ella Rae Wahlberg (14-year-old daughter)

Michael Wahlberg (12-year-old Son)

Brendon Michael Wahlberg (9-year-old Son)

Grace Margaret Wahlberg (8-year-old Son)


From left Mark, Paul, Mom Alma, and Donnie
From left Mark, Paul, Mom Alma, and Donnie (Image Source)


Mark Wahlberg Wife Rhea and Kids
Mark Wahlberg Wife Rhea and Kids (Image Source)


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Mark Wahlberg Tattoos


There was a time when Mark has a Bob Marley tattoo on his upper left arm, which he removed eventually giving the reason that he doesn’t want his kids to get tattoos.

Mark Wahlberg took his two kids to the removal session to make them see how painful it is, and how he has to go through so much pain of what he had done to him.

Mark has five tattoos, which includes the Bob Marley tattoos, a rosary tattoo with a crucifix, and under it, a tattoo says ‘In God I Trust’, his name initial on his upper right arm, a shamrock tattoo on his ankle, which he turned into tweety bird and Sylvester the cat.

Although he regrets his decision and removed half of the tattoos.

Mark Wahlberg Tattoos
Mark Wahlberg Tattoos (Image Source)


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Mark Wahlberg Biography


Wahlberg was born on June 5, 1971, in Boston, Massachusetts. He comes from a big family that consists of nine siblings including himself. His Father Donald Wahlberg, who has passed away in 2008, was half-Swedish and half-Irish ancestry.  Mark’s parents have been divorced when Mark was only 11 years-old.  

At the age of 14 he has become a drug addict and drops out of the school, he once told in an interview that he was a drug dealer for a brief, and got arrested few times. 

His older sister Debbie has passed away before his father (2003), she has left behind her son. Debbie has died on the same day when Mark first child was born ‘Ella Rae Wahlberg.’

Looking at his background and attitude, Mark’s brother Donnie ‘The member of the New Kids on the Block’ thought he would be perfect to be a rap artist (kinda racist, anyway).

After performing a bunch of singles and releasing some albums, he soon became a teenage heartthrob. With his buff physique, he soon becomes the underwear model for Calvin Klein in early 1990s and ranked #1 on VH1’s “Hottest Hotties of the 90s.”

Mark Wahlberg Calvin Klein
Mark Wahlberg Calvin Klein (Image Source)


In his early days of acting career, he dated Reese Witherspoon, his co-star from ‘The big hit’ China Chow.  Then he met his future wife Rhea Durham. 

The couple dated for eight years straight, and finally got married in 2009.  The married couple now has two daughters and two sons, one big happy family.

Mark Wahlberg Wife
Mark Wahlberg Wife (Image Source)


Mark Wahlberg Filmography


Once been an original member of ‘New Kids on the block’ with his brother Donnie, quit and formed his own band Marky Mark and The Funky bunch, along with some of his friends.  

The group released their debut album ‘music for the people’ single ‘Good Vibration’ went No.1 on Billboard Hot 100.  Eventually, the band did not make through the failure of their second album and fell apart.

Marky Mark and The Funky Bunch
Marky Mark and The Funky Bunch (Image Source)


In 1994, he appeared as ‘Private Tommy Lee Haywood’ in a comedy film ‘Renaissance Man’, before this movie he did a television movie ‘the Substitute.’ 

In 1995, he appeared against Leonardo Di Caprio in ‘The Basketball Diaries.’  After then he appeared in various movies, which was initially remakes of 1960s films. One of the remakes is ‘Planets of the Apes’  starring Janet Jackson, is one of the best movies by Mark Wahlberg.

Mark Wahlberg Planets of the Apes
Mark Wahlberg Planets of the Apes (Image Source)


In 2000-2014, he did some impressive works in movies such as, ‘Italian Job’, and comedy half-animated film ‘Ted’ the success of the movie led to its sequel ‘Ted 2’ in 2015.  

Mark one of the standard and the intense role was in the ‘Transformers Franchise’ where he makes the lead in ‘Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014)’, and ‘Transformers: The Last Knight (2017).  

Mark shared the big screen with Will Ferrell not once but thrice, in ‘The Other’s guy (2010)’, ‘Daddy’s Home (2015)’ and its sequel ‘Daddy’s Home 2 (2017).’

Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell
Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell (Image Source)


Mark Wahlberg Movies


Three Kings (1999)

The Departed (1997)

The fighter (2010)

Shooter (2006)

Boogie Nights (1997)

Lone Survivor (2013)


Mark Wahlberg Social Media


He is frequently active on his social media accounts. His official Twitter account (@markwahlberg) has 3.79 Million followers, and on his Instagram account (@markwahlberg) has 10.1 Million followers.



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