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Why Do Men Look at other women? There are some secrets which you don’t know!

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Your man stare at other women? How often do you find your Boyfriend or Husband keep staring at other women?  And, how often do they give you a proper explanation of the reason? They might say, ‘No, Baby, it is nothing/ I Wasn’t staring?. Sometimes you yourself think that it might just normal for men. But Is it though? 

The matter is not serious, sometimes women also find themselves staring at other men. The seriousness depends on the time they stare. If its complimentary stare like, ‘She is Beautiful/He is gorgeous’ then you don’t have to worry. But if it is sneak-peek stare, then you might have something to worry about. 

Let’s find out some other reason why men stare, Is it completely normal for men to sneak around women passing by? Or either it is the personal choice or some kind of biological instinct.

A mindset of Men who stare at other women


As said Men will be menAnd yes it happens men check out every attractive thing around. Maybe sometimes it can be a personal choice of men to sneak around the attractive things around even when he is with his partner. Most of the time you will find your partner checking out someone else.

Majority of Therapist say that it is instinctual, Men can’t help it, but no I am personally against this quote. It feels like they think we are stupid, “Oh no, it is my instinct, I can’t help it.”  I only believe in a man if he does look at other women, and maybe think that she is attractive, and after that, he walks out with his lady by his side. “Hmm, pretty *continues*.”

We can allow that because we literally can’t control our ‘Complimentary Stare.’ Just a word of advice, He can be doing this only to make you jealous (can happen not forcing). On the serious note, if you really bug out about his staring ‘Talk to him.’

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How you feel when your man stare at other women


Some of the men think checking out someone when she is around will make her feel jealous and she will love him even more and will lean towards him more, but does this goes right always? Nah, not always. Sometimes it can go right but most of the time it results in making his partners mind to wobble.

Thousands of questions start wobbling in her mind if she is not confident about his partner. It can be like; Am I not the perfect girl for him? or Is he not sure about me still or maybe he lost his interest in me, Or the other women are more attractive than me or How can I trust such a kind of person?

Or maybe he is done with our relationship n blah blah n blah….If a woman is sure and confident about everything then she shouldn’t bother about his men checking out as he will remain true towards her forever as these kinds of small attractions are not going to affect his love and feelings towards his partner. 

But don’t be too confident, It can’t go well in most cases, cause guys are already struggling to understand the women they love. If you keep being too confident, he may take it as ‘She doesn’t care about me’ or may think you are egoistic.

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Scientific Reason of why men stare towards other women


There are some biological facts too that as men see something attractive there is some kind of chemical reaction in his mind giving him the involuntary urge for pleasure. But whatsoever it is it just shatters the girl with you leaving thousands of thoughts behind.

Most commonly married men tangle themselves in these kinds of trouble of their ‘WANDERING EYES’. It’s not all about the attraction it’s about taking a look at the different shapes, sizes, style, and traits.

Maybe the girl passing by has got the different hair color that he is wishing his girl to go for or maybe the outfit he wants for his girl. Thousands of possibilities are there as they find them all to be eye-catching every time.

Stop Looking Lustfully
Stop Looking Lustfully (Image Source)


In some situations being caught by his girl for sneaking around which he has not done purposefully most probably, they will lie. As if nothing happened.


The reason of why really men stare towards other women


Every man finds his partner to be perfect but in some case, it can’t be. He might be sneaking just because the women passing is having the quality he wants in his girl as no one is perfect in this world in everything.

Every second person has got some different personality making him/her attractive in his or her own way, and Just like I said before, ‘Talk the things that are bugging you, and clear out difference’, cause it ain’t Romantic Drama where he can understand without you saying nothing.

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True feelings of a Real Man


Yes… nothing can be sexier than a man who admits that he wants you truly the way you are despite of having some flaws and does everything and anything to have you and keep you.

If men do stare for too long but don’t mean it, he can clearly say, “Bae, I know that was no good of me to do that, I thought she was pretty and did stare her too long. I know I hurt you, and I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it.”

That is a man every girl like, who can say the truth and show that he loves her. Not a man who keeps denying the fact, and think he is doing the right thing by lying. (In some case the Guy can lie if he does not want her women to think another way, and choose to keep mouth shut).

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Whatever you’re scenario is, I hope this article helped you (even a little). Just have faith in your partner, don’t do anything rash on some conclusion, Sort thing out by talking. And be happy.  ^-^


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4 thoughts on “Why Do Men Look at other women? There are some secrets which you don’t know!

  1. Bottom line, take care of your lady, cause you don’t know what the heck is going on her mind!! Hat’s off to the author for putting down fact so nicely…

  2. It did help!! Great Tips I must say… and I like the way you mention that “there is no Romantic Drama going on” Like seriously, How the hell we are supposed to know what’s going on in her head. C’mon be real for a sec.

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