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Megan Fox Wallpaper
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Megan Dennis Fox is an international sex symbol, she got that title just by lifting up a car hood and leaning low to fix the car engine, Marvelous!!.  Megan Fox trademark is her often choice of the color red and black for dress, seductive voice, and blue eyes.  

Megan Fox was born on May 16, 1986, in Memphis, Tennessee.  She is married to Brian Austin Green and has three sons.  She was rank at no. 49 in Ask men’s top 99 Desirable women (2011), and rank no.14 in Men’s Health 100 Hottest Woman of all time (2011).




Full Name Megan Denise Fox
Occupation Model* Actress
Website meganfox.com
Salary $180,625/year
Net worth $8 Million


Personal Info


Name Megan Denise Fox
Nickname Foxy Megan, Mega Fox, Meg
Date Of Birth (Age)

(How old is Megan Fox?)

May 16, 1986 (32 years old)
Place of Birth Memphis, Tennessee

(Where is Megan Fox from?)

Rockwood, Tennessee
Residency Los Angeles, California

(How tall is Megan Fox?)

1.63m (5 foot 4 inches)
Weight 114 pounds (52 Kg)
Body Measurement 34-22-32
Bra Size 34B
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Blue
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Nationality American
Religion Pentecostal Christian
Ethnicity Multiracial- Northern Irish, German, French, Scottish, English, Powhatan Native America
Is she gay/lesbian? No.
Sexual Orientation Bisexual

(Is she Married?)



Megan Fox once said that she is not a lesbian she thinks that all human are born with an ability to be attracted to both sexes.  She could be in a relationship with a girl, and she agrees that she can be in a relationship with Olivia Wilde, cause she always liked her.


Megan Fox and Olivia Wilde
Megan Fox and Olivia Wilde


Megan Fox Family


Father’s Name Franklin Thomas Fox
Mother’s Name Gloria  Darlene Fox
Sister Kristi Branim Fox
Spouse /Husband Brian Austin Green (m.2010-present)
Children Noah Shannon Green (5 years-old)

Bodhi Ransom Green (4 years-old)

Journey River Green (1 years-old)


Megan Fox Parents
Megan Fox Parents (Image Source)
Megan Fox's Husband and kids
Megan Fox’s Husband and kids (Image Source)


Megan Fox House


Megan Fox has been living in a mansion wither husband Brian and her kids, the house stands on 6,710-Square-foot land consists of 4 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, a gym, and a playroom.  The estimated value of the house is $3,350,000 USD.


Megan Fox House
Megan Fox House (Image Source)


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 Megan Fox Divorce


Megan Fox and Brian Austin were dating since 2004; even with the big age difference (Megan was 32 and Brian was 42), they were engaged in 2006 and stayed like this for four years.  They got married in 2010.  After five years of their marriage (2015), Fox announced that they have filed for divorce, that year they were expecting their third child, and for the sake of their baby, they put a hold on divorce.  

It has been two years since they filed for divorce; in 2017, they tell the media that they were considering having their fourth baby and want to raise the baby together.  After two years of their filed divorce, they saved their marriage.  Megan and Brian took a vacation to Miami where they got married eight years ago.


Megan Fox and Brian
Megan Fox and Brian (Image Source)


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 Megan Fox Plastic Surgery


It is clear as crystal that Megan has done plastic surgery in these past few years.  She had a nose job, boob job, face-lift, lip filler, and Botox.  Let’s start with a boob job

People on the internet say that Megan’s boobs are too good to be real.  Maybe they are right, but Megan is in the film industry since she was young, when she 18 years-old her cup size was already 34C. 

By the time she grows up her size was unchanged.  Then after some recent bikini pics, people started another rumor of her having breast implants, that was because when she young her breast was full, round and wide, in the pictures they were seemingly close. 

In her defense, it could be because of pregnancy.  There was always a new rumor related to it but there was no change we see in her size.  Next, you decide.


Megan Fox breast Implants
Megan Fox breast Implants (Image Source)

Nose Job 


In her early days, Megan has a wide nose with a little dent, as time goes by her nose became sharp, refined, and thinner.  That leaves no doubt that she had a nose job.

Megan Fox Nose Job
Megan Fox Nose Job (Image Source)



Botox is used to remove wrinkles from the forehead and to make it smooth.  Megan Fox forehead looks to smooth to be true.

Megan Fox Botox
Megan Fox Botox (Image Source)

Lip Filler


Yes to lip injectable, when you compare the early and current photos of Megan you come to notice that her lip was used to be thin than it is now.  Her upper is thick and lower lip is even more to make lips more kissable.


Megan Fox Lip Fillers
Megan Fox Lip Fillers (Image Source)

Face Lift


When she was young, she had a full little chubby face as you can notice in previous photos.  Now her face is a more flat and more pushed up to make cheeks look full and round.  The reason behind her cheek was cheek filler, the injections are not permanent, and they wore off in two years.  After that, they left a natural fluffiness to cheeks.  It is yes to facelift though.


Megan Fox Face Lift
Megan Fox Face Lift (Image Source)


Megan Fox Thumbs


Megan Fox is one of the sexiest and most desirable women.  No doubt in that, she is beautiful, the only thing that is ugly is her thumbs.  Yes, her thumbs more like toe thumbs, fans first notice that the shape of her thumb was oddly small, and when they take a closer look, they are unable to forget it.  Turns out the shape of her thumbs are due to a condition named ‘Brachydactyly’.  

It is an inherited condition caused by unusually short bones.  Megan once discussing her pregnancy, she told that, ‘She was once craving for tuna so she asked her mom for some (By the way you can’t have tuna when you are pregnant) and her mom was like ‘oh I used to have it all the time when I was pregnant with you’.  Meghan reaction was, ‘so that’s why my thumbs are like this’. 

Meghan told that in 80s people didn’t really know about not to eat tuna when you are pregnant.  What happened has happened.


Megan Fox Thumb
Megan Fox Thumb (Image Source)


Megan Fox Lingerie


Megan Fox has partner up with Fredrick’s Hollywood, who has created a collection of lingerie contains Megan’s favorites.  Megan became the ambassador of the brand in 2016 and is today has now started designing her own.  The collection includes lace bra, panties, bodysuits, corsets, and robes.


Megan Fox Lingerie
Megan Fox Lingerie (Image Source)


Megan Fox Tattoos


Megan Fox has a total 8 tattoos, which include a ‘Marilyn Monroe’ tattoo on her left arm that she removed in 2011.  Now she has 7 tattoos.

Megan Fox Marylin Monroe
Marylin Monroe (Image Source)


The reason for removal was not to attract any negative energy.  Megan says ‘She was a negative character as she was bipolar and suffered from a personality disorder.’

Her other tattoos are-  first, name tattoo of her husband ‘Brian’ on her waistline.


Megan Fox Brian Tattoo
Megan Fox Brian Tattoo (Image Source)


  • A quote by William Shakespeare ‘We will all laugh at gilded butterflies’.
Megan Fox William Shakesphere tattoo
Megan Fox William Shakesphere tattoo (Image Source)


  • On her ribs a tattoo that says, ‘Those who danced thought to be insane by the people who could not hear the music.’
Megan Fox Quotes Tattoo
Megan Fox Quotes Tattoo (Image Source)


  • She has a tattoo of a Chinese Character on her neck.  The tattoo is meant to give her strength when she needs the most.
Megan Fox Chinese Symbol Tattoo
Chinese Symbol Tattoo (Image Source)


  • A tribal tattoo on her wrist.
Megan Fox Wrist Tattoo
Wrist Tattoo (Image Source)


  • A poem she wrote herself, ‘There was a little girl who never knew love until a boy broke her heart.’
 Poem Tattoo
Poem Tattoo (Image Source)


  • A Crescent Moon that overlaps a Star tattoo on her ankle.
Ankle Tattoo
Ankle Tattoo (Image Source)


Megan Fox Filmography


Megan Fox began her modeling career at age of 13; she has won several awards in1999 for her modeling.  When she was 17 years old, she moved to California, where she made her debut as Brianna Wallace in the movie ‘Holiday in the Sun’ (2001). 

She got recognition for her role in ‘Transformers’ first two series ‘Transformer’ (2007) and ‘Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen’ (2009) as Mikaela Banes, and as for April O’ Neil in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (2014).  

She recently (2017) appeared for 15 episodes in a TV show Starring Zoey Deschanel and Jack Johnson name ‘New Girl’.  She has portrayed the role of ‘Reagan’ a successful businesswoman who is bisexual and had a fling with Cece (character on the show) played by Hannah Simone.  Megan is now (2018) rumored to be playing the role of Poison Ivy a supervillain in a spin-off movie ‘Gotham city’.


Megan Fox Top Movies


Transformer (2007)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (2014)

Jennifer’s Body (2009)

Jonah Hex (2010)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle: Out of the shadows (2016)


Jennifer’s body is a horror comedy movie.  Megan played the role of Jennifer the best friend Anita played by Amanda Seyfried.  The two actresses shared a very steamy intimate scene, which is still counted as one of the hottest lesbian kisses. 

Even though Megan Fox is bisexual she had trouble doing the scene, According to source both actresses didn’t want to do it and they felt awkward afterward.


Megan Fox Jennifer's Body
Jennifer’s Body (Image Source)


Megan Fox Lookalike


Megan Fox is gorgeous it is lucky to even have a similar feature, but what if we tell you her look-alike is sexier and hotter than Fox itself. Claudia Aledene is a Brazilian singer, businesswoman, and a model.  

She is famous not because she resembles Megan Fox, but for her own features. She has a good figure even better than Fox, pouty lips, Kim k butt, photogenic, and sparkly blue eyes.

Look alike
Look-alike (Image Source)


Her Halloween costume could have been seen in Jennifer’s Body, she could have been badass and sexier than Jennifer could.

Megan Fox Look-Alike.
Look-Alike (Image Source)


Megan Fox Social Media


Megan Fox twitter account (@meganfox) has 1.3 million followers.  She joined Twitter in January 2013.  She once posted a tweet about what astrology says about her. She is a ‘Taurus’ so tweet was like this, ‘#taurus appreciate smaller things in life’- Not always (three monkey emojis).  *I find that funny*.  Anyway, if you like it and want to know her better go follow her.

Megan Fox joined the ranks of Instagrams, and posted her very first official photo with no makeup with a caption “Early Morning.”  Her Instagram account (@meganfox) has 5.7 million followers.

Megan Fox No Makeup
Megan Fox No Makeup (Image Source)


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