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Tom Cruise is one of “THE” Handsome Faces of All Time, whenever there is a new updated list of Handsome and Attractive Personality Tom Cruise has his spot reserved. His face, hairstyles, smile, and eyes, all of him is attractive enough to make girls go crazy.

As many know that he has been married and divorced three times already. Even though he is 56 years old, his face is still as charming as ever. And that is making people suspicious, many speculating that the actor was not happy with wrinkles and had done botox.

On the side note, has anyone heard that Tom’s best friend Jamie Foxx and Katie (ex of Tom) were involved in some kind of relationship?

Well who knows, we will find the answer to that one, plus you can witness the some of his amazing look and hairstyle…Keep Going down and you will find out what we’re talking about!



Who did Tom Cruise marry? Is Tom Cruise still married?


The Hollywood Hottie Tom Cruise is indeed the Most Wanted Bachelor in town, every time when he was engaged in a serious relationship, many girls have cried their heart out but still wishes him the happiness he deserves. He has been married thrice and has dated a lot. 


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Tom Cruise and Mimi Rogers


Mimi Rogers met Tom Cruise, in 1985 when Tom was already becoming a major Hollywood star. The couple started dating in 1986, and it was Mimi who introduced Tom Cruise to Scientology, taking him to the Enhancement Centre.

People close to Mimi say that she wanted Cruise to get into Scientology training because she thought Scientology would help him handle his philandering what she perceived to be his major flaw.

The family friend says that the couple back then tried to have children, and when Mimi couldn’t conceive, the gay rumors started, and Cruise never commented on them. Rogers later had two children with her current husband.

Well, there were rumors of Nichole and Tom being involved so the process of Scientology counseling blew off their marriage.

Mimi Rogers appeared on the cover of Playboy in 1993. When asked about her split with Tom Cruise, she joked and said Cruise “was seriously thinking of becoming a monk…Therefore it became obvious we had to split.”

Mimi Rogers and Tom Cruise
Mimi Rogers and Tom Cruise (Image Source)


Tom Cruise and Nichole Kidman


Tom Cruise and Nichole Kidman met in 1989 during one of Nichole’s audition for Days of Thunder, and the duo married shortly in 1990.

They starred together in movies like Far and Away and Eyes Wide Shut. The couple adopted two children Connor and Isabella.

But in February 2001, Tom however abruptly filed for a divorce, citing ” irreconcilable differences”. He requested a joint custody for their children.

Sources say that Tom’s faith as a Scientology played a part in separating the pair but we don’t know anything for sure because none of the duos has ever commented on why did they actually break up and headed for divorce.

Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise
Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise (Image Source)


Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes


Katie Holmes always had a crush on Tom Cruise. In an interview in 2004, Katie said I think every little girl dreams about (her wedding). I used to think I was going to marry Tom Cruise.”

Well her dream did come true and she met Tom Cruise on the sets of Mission Impossible 3 which was around 2005.

The duo made their relationship and love for each other public when they were spotted in Rome where Cruise received David di Donatella Award for lifetime achievement.

Later, on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Tom Cruise declared his love for Katie. Katie who was smitten by Tom since her childhood covered from Catholicism to the Church of Scientology. Tom proposed Katie in Paris just after 8 weeks of the meeting.

On October 6, 2005, the duo announced that they are expecting a baby. On April 18, 2008, Suri was born in California. November 18, 2006, the couple got married in Italy.

Tom wore a navy-blue tuxedo by Giorgio Armani. On June 29, 2012, Katie files for a divorce from Tom Cruise.

The reasons are said to be Katie wanted to keep Suri away from Scientology. Well, his lawyers said that actor is “deeply saddened” about the split and is now “concentrating on his three children”.

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise
Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise (Image Source)


Tom Cruise and Vanessa Kirby


“Queen Margaret” aka Vanessa Kirby who will be seen in Mission Impossible Fallout with Tom Cruise was rumored to be dating Tom.

In an interview, Kirby said I had met him once in a room full of people! I was like, that was fast!’ Vanessa is dating actor Callum Turner for two years now. They keep their private life private.

Vanessa Kirby and Tom Cruise
Vanessa Kirby and Tom Cruise (Image Source)


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Tom Cruise Children


We already have talked about his good-looks. Tom Cruise is a father of three children; Connor and Isabella with ex-wife Nicole Kidman and Suri with ex-wife Katie Holmes. He loves his children. Connor lives in Clearwater, Fla. near the headquarters of Church Of Scientology.

Connor used to Dj but now spends much of his time deep-sea fishing and even competed in the sports.

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise with Kids
Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise with Kids (Image Source)


Isabella now lives in London with her husband Mx Parker but eventually, she pursued a career as a makeup artist when she graduated from West London’s Delmar Academy of Make-up and Hair. She owns a graphic t-shirt line.

Whereas Suri, 12 years old, lives with her mother in New York City and L.A. She was seen selling lemonade during the Pride parade in NYC in June and loves to help people.


Tom Cruise Plastic Surgery


The Hollywood superstar is one of the handsome human beings on planet Earth but is all of his beauty real? Some fans have speculated about Tom getting a botox and facelift for that perfect face. He wasn’t happy with wrinkles and aging.

Well, only Tom knows what he has to do with his face because he has never commented on any of the rumors regarding his face-lift and botox.

Some speculated that he has a facelift to fix what’s bothering him and it’s okay. We can see how his face looks tighten to define his jawline. You’re still gorgeous human.

Then and Now Tom Cruise
Then and Now Tom Cruise (Image Source)


Tom Cruise Hairstyle


Tom Cruise is one of the most handsome celebrity Hollywood has ever had. He is blessed with good hair which can be styled however he wants them to be. He changes his hair and looks according to the roles and we bring you his top best hair looks.

Tom Cruise Hairstyles
Hairstyles Tom Cruise


Tom Cruise Age, Height, and Body Measurements. How much is Tom Cruise net worth?


Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx


Tom and Jamie were very close friends since 2004 and stared together in a movie Collateral. Their friendship got strained when Katie and Jamie were rumored to be involved. Tom felt “betrayed” by both of them.

Katie was not allowed to date anyone until 5 years of her and Tom’s divorce which explains why Jamie and Katie were so private about their PDAs.

But now they are free as the five-year clause expired this year. According to some tabloids, Jamie and Tom have a cordial friendship at the moment.

Jamie Foxx and Tom Cruise
Jamie Foxx and Tom Cruise (Image Source)


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