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Seth Rogen Age, Height, Net Worth, Weight Loss, Career- WikiFamous

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Seth Aron Rogen is a Canadian-American comedian, scriptwriter, voice actor, and an actor. He was born on April 15, 1982, in Vancouver, British Columbia. He is known for his deep husky voice, which has been heard in many animated such as ‘Monster VS Alien’, ‘The Spiderwick Chronicles’, and ‘Kung Fu Panda’ series.

Seth had always dreamed to become a comedian, that’s all he wanted. He never planned to be an actor. Seth Rogen started to do stand-up comedy when he was 11-year-old when he attends a comedy workshop teach by Mark Pooley.

Because of his deep voice, he often got roles of an older character, even when he was under 20 he played an over 30 character in ‘The 40-year-old Virgin.’




Name Seth Aron Rogen
Occupation Comedian* Actor* Writer* Director* Producer
Website sethrogencharity.com
Production Company Point Grey Pictures
Autograph Seth Rogen Signature
Net Worth $55 Million USD


Personal Info


Name Seth Aron Rogen
Nickname Seth
Date of Birth (Age)

(How old is Seth Rogen?)

April 15, 1982 (36-year-old)
Place of Birth Vancouver, British Columbia, Cannada

(Where is Seth Rogen from?)


(How tall is Seth Rogen?)

1.8m (5 foot 11 inches)
Weight 190lbs (88kg)
Body Measurements Chest: 42 inches

Waist: 37 inches

Bicep: 14 inches

Eye Color Light Brown
Hair Color Light Brown
Nationality Canadia-American (Dual Citizenship)
Ethnicity Russian-Jewish
Religion Jewish
Zodiac Sign Aries
Sexual Orientation Straight
Status Married


Seth Rogen Family


Father Mark Rogen (Assistant Director for a Non-Profit Organization)
Mother Sandy Rogen (Social Worker)
Sister Danya Rogen

(Who did Seth Rogen marry?)

Lauren Miller (m.2011)


Seth Rogers Parents
Seth Rogen Parents (Image Source)


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Seth Rogen Net Worth


(How much is Seth Rogen net worth?)


The actor, comedian and a voice artists Seth Rogen have an estimated net worth of $55 Million USD. Seth Rogen income from his 2007 movie ‘Knocked Up’ was $5 Million USD, and in 2011 it rose up to $6 Million in ‘The Green Hornet.’

In 2008, he was ranked in ’30 Under 30′ list made by Entertainment’s Weekly. Seth has the potential since he was a kid, at the age of 13, he wrote a rough draft of his future hit film ‘Superbad.’

Rogen and his wife live in a 7 acre, $8 million USD house in Hollywood Hills. The house previously belongs to actor Ian Ziering.


Seth Rogen House
Seth Rogen House (Image Source)


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Lauren Miller and Seth Rogen


The 36-year-old Seth has been to writer/actor Lauren Miller for a very long time. The couple got engaged in the year 2010, then got married in 2011. Seth Rogen believes to find himself a very lucky guy as his marriage has made it through longer than he thought.

Lauren and Seth both run a charity together to aware people about a mental Illness called  Alzheimer’s disease. Lauren’s mother is facing that disease, and that’s what inspires him to make people more aware of it. He told that it does not seem bad till you see it for yourself, and it’s terrible.

Seth Rogen strongly supports, he is there for her physically, and emotionally. Lauren Miller said that she finds herself very fortunate, cause when her mom was diagnosed, her whole family fell apart, but Seth didn’t turn his back on her. He leaned in and took care of me and my family. #MarriageGoals


Lauren Miller and Seth Rogen
Lauren Miller and Seth Rogen (Image Source)


Seth Rogen and James Franco


These two are legit friendship goals, James Franco and Seth Rogen have been friends since ‘Freaks & Geeks’, and together they appeared in 10 movies.  Freaks & Greeks run for a year (1999-2000) and the cast members are still close as hell. They all appeared in each other movies, even as characters or just did a cameo, especially Jason Segel, and Jonah Hill.

“A friend in need is a friend Indeed”, this quote suits perfectly in James and Seth relationship. One time when there were so many accusations on James Franco sexually harassing women, doesn’t affect the guys 20 years of friendship. 

In an Interview Rogen was asked about this scandal and how can a man make the right work environment, he simply replied, “They can hire more women. It is a systemic issue.

Personally, we try to make movies with a lot of diverse people and diverse filmmakers and we try to occupy our company with a lot of people who aren’t white dudes because we’ve got that box ticked really (exclamation) well.” 

James added: “I just get plainly bored of the same old stuff of white male heroes. As a producer, I’m just looking for projects that don’t have that.”


James Franco and Seth Rogen
James Franco and Seth Rogen (Image Source)


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Seth Rogen weight Loss


If there would be a list of ‘Celebrities Unbelievable Transformation’, Seth Rogen’s name would make it in the top 10. Seth was known for his chubby, lovable comedic personality, but when he got the lead in ‘Green Hornet’ it was time to change. The actor confessed to himself that his life was about to change, and he needs to get in shape for that.

He used to weigh over 200lb, but in just 10 weeks exercise routine and diet he lost 30lbs.


Zac Efron and Seth Rogers
Zac Efron and Seth Rogen (Neighbours)  (Image Source)


According to Seth, his trainer doesn’t want him to jump on the diet fast. He advises him to make a little change day-by-day. Seth followed the most common diet that all actors and athlete follow, his diet was now to eat 5 times a day but this time he had to focus on the quality of food.

Like the food must contain nutrient, and low glycemic, that will help to increase his energy levels.

The energy that he gained from diet all went in his hardcore exercise routine. He had to do a compound exercise for 45 minutes x5 times per week.


Seth Rogen Then and Now
Then and Now Seth Rogen (Image Source)


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Seth Rogen Filmography


It is not easy to make people laugh, the actor who made million rolling-down-the-chair laughs with his goofy performance and tremendous comic timing. Seth Rogen is someone who was born to become a comedian.

Seth Rogen debuted on small screen with ‘Freaks & Geeks’, it only aired for one year but it is acknowledgeable as a lifetime classic. After one year doing ‘Freaks & Geeks,’ he got a chance in other TV sitcom called ‘Undeclared.’ It was also short-lived but likely to be a great watch.

Not long after he took step towards the big screen, and eventually land upon a role as ‘Ricky’ in ‘Donnie Darko.’ His face became noticeable through his performance as ‘Cal’ in Steve Carell starrer ‘The 40-year-old Virgin.’


Seth Rogen as 'Cal'
Seth Rogen as ‘Cal’ (Image Source)


After ‘The 40-year-old Virgin’ Seth became bigger and bigger, he appeared several blockbusters movies such as-


Knocked Up (2007)

Superbad (2007)

Pineapple Express (2008)

The Green Hornet (2011)

This Is The End (2013)


Along with these films his biggest hit ever was ‘The Neighbors series’ starring Zac Efron. Seth also gave his voice in several animated movies.


Monster VS Alien (2009) as ‘B.O.B’

Kung Fu Panda (Franchise) as ‘Mantis’

Sausage Party (2016) as ‘Frank’

The Spiderwick Chronicles (2008) as ‘Hogsqueal’


Seth Rogen in 'Superbad'
Seth Rogen in ‘Superbad’ (Image Source)


Seth Rogen Lip Sync


Jimmy Fallon was originally the first contestant ever to take a part in the most popular show ‘Lip Sync Battle’ he was up against Dwayne Johnson. Since then Jimmy adds a new gig on his show, where he just challenge his guest to Lip Sync, whoever does the best wins.

Seth Rogen was up on ‘The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon’ as usual Jimmy take him up for a challenge. It is trendy because it is bad, not too bad, not good either. Just two goof trying their best lip sync skills.

Have a look.


Seth Rogen Charity


As we know that he and his wife run a charity to gain awareness about Alzheimer’s disease. They run an online charity called ‘Hilarity for charity’, the deal of this charity is also supported by ‘Netflix.’ Bradley Cooper is one of the celebrities who strongly supports the idea to wake people up about this disease.

Alongside this, they are strong supporters of LGBT rights. Seth Rogen appeared in a commercial of Bud Light celebrating the ‘Gay Pride Month.’


Seth Rogen Social Media


Comedy King Seth Rogen’s official Twitter account (@Sethrogen) has over 7.83 million followers. On his Instagram account (@sethrogen) has 6.4 million followers. His post is mostly about Zelda, she is so cute and gorgeous, Lauren is not even on the same level.



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