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Miley Cyrus Body, Net Worth, VMAs, Discography, Instagram- WikiFamous

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Actress and singer Miley Cyrus, daughter of ’90s country star Billy Ray Cyrus, achieved early fame as the star of Disney’s ‘Hannah Montana’ series and went on to become a hugely successful pop artist.

She has written over 100 songs and some of them were used in her Disney series ‘Hannah Montanna’ and while she was on the show Miley Cyrus already declared as one of the “Top-Earning Youngest Superstar.”

She is still young and deserves to experience all kinds of thing,(ALL KIND *still shook about the 2013 VMAs.)


Miley Cyrus Age, Height, Body Measurements


Little did we know that our Disney Pop Star would become a huge Sensational Icon worldwide. The unexpected things may have the key why Miley is so popular in people of all ages. Miley’s real name was Destiny Hope Cyrus, named by her father as he believed that she would bring hope in people lives, as he holds her in his arms.

She later changed her to, ‘Miley Ray Cyrus,’ she was born on November 30, 1992, as of 2018, her age is 25 years. Miley’s height is 1.65m (5 foot 5 inches), she weighs 106lbs (40kg). Her measurements are 34-24-33, body build is slim. 

Miley other distinctive features are her sky blue eyes and disturbingly long tongue.

MIley Cyrus Body
Miley Cyrus Body (Image Source)


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Miley Cyrus Religion and Sexual Orientation


As we all know better that there is no free bird like Miley out there. She does whatever she wants, not listening to anybody just having and living life, and that is what majority of people love about her. Miley does not believe in religion, she is an Atheist. 

When it comes to her sexual orientation, it is not, asexual, homosexual, heterosexual, and, bisexual. Miley is Pansexual, it is the romantic attraction towards people regardless of what their age or gender identity is.

She believes that people have the right to love whoever they want, they should not be afraid of what society would think. 

Miley Cyrus Sexuality
Miley Cyrus Sexuality (Image Source)


Speaking of LGBT Rights, the other name that pops in our head other than Miley is Demi Lovato. What is her sexual orientation? 


Miley Cyrus Net Worth


(How much is Miley Cyrus Worth?)


The daughter of the country singer and actor Billy Ray Cyrus, Miley Cyrus got her big break in the show Hannah Montana. Cyrus continued her music career and has appeared in numerous films including, “The Last Song”, “LOL”, “So Undercover”, and “The Night Before”, and Tv shows including “Two and a Half Men”.

Miley Cyrus built most of her net worth through concert tours, YouTube revenue and merchandising deals with Walmart and Disney. Her net worth as of now is $160million.


How rich do you think a Best-Selling Female Artists of the First Decade of 21st Century is? And Who is this Female Artist?


Miley Cyrus Family


Father’s Name Billy Ray Cyrus
Mother’s Name Leticia Finely
Sister Noah Lindsey Cyrus

Brandi Nelson

Brother Christopher Cyrus

Braison Chance Cyrus

Trace Cyrus

God Mother Dolly Parton
Partner Liam Hemsworth


Miley Cyrus Parents, Godmother, and Siblings
Miley Cyrus Parents, Godmother, and Siblings


Dolly Parton is a singer, songwriter, actress, author, philanthropist, and a beloved sequin-covered icon. Miley Cyrus has a simpler way to refer Parton: Godmother.  Dolly has seen her grow when she was a little child.

Dolly Parton and Miley Cyrus
Dolly Parton and Miley Cyrus (Image Source)


Miley Cyrus VMAs


*Sighs*… VMAs 2013, What In The Hell Was That?. It was fricking awesome!!! … When we first used to hear the name ‘Miley’ all we can picture was the sweet girl from Disney.

Now we all can picture is her twerk on Robin Thick’s *pp*.  It is 2018, and it is still Iconically shocking performance in the history of VMAs, and I am sure it will be as Iconic as now after 6 years.

The BANGERZ Era of Miley Cyrus was awesome and all, but Smiler can agree with me, that era was so stressful, like a constant battle with the anti, and never stopping backlashes. Even though, it was equally the best moment in Pop Culture history.



And Speaking of Outrageous performance, Do you all remember that “Illuminati” Grammy Performance by Katy Perry. Is she really a member of Illuminati?


Miley Cyrus Discography


Miley has released six studio albums, one live album, one extended play, twenty-eight singles, and seven promotional singles.


Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus”


It is a double album serving as the soundtrack for the second season of the television series Hannah Montana and the debut studio album by its lead actress Miley Cyrus, released on June 26, 2007, by Walt Disney Records and Hollywood Records.

The lyrical themes revolve largely around “girl power”, teen romance, and the double life that Miley Cyrus’ character lives on the program. The album included songs like “Make some noise”, “Nobody’s Perfect”, “Life’s what you make it”, “We got the party” featuring Jonas Brothers.




The second studio album of Miley Cyrus, released on July 22, 2008, by Hollywood Records. It was her first record which was not related to Hannah Montana. Breakout is dominant on pop-rock but explored a variety of other musical genres. Lyrical themes addressed in the album relate to breakups and coming of age.  

The album included songs like “7 Things”, “See you again”, “Fly on the wall”.

Breakout Miley Cyrus
Breakout Miley Cyrus (Image Source)


Can’t be Tamed


Miley’s third studio album ‘Can’t Be Tamed’, released on June 18, 2010, by Hollywood Records. Its lyrical themes revolve largely around breaking free on constraints and expectations, which are largely mentioned in the context of a romantic relationship. Album’s “Can’t Be Tamed” and ” Who Owns My Heart” gained the popularity. 

We should have warned ourselves because it was the end of our beloved teen-idol.



It is the fourth studio album by Miley, released on October 4, 2013, by RCA Records. The album has been made primarily to re-establish Miley’s music career instead of focusing on her movie career.

The Lyrical themes revolved around romance and had various guest vocals like Britney Spears, French Montana, Future, Ludacris and Nelly. Album has songs including “We Can’t Stop”, “Adore You”.

~~”Wrecking Ball”. Wrecking Ball’s controversial music video held the record for the fastest video to reach 100 million views on Vevo beating Adele’s “Hello” music video.~~

Wrecking Ball Miley Cyrus
Wrecking Ball Miley Cyrus (Image Source)


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Miley Cyrus Social Media


The Wreck girl Miley is fairly active on social media as she is in her music. Her official Twitter account (@MileyCyrus) holds more than 40.7 Million followers.

You guys may be aware of her Instagram being deleted in 2018. All of her posts are gone, still, the account holds up to 75.8 Million followers (@mileycyrus). That just shows how much we adore her.      


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