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Selena Gomez Age, Height, Status, Net Worth, Surgery, BFs- WikiFamous

Selena Gomez Wallpaper
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Selena Marie Gomez is an American actor, singer, and producer born on 22 July 1992.  On top of starring in movies and making music, Selena is also the youngest UNICEF Ambassador in history.  She has been certified x3 platinum (RIAA) singles and x3 gold Albums when she was only 20 years old. Selena was also the face of the Sears back to school campaign in 2009.




Real Name Selena Marie Gomez
Occupation Singer* Actress* Producer
Labels Hollywood* Interscope
Autograph Selena Gomez Autograph
Net Worth $50 Million USD


 Personal Info


Name Selena Marie Gomez
Nickname Selly
Date of Birth (Age)

(How old is Selena Gomez?)

July 22, 1992 (26-year-old)
Place of Birth Grand Prairie, Texas, USA

(where is Selena Gomez is from?)

Grand Prairie, Texas, USA

(How tall is Selena Gomez?)

1.65m (5 foot 5 inches)
Weight 130lbs (59 kg)
Body Measurements 36-28-35 inches
Bra Size 34B
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Black
Sexual Orientation

(Is Selena Gomez lesbian?)

Nationality American
Ethnicity Hispanic
Religion Practicing Christian
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Status Single


Selena Gomez Family


Father Ricardo Joel Gomez
Mother Mandy Teefey
Step-Dad Brian Teefey
Step-Mom Sara Gomez
Siblings Gracie Elliot Teefey (Half-sister)

Victoria Gomez (Half-sister)


Selena never has a happy family, her mom had her when she was only 16. She mostly raised by her Grandparents. Her family not being together does not she was not happy, she was, in fact, she respects her mother so much, that she had the courage to have her, at such a young age, and how she has to go through to make Selena’s life.


Selena Gomez Parents
Gomez Parents (Image Source)


Selena Gomez Family
Family (Image Source)


Selena Gomez- House


Her new Fort Mansion house in Calabasas, California located near the popular hills gated is estimated $3 Million. Selena Gomez old house, which she bought in 2015, was on the market that has been bought by Iggy Azalea at $3.45 Million USD.


Selena Gomez Fort mansion
Fort mansion (Image Source)


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Selena Gomez Dating History








 Nick Jonas (2008)

– Selena and Nick Jonas dated for a year (if you believe the rumor). Nick started dating Selena not long after he broke up with Miley Cyrus.

 Taylor Launter (2009)

– Taylor Lautner started dating Selena when he was filming for ‘Twilight: New Moon’.

 Justin Bieber (December 2010 –2013) (2017-2018) 

-Canadian singer, Justin Bieber and Selena first started dating in December 2010.

 Austin Mahone (2014)

– Selena dated singer Austin Mahone, who is younger than she is. Taylor Swift, Selena’s best friend has served as the matchmaker this time. As per US weekly, the two singers are dating since January 29, 2014. According to Austin, he is just friends with Selena.

 Orlando Bloom (2014) – RUMOR

 Tommaso Chiabra (2014)

– In July 2014, she had a fling with Italian businessperson Tommaso Chiabra. She was in Saint-Tropez, France with her friend

 Zedd (2015)

– Selena Gomez and German DJ Zedd rumored to date each other from January 2015 to April 2015. They first met at a recording studio in Los Angeles.

 Charlie Puth (2015)

– After singer Charlie Puth mentioned about Selena Gomez’s album on Twitter, it sparked rumors of their dating together. Rumors slightly became true after Charlie confesses.

 Samuel Krost (2015)

– she had a fling with Samuel Krost when they were seen holding hands of each other in New York City on November 9, 2015.

 Niall Horan (2015)

– One Direction’s Niall Horan sparked dating RUMORs with Selena Gomez when they were seen partying together several times.

 Maluma (2017) – Selena rumored to be dating with Colombian singer, Maluma in 2017. It all started when Selena followed Maluma on Instagram and he quickly offered her to collaborate.

 The Weeknd (2017)

– Selena Gomez started her relationship with Canadian singer The Weeknd in January 2017. They dated for 10 months and called it quits in October 2017.



Selena with Justin, Taylor, The Weeknd
Justin, Taylor, The Weeknd (Image Source)


As of 2019, there is no sort of news about Selena dating anyone. She is now single and putting her all time to maintain her health and career.


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Selena Gomez- Hairstyles


We saw Selena growing, from a little kid to teen sensation and now she grow up to be a pop idol. Through her journey, we have seen her evolve from her face to fashion and her hairstyles.  Let us see that journey again, shall we?


(2007) The beginning and the classic Disney look.

Selena Gomez Hairstyle (1)
Disney (Image Source)


Straight medium Brown, and shimmery slate eyeshadow. (2009- 2010)

Selena Gomez Hairstyles (2)
Short Medium brown (Image Source)


Sophisticated Long highlighted in two tones. (2011)

Selena Gomez Hairstyles (3)
Two-Toned (Image Source)


With the white neon dress, all eyes were on her (2013)

Selena Gomez Hairstyle (4)
BBMAs (Image Source)


Another smooth & sophisticated waves (2015)

Selena Gomez Hairstyle (5)
Long Waves (Image Source)


Blonde Hair (2017)

Selena Gomez
AMAs (Image Source)


Selena Gomez- Outfits


Her style is constantly evolving and she loves to take risks, so she keeps on changing her hairstyle. Selena Gomez not only showed off her hair but her red-hot style at the premiere for Hotel Transylvania 2.

The actor wore a satin Katie Ermelo crop top and floor-length skin at the promotional event, which took in place in Cancun.

Gomez’s hair slicked back with gel or hair oil, the actor also wore a hair tie to keep her hair in place. She always looks hot and stunning and she is confident in whatever she wore.


Selena Gomez in Red
Selena Gomez in Red (Image Source)


Selena Gomez- Weight loss


Do you want to know the secret behind Selena perfect body?

Amy Rosoff Davis helped Selena by helping her to make the right food choices and changing her lifestyle.  Selena Gomez worked on her diet and lifestyle to get better.


Breakfast Scrambled egg burritos, chorizo.  rice, avocado, and beans Or Granola and full-fat Greek yogurt
Lunch Turkey, beans, and avocado with a light dressing made of olive oil, red wine vinegar, lemon juice, and Dijon mustard
Dinner Teriyaki bowl with Asian marinated chicken or salmon, cucumber, avocado, rice, and teriyaki sauce Or Sushi
Snacks Freshly pressed juice made of cucumber, kale, Ginger, and carrot


Selena Gomez- kidney Transplant


On September 14, 2017, Selena Gomez posted on her Instagram the reason behind the withdrawn from her public events for the previous months. She recently had a kidney transplant from her friend ‘Francia Rasia’. Sources tell that she was diagnosed with Lupus sometimes between 2012-14.

During the transplant, Selena broke an artery. An emergency conducted to build a new artery-using vein from her leg.

Now she is healthy and fully recovered.


Selena Gomez scars from her surgery on thighs and back
The scars from her surgery on thighs and back (Image Source)


Selena Gomez-Rehab


Selena went in for rehab in September 2016.  That time the reason was unclear.

Selena Gomez said last year that she had diagnosed with lupus.  She was struggling with a mental illness. Lupus not just affecting her body but her mind too.

Some people thought she was throwing a tantrum for not being active publicly.  Selena said in an interview with ‘Billboard’ “I was diagnosed with lupus, and I’ve been through chemotherapy “That’s what my break was really about.  I could have had a stroke, and wanted so badly to say, ‘You guys have no idea.  I am in chemotherapy.  You’re a**holes. I locked myself away until I was confident and comfortable again.”


Selena Gomez Rehab
Selena Gomez Rehab (Image Source)


Selena Gomez- Body Tattoo


She has 8 tattoos.


Music Note- Selena’s very first tattoo is a tiny music note that she had on February 22, 2012.

Selena Gomez Music Note
Music Note (Image Source)


LXXVI– Selena Gomez second tattoo was her mother.  The roman number is 76; Selena’s mom was born in 1976.

Selena Gomez LXXVI Tattoo
LXXVI (Image Source)


أحب نفسك أولا: – This Tattoo means ‘Love you first’.

Selena Gomez Arabic Tattoo
Love You first (Image Source)


“God who strengthens me” Selena got this tattoo on November 5, 2013.

Selena Gomez God who strengthens me
God who strengthens me (Image Source)


ॐ-Selena Gomez has a tattoo on her left hip, which is an ohm symbol.  It made within 3 limes and it almost looks like ‘X31’.

Selena Gomez Om tattoo
Om (Image Source)


G:– Selena has a lower case ‘g’, which represents her excitement for her first baby sister Gracie.

Selena Gomez 'G' tattoo
‘G’ (Image Source)


Sunshine: – Selena got her ‘Sunshine’ tattoo for her grandmother.

Selena Gomez Sunshine tattoo
Sunshine (Image Source)


In April 2017, Selena Gomez got a semicolon (;) tattoo with the whole cast of ‘Thirteen reasons why’.

Selena Gomez Semicolon Tattoo
Semicolon (Image Source)


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Selena Gomez- Discography


Selena Gomez started her music career as the lead singer for the band Selena Gomez & the scene.  When she was in the band, she released three-studio album and one remix.

In her solo career, she has released two Studio album, one extended play (EP) and one compilation album.


Extended Play
Another Cinderella Story (4 songs) July 23, 2009
Selena Gomez & the scene
Kiss & Tell (13 songs) September 29, 2009
A year without rain (11 Songs) September 21, 2010
When the sun goes down (12 Songs) June 28, 2011
Solo Albums
Star Dance (13 songs) July 23, 2013
For you (7 songs) November 24, 2014
Revival (8 songs) October 9, 2015


Revival Selena Gomez
Revival Selena Gomez (Image Source)


Selena Gomez Hacked


A 22-year old woman hacked Selena Gomez’s Instagram account and posted her privates photos online.  She is has been charged with identity theft and fraud.


Selena Gomez & Taylor Swift


Taylor and Selena Gomez are BFF.  Selena and Taylor spend as much time together as their crazy scheduled allow. Both met each other when they were dating Jonas brother, (Nick and Joe). They bonded very well at that time and is together since then.

‘We’ve been friends for four years and she has been through so much with me that I can say we are almost sisters,’ Taylor said in a 2012 interview.

Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez
Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez (Image Source)


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Selena Gomez- Pantene


Gomez announced that she is the new brand ambassador for Pantene.  The former Disney star always had major hair envy with her fans.  Everybody always wondered how she could achieve her shiny and healthy-looking long locks. Selena Gomez has always been a trendsetter because of her cool and stylish haircuts. 

Becoming the face of the beauty brand has always been a dream for her. Selena Gomez admits that she is an avid user of the hair care products.  For many fans, Selena Gomez and Pantene are the perfect combinations.


Pantene Selena Gomez
Pantene Selena Gomez (Image Source)


Selena Gomez Social media


She has 57 Million followers on her Twitter account (@selenagomez).  She joined Twitter in March 2009.

On the other hand, Selena Gomez has 145.1 Million followers on her Instagram (@selenagomez) which makes her second most followed celebrity. First is Cristiano Ronaldo with 153 Million followers.


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