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Tom Holland Girlfriend, Net Worth, Workout, Movies, Age- WikiFamous

Tom Holland HD Wallpaper
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Thomas Holland is a British actor, who is best known for his role as ‘Peter Parker/Spiderman’ in the movie ‘Spiderman-Homecoming’ and many other of Marvel movie.

Although, his major breakthrough movie was ‘The Impossible’ as ‘Lucas’, for his role he won the ‘Hollywood Spotlight Award’ and National Board of Review’s Award in “Breakthrough Actor” category. 

Despite the fact that he is famous for his role as ‘Spiderman’, in reality, is extremely afraid of spiders.


Tom Holland Age, Height, Body Measurements


The youngest ‘Spiderman’ Tom Holland was born on June 1, 1996, in his hometown of Kingston, London. He was only 19-years-old when Marvel announced that he will be playing the new Spiderman.

As of 2018, his age is 21 years. Tom maybe young but his physique says whole different things. 

He is a slim build, his measurements are 38-31-13, [38] inches of the chest, [13] inches for bicep, and [31] inches waist. His height is 1.73m (5 foot 8 inches) and weighs 141lbs (64kg).

Tom others feature to include, dark brown puppy eyes, and a sweet heart-melting smile.

Tom Holland Body
Tom Holland Body (Image Source)


Is Tom Holland Gay?


Well, no need to be said, but since many people do wonder, the answer is NO. Tom Holland sexual orientation is straight, not gay, and he is currently in a relationship with his girlfriend ‘Elle Lotherington, before her the rumor was that he is dating his ‘Spiderman-Homecoming’ co-star, ‘Zendya.’

Elle Lotherington and Tom Holland
Elle Lotherington and Tom Holland (Image Source)


Tom Holland Net Worth


There are too many different amounts shown on different platforms, and to be honest, his exact worth is still unknown. But don’t you guys worry, it is said that he used to earn $4 Million USD per year, [sources are not clear].

According to the latest numbering, Tom Holland Net Worth turn out to be $32.6 Million USD close to $33 Million, Isn’t It?


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Tom Holland Family


Father’s Name Dominic Holland
Mother’s Name Nicola Elizabeth Frost
Brother Sam Holland (Twin of Harry)

Harry Holland

Paddy Holland


Tom Holland Family
Tom Holland Family (Image Source)


Tom Holland Siblings
Siblings (Image Source)


Tom Holland House


On the Ellen DeGeneres Show, Tom tells her that he recently bought his very first apartment.  He said that he was looking for the perfect apartment for almost two years when her mom finally found it.  The apartment is in London, near his childhood neighborhood.  

Tom added, ‘He was thinking to buy one in LA (Los Angeles), but he ended up moving five minutes away from her mom.’

Tom Holland Doing Front flips in his front yard
Doing Front flips in his front yard (Image Source)


Tom Holland Mole


Back in the days, Tom used to have a mole under his chin.  When he played ‘Billy Elliot’ and ‘Lucas’ in‘The impossible,’ the mole has its presence. 

Eventually, he had to remove it, in order to look perfect in the photo shoot, and for his future plans of becoming ‘Spiderman.’  (rumors of him receiving hurtful comments like ‘ugly’ can be a reason too).

Tom Holland mole Removal
Tom Holland Mole (Image Source)


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Tom Holland Spiderman Routine


Holland has worked hard to get in shape to match “Spiderman Physique” there is not exactly scheduled for what he has done to achieve the body, but he did post frequently on his Instagram about his workout.  

His routine mostly includes, gymnastics, boxing, weightlifting (not too much), and he is a sportsperson, he plays basketball and does hike often.

He is also a professional dancer, so it counts as exercise.  Besides it is not very hard to achieve a body like him, it is a very realistic physique for guys of all ages.  P.S- he can do front, side, backflip.

Tom Holland Workout
Tom Holland Workout (Image Source)


Tom Holland Filmography


Thomas Stanley Holland AKA new Spiderman made his first acting debut through a Musical Theatre by playing the title role in ‘Billy Elliot The Musical (2008).’  After that, he featured in Screen International’s ‘UK Stars of Tomorrow (2012), and ‘Youth Impact Report’ (2012) by Variety.

Tom Holland Billy Elliot
Tom Holland Billy Elliot (Image Source)


In 2011, he debuted as a Voice actor by lending his voice to a character name ‘Sho’ in the English version of Japanese animated/Fantasy film ‘Arrietty.’ 

After the movie, he was cast in for the lead role in ‘The Impossible’ (2012) as ‘Lucas.’  The movie went on to be a success, Tom Holland received praise from critics and the audience for his acting skills as well as some major awards and nomination.

Tom Holland as 'Lucas'
Tom Holland as ‘Lucas’ (Image Source)


Tom Holland Marvel


In 2013, he appeared in a Drama Series ‘How I live now’, and he did another voice-over in film ‘Locke.’  The same year he did a cameo as ‘Billy Elliot’ in the movie version of ‘Billy Elliot The Musical’.’

The year 2016, was the turning point of his career as he got cast as ‘Peter Parker/Spiderman’ in hit Marvel Series ‘Captain America: Civil War.’  In 2017, came a new Spiderman movie ‘Spiderman: Homecoming’ where he recreates his presence in ‘Captain America.’  

He once again played Spiderman in 2018 ‘Avenger: Infinity wars.’

Tom Holland Avengers
Tom Holland Avengers (Image Source)


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In 2017, he was Starring as ‘The Novice’ in the movie ‘Pilgrimage’, while in ‘The Current War’ (2017) he played a famous Businessman named ‘Samuel Insull.’

Tom Holland is a director too, he appeared in a short film ‘Tweet’ which he directed himself.  He often is mistaken as an Author, who has the same name as him.




He has won a ‘Breakthrough Performance of the Year’ for Captain America: Civil War in 2016.

In 2017, he won ‘Rising Star Award’ at BAFTA (British Academy Film Awards).

Tom Holland has won the ‘best Performance by a Young Actor’ (Captain America: Civil War), and ‘Teen Choice Award’ (Spiderman: Homecoming), both same year (2017).

Tom Holland BAFTA Awards
BAFTA Awards Tom Holland (Image Source)


Tom Holland Hit Movies 


The Impossible (2012)

In the Heart of the Sea (2015)

The Lost City of Z (2016)

Edge of winter (2016)

Pilgrimage (2017)

Spiderman: Homecoming (52017)

Avengers: Infinity wars (2018)


Tom Holland Lip Sync


The year when he did ‘The Current War’ and ‘Pilgrimage’ the same year he appeared on the most popular show ‘Lip Sync Battle.’  Tom Holland performance was the most outrageous Lip sync in the history of Lip Sync Battle.  Tom performed on Rihanna’s Umbrella.


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Tom Holland Social Media


The 22-year-old actor becomes a heartthrob with his cute face and smile in such a short period. Some major head over heel fangirls has created a site on Wattapad, where they post fanfiction (Fanfic) comics, one shot, and daring novel.

Tom Holland’s twitter account (@tomhollan1996) has 2.19 Million followers. On his Instagram account (@tomholland2013) has over 11 Million (11.2 Million to be exact) followers.  He does not have an account on snapchat yet.



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