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Sommer Ray is a young attractive fitness model born on September 15, 1996, in Denver, Colorado, United States. At the age of 22, she had gained a massive audience only through vlogging on YouTube. Her young looks and attractiveness gained her offer as a professional model, now she often posts her photos on social media in Calvin Klein Underwear, along with some other popular fashion labels.

Alone through modeling, she had made over $4,500,000 USD per year, and $29,000 USD per Instagram post is her salary, and the numbers are still growing.




Name Sommer Ray
Occupation Vlogger* Model
Website sommerray.com
Net Worth

(How much does Sommer Ray make a year?)

$4 Million USD ($29K per Instagram post)


Personal Info


Name Sommer Ray
Nickname Sommer
Date of Birth (Age)

(How old is Sommer Ray?)

September 15, 1996 (22-year-old)
Place of Birth Colorado, United States
Hometown Denver
Residency Los Angeles

(How tall is Sommer Ray?

1.68m (5 foot 6 inches)
Weight   124lbs (55kg)
Body Measurements 32-24-38
Bra Size 32B
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Green
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Religion Christianity
Sexual Orientation

(Is Sommer Ray bisexual?)

Status In a Relationship


Sommer Ray Family


(Does Sommer Ray have siblings?)


Father’s Name Unknown
Mother’s Name Shannon Ray
Brother Branson Ray
Sister Savanna Ray

Skylyn Ray



Sommer Ray has been living her life as a Social Media Star, and her family especially her mom gave her full support. Her dad, whose name is still not known, died in an unfortunate event, Sommer had a really close collection with her father.

When she was 15, her dad was the one who brought her interest in fitness training. Her father was a competitive bodybuilder, and her mom also tried her hands on the same profession. Currently, Shannon is a beauty writer.

She has three siblings, one brother Branson, an Older Sister Savana, and younger sister Skylyn, both of her sisters are also Social Media stars.

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Sommer Ray Dating History



RiceGum- Just like Sommer, her ex-boyfriend Bryan is also a YouTube star, RiceGum is a name of a YouTube channel that has over 10 million subscribers, both stars have collaborated several times. The couple broke up in the spring of 2017.

Justina Valentine- Yes, we know Sommer Ray is straight, not a bisexual, but her make-out scene in Wild N Out on MTV, with Justina, was something that we couldn’t miss it out from the list.

Max Ehrich- It is official, as of 2018 the Sommer Ray is dating the American Actor Max Ehrich, the couple met each other through mutual friend Bella Throne. They started dating each other in the year 2017.


RiceGum, Justina Valentina, Sommer Ray, and Max Ehrich
RiceGum, Justina Valentina, Sommer Ray, and Max Ehrich


Sommer Ray Almost Got Kidnapped


It is reported that Sommer Ray who was traveling in Mexico, almost got kidnapped, and after seeing the numbers of abduction happening in Northern Mexico, it was kinda believable.

There was video elaborating the situation, in the video, the audience saw how careless Sommer had been through all of it. The video does not exist anymore.

According to Ray, she said that she was on the edge of being abducted, but managed to escape at the end moment. People who have heard about this story states, that it is just a publicity stunt, and she is faking it.  Whether it is true or not, we cannot judge her without any subtle proof.


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Sommer Ray Workout Routine


The Instagram Star Sommer Ray is famous for her butt Selfies, what people have given the term “Belfies”, and that attractive butt can be seen regularly on her workout videos. Yes, Sommer Ray’s Instagram is full of “Belfies” and especially her workout videos in yoga pants have gained over millions of views.

Beautiful people even like Sommer got bullied in high school, can you believe that?

She definitely has an attractive body and she clearly works hard to maintain it that way.  And what else can you expect from a daughter of a bodybuilder, Sommer has a tight workout schedule that she has been following since as a teenager.

Sommer Ray go to the gym regularly 5 times a week, though she workout alternatively, taking a break after doing full body workout for half n hour. During the breaks, she does exercise to enhance her lower part of the body, (*thighs, and, calves*).

If my glutes are sore, I tell myself, ‘I probably shouldn’t work them today,’ ” she says, “I just listen to my body”, said Ray.


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Sommer Ray Plastic Surgery


She started as a model at the of 14, and by the time 17, she already won several bikini model competitions. Sommer turned her way from bikini model and started doing small vines on YouTube since then her popularity never dropped.

With her green eyes and great body, she became an overnight star, and her beauty made many wonders, is she real or Plastic.

“Squats Cannot Do That”, this phrase is on everybody mouth, that her butt can’t be all real. She must have done butt implants. You will not gonna believe the answer but it is true, that sculpted body is all Real.

According to Ray, the secret behind her curvaceous body is none other than weightlifting. She used to do weight since her father was a bodybuilder so was her mother, she was practically bred as a bombshell.

Let’s talk about her facial beauty, to be honest, there is no evidence out there that can prove that she underwent the knife.


For those who wonder, “What’s scar on her hand?”, there is no tragic incident behind, it is a birthmark.


Sommer Ray Merchandise


She is no ordinary celeb on Instagram, to give you guys a clear picture of her popularity, ‘Cameron Diaz’ everyone known the ‘Charlie’s Angels actress, her fan following on Instagram is over 5.2 Million, on the other hand, our star have over 19 Million.

Sommer Ray popularity is a big part of her success, that got her in the attention of popular brands such as Calvin Klein, Adidas, and now she has her own brand.

‘Sommer Ray Summer Collection” is a casual collection brand run by Sommer Ray. She always wanted to create her own business, and now when she is financially capable, Ray soon started working on her ideas.

“Hello everyone, welcome to my shop. I hope you like everything I’ve been working very hard on lately. Right now this is just a sample of what’s to come. Enjoy!”  (*the link of her online shop is given in biodata)

– Love Sommer Ray



Brand Endorsements, Deals, and Collaboration of Katy Perry.


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