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Stephen Colbert Net Worth, Wife, Late Show, Movies, Height- WikiFamous

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Comedian and talk show host Stephen Colbert was a mock news correspondent on Comedy Central’s “Th Daily Show” before hosting his own spin-off, “The Colbert Report”. In 2014, it was announced that Colbert would replace David Letterman as host of CBS’ “Late Show”.


Stephen Colbert Age, Height, Shoe Size


The late show host Stephen Colbert was born on May 13, 1964, in Washington D.C, US, though he grew up on James Island, South California. As of 2018, Stephen’s age is 54 years old. When it comes to his height, it is very important that we keep it on point, cause that guy, even fought with Google for showing a point less meter in his height. 

So, the accurate measurements of Stephen’s height are 1.785 m (5 foot 10.5 inches), Phew!… He weighs 180 lbs (82 kg), his shoe size is 11 (US), to be more accurate 41-42 (European Size), 8.5 (UK Size).


Stephen Colbert Ethnicity, Religion, Zodiac Sign


Colbert is of Irish descent from mother and father side. He and his 10 siblings were raised as Roman Catholic. Stephen Colbert’s eye color is black, he is a Taurus.

Stephen Colbert Religion
Stephen Colbert Religion (Image Source)


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Stephen Colbert Net Worth


(How much does Stephen Colbert worth?)


Over his 15 year career, Stephen Colbert has made an estimated amount of $45M. Funnyman and political commentator replaced David Letterman on “The Late Show” in 2014.


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Stephen Colbert Family


Father James William Colbert Jr.
Mother Lorna Elizabeth
Sister Margo



Brother James







Spouse Evelyn McGee
Children Madeline




Stephen Colbert Family
Stephen Colbert Family (Image Source)


He grew up in a family of 11 children and he was the youngest. Their family was struck by tragedy when his father and two brothers were killed in a 1974 plane crash.

He was traumatized by the loss and withdrew into books. His sibling was grown up and moved away leaving him and his mom.

Colbert barely graduated high school, he later found his way to improve theatre where one director advised young comics to “learn to love the bomb”. He is a huge fan of science-fiction and fantasy, he knows hobbits and dragons and is reportedly fluent is Quenya.


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Stephen Colbert Ears


If you’re a keen observer, you might notice that Stephen Colbert’s right ear sticks out at an odd angle.

Stephen Colbert’s been deaf in his right ear since he was a child when surgery meant to fix a perforated eardrum caused damage to his inner ear.

This condition of his ear diverted Stephen from an early interest in marine biology because he’s unable to scuba dive.

Stephen Colbert Ear
Meme-Stephen Colbert Ear (Image Source)


Stephen Colbert Wife and Kids


Stephen is a deeply devout Roman Catholic and continued to teach Sunday school, schedule permitting at his parish in New Jersey during his rise to fame on The Colbert Report.

Evelyn and Stephen Colbert met when they both attended the “Spoleto Festival” in 1990. She landed a role of Amy Sedaris’ Stranger Candy in 1999 playing Chuck’s Mom. Stephen Cobert and Evelyn got married in 1993.

The pair chose to remain outside the bustling cities of LA and NYC and lived in Montclair, New Jersey with their three children. In an episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Colbert was asked about his love story and his love story can melt your heart.

Stephen Colbert's Wife and Children
Stephen Colbert’s Wife and Children (Image Source)


Stephen Colbert and The Late Show


After joining Chicago’s Second City comedy troupe, Stephen Colbert met comedians Amy Sedaris and Paul Dinello and together they created and starred in both Wxit57 and Strangers with Candy. In 1997, Colbert began appearing in episodes of The Daily Show which was hosted by Jon Stewart.

For eight year he was a correspondent and writer on the news parody  Soon, in 2005, Stephen was given his own spin-off show, The Colbert Report.

In 2014, he was named to succeed David Letterman as host of the CBS late-night talk show the Late Show; Letterman has announced his retirement and The Colbert Report ended in December 2014. The Late Show with Stephen Colbert was premiered in September 2015, and it had struggled with the ratings initially.

However in 2017, Colbert’s take on Donald Trump’s tweet over Hurricane Maria that hit Puerto Rico has seemed to hit his stride, and the show’s viewership dramatically grew. banter Anderson Cooper, Mam Jobrani were the guests on the airing episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Following episodes had guests like Liam Neeson, Michael Wolff, James Franco, Sarah Jessica Parker, Molly Shannon, Jon Bon Jovi, Rob Riggle, James Corden, Ann Curry etc.

Keeping his view on Donald Trump’s tweet that denied that nearly 3,00 people die in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria decimating Puerto Rico. Stephen called Donald Trump tweets “sickening” and “in no way true”.


The Colbert Show


The Colbert Show is an American late-night talk and news satire television program hosted by Stephen Colbert who took on the guise of a self-important conservative commentator, a persona meant to parody certain cable-news personalities, most notably Billy O’Reilly.

The neologism became the organizing principle for the show where Colbert’s rants about political and cultural issues and his expressions of personal idiosyncrasies were treated with the same amount of seriousness. The Colbert Report earned various honors, including Emmy Awards for outstanding writing and outstanding variety series and a Peabody Award.


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Suq Madiq


One of the most memorable and funniest moments on The Colbert Report was when Colbert failed to get through a pre-written bit about a Muslin contributor “Suq Madiq” and his family.

Suq Madiq which is an actual real Muslim name, of a person whose name had first appeared on one of the episodes of The Late Night Show with Stephen Colbert’s Colbert Super Pac.

An episode after that, Stephen realizes that Suq’s name was shown on that episode and starts to do some crazy stuff to his name and he also makes funny jokes on the name “Suq Madiq” as it’s meant to be pronounced as “Suck My Dick”.

He goes onto making funny jokes on Suq’s father, “Liqa Madiq” (Lick My Dick), and his mother “Munchma Quchi” (Munch My Coochie). This joke led everyone to present they’re including Stephen dying in laughter.

Stephen Colbert GiF
Stephen Cobert GiF (gif source)


Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart


People remember their friendship as legendary. It all began when Stewart took over The Daily Show where Colbert was working as a correspondent since 1997. After Jon joined Colbert on The Daily Show, the pair spent six years together satirizing the news as host and correspondent respectively.

Their friendly and pleasing exchange of words and thoughts was often some of the show’s most memorable work. When Stephen left The Daily Show for his spin-off show The Colbert Report, they didn’t become rivals or anything.

Stewart was able to frequently devote the final moments of Daily to hilariously tossing the ball to Colbert.

The pair also made numerous appearances as a guest on each other’s programs. The two particular standouts coming in the form of sketched centered around Jon explaining Hanukkah and Colbert transferring his infamous Super PAC.

He is a dear friend to Jon Stewart made a cameo on The Daily Show for Jon’s final episode. The duo has presented Emmys various times throughout their dual Comedy Central Careers.

Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart
Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart (Image Source)


Stephen Colbert Politics


On April 29, 2006, Colbert was featured entertainer for the 2006 White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner. After Colbert delivered a searing routine targeting then-President George W. Bush and the media, received a chilly response from the audience as his jokes were often met with silence and mutter.

Dan Froomkin and Todd Gitlin claimed that Colbert received this kind of response because his routine was as critical of media as it was of Bush. The video went viral and ratings of his show The Colbert Show rose by 37%.

In May 2011, Stephen Colbert filed a request with the Federal Election Commission asking for a media exemption for coverage of his political action committee ColbertPAC on The Colbert Report.


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Stephen Colbert Awards and Honours


Stephen Colbert and the other Dialy Show writers were the recipients of three Emmy Awards in 2000. In 2005, Stephen was nominated for the Satellite Award for his performance on the Colbert Report. He was also nominated for three Emmy Awards for The Colbert Report in 2006.

In June 2006, Stephen received an honorary Doctorate of Fine Arts degree from Knox College. Times named Stephen Colbert as one of the 100 most influential people in 2006 and 2012.

In 2007, Ben & Jerry’s new ice cream flavor was unveiled in honor of Colbert. The ice cream was named Stephen Colbert’s AmeriCone Dream. He waited until Easter to sample because he gave up sweets for Lent. He donated all proceeds to Stephen Colbert AmeriCone Dream Fund charity which distributes the money to various causes.

You might be shocked to know that there are 5 species that have been given scientific names in honor of Stephen Colbert.

NASA engineered a new treadmill for the International Space Station in 2009 and on April 14, 2009, the treadmill which was simply known as T-2 for more than two years was renamed to “Combined Operational Load- Bearing External Resistance Treadmill” or “COLBERT”.

They renamed the treadmill after him because he took an interest during the Node 2 naming census for the ISS module, Tranquility.


Stephen Colbert Movies


Title  Role Year
Shock Asylum Dr. Dewalt 1997
The Great New Wonderful Mr. Pearsall 2005
The Love Guru Jay Kell 2998
Too Funny to Fail Himself 2017


Stephen Colbert Social


The Late Show host has a huge fan following on his social sites. He has more than 1.8M followers on Facebook. Besides these, His Instagram account holds more than 609K followers and 18.4M followers on Twitter.


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