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Woodrow Tracy Harrelson is a vegan American Actor born on July 23, 1961, in Midland, Texas. Grew up in Countryside Woody has a hint of the southern accent that became his trademark. The actor has been nominated for Academy-Award X3 times, he never won one, but has several Emmy Awards.

Woody Harrelson is well known for his work in The Hunger Games franchise but before it, he was famous for his role as ‘Billy Hoyler’ in ‘White Man Can’t Jump’ (1992) and recent as ‘Tallahassee’ in Zombieland (2009).

He once admitted that he was a sex addict, and at least he had sex with woman 3 times a day, with 3 different women. Woody Harrelson agreed that he is doing fine now, “I can go through long drought now.”




Name Woodrow Tracy Harrelson
Occupation Actor* Playwright* Activist
Website woodyharrelson.com
Autograph Woody Harrelson Autograph
Net Worth $65 Million


Personal Info


Name Woodrow Tracy Harrelson
Nickname Woody
Date of Birth (Age)

(How old is Woody Harrelson?)

July 23, 1961 (57-year-old)
Place of Birth Midland, Texas

(Where is Woody Harrelson from?)

Lebanon, Ohio

(How tall is Woody Harrelson?)

1.78m (5 foot 10 inches)
Weight 183lbs (83kg)
Body Measurements Chest: 42 inches

Waist: 36 inches

Bicep: 15 inches

Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Nationality American
Ethnicity Scottish, English, German, Welsh
Religion Christian
Zodiac Sign Leo
Sexual Orientation Straight
Status Married


Woody Harrelson Family


Father Charles Voyde Harrelson
Mother Diane Lou Oswald
Brother Jordan Harrelson

Brett Harrelson


(Who was Woody Harrelson married to?)

Nancy Simons (m. 1985-1986)

Laura Louie (m.2008-present)

Children Deni Montana Harrelson (25-year-old Daughter)

Zoe Giordano Harrelson (22-year-old Daughter)

Makani Ravello Harrelson (12-year-old Daughter)


Woody Harrelson with his Wife Laura and Daughter Makani
Woody Harrelson with his Wife Laura and Daughter Makani


Harrelson is an activist who supports the legalization weed and Marijuana. His family history is very complicated and shocking as well, it is reported that Woody’s father Charles was a hitman, who kills people for the money given by the person who wants the third party to be dead. Woody Harrelson opens up about his father and mention that he was never around during his childhood.

His dad was life sentenced for the killing of a federal Judge name John.H.Wood [Jr.]. Charles assassination was the first kill of a Federal Judge in the 20th Century. His dad, Charles Voyde Harrelson died on 15 March 2007, in the U.S.Penitentiary, Administrative Facility.

Charles Voyde Harrelson father of Woody Harrelson
Charles Voyde Harrelson (Image Source)


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Woody Harrelson Net Worth


(What is the net worth of Woody Harrelson?)


Winner of America Comedy For ‘Funniest Newcomer’, Woody Harrelson has just kept growing and eventually won the Emmy Awards for ‘Outstanding Supporting Actor (Comedy). The huge amount of Fame and wealth comes from his work in small screen.

He is an actor, director, writer, and activist, his salary is $5,500,000 Million USD (approx $ 5 Million for his acting), and his estimated net worth is $65 Million USD.

Woody Harrelson has a $4.8 Million USD house in Hawaii.

Woody Harrelson House
House in Hawaii Woody Harrelson (Image Source)


Woody Harrelson Dating History



Penelope Ann Miler- Woody and Miler worked together and dated each other for a while. Penelope admitted herself that Woody was her first love.

Brooke Shields-  The rumors about Woody and Brooke dating was flying around in 1988.

Nancy Simon- Woody was married to Neil Simon’s daughter Nancy, the wedding was not serious they just did it for fun and thought they will separate the next day when they returned to marriage/divorce parlor it was closed. They stay married for the next nine months.

Carol Kane- Actor Harrelson was in a relationship with Carol in 1986.

Glenn Close- Woody and Glenn dated for a brief in the summers of 1991.

Spouse/Wife Laura Louise- The two met each other on the sets of ‘Cheers’, Laura is a Buisenperson Co-Founder of Yoganics, and Harrelson former assistant.


Nancy Simon and Woody Harrelson
Nancy Simon and Woody Harrelson (Image Source)


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Woody Harrelson Lawsuits


The 57-Year-old actor’s life has been scandalous, his childhood was not normal either as we already know about his father. As an adolescent Woody Harrelson had gone through the real emotional phase, he admitted that back when he was young teen he would throw tantrums on a meaningless thing, and most of the time fight the other in club or street.

Harrelson had a lot of rages that kept him on the edge, his mom was pretty much loner and a religious lady, and the longest she been with a guy was Woody’s dad. Speaking of his dad, Woody mention that he was a charming fella and a gambler. He was a con artist basically. Woody said-

He was not a great dad, he did lots of wrong things, but I’m still in some way proud of him. My dad used to say this thing to my brother and me that “Keep an open mind, that’s all I asking.”


Woody Harrelson- Arrested


Harrelson’s first encounter with the police was when he was 20-year-old, the story goes like. A cop came to ask Woody and his friends for their IDs, his friend shows the ID Woody didn’t (he did have it). The cop says that you need to have an ID in order to get in the Bar.

Harrelson was like, “Oh, yeah good point, here you go.” That obviously plugs the police, and he started to bang Woody’s head to the wall couple of times and said, “Don’t ever lie to me, Punk!.”  Snapping his hand away Harrelson tried to run away, in the meantime, the cop called his squad, and soon Woody was surrounded by police cars.

That was not the end after they capture him, they made him kneel down and put a knee on his throat. They handcuffed him and put Woody in the car. frustrated Woody asked the cops why were they treating him like this, in reply the cop smashed his head into the van.

That was the first time Woody Harrelson got arrested.

Woody Harrelson Mugsot
Woody Harrelson Mugshot (Image Source)




Woody Harrelson is an environmentalist and a really strong supporter to legalize marijuana. It was long ago like in 1992, he was arrested for the plantation of four loops of hemp (weed) seed in order to challenge the law and a fact to distinguish between manufacturing marijuana and hemp. He challenged the state by planting those seed in the ground, while the camera was rolling.

Woody Harrelson went in Jail for a day, he got out on bail and paid $200 fine.

He got in custody one more time in London 2002, for an incident happens in the taxi and it ended up police car chase. Woody Harrelson got dismiss after he paid $844 to the taxi driver. The incident later became the inspiration for his film ‘Lost in London.

Woody Harrelson Lost in London
Woody Harrelson Lost in London (Image Source)


Lastly, Woody Harrelson got arrested (well, not in custody it was court case) was in the year 2008, when he allegedly attacked one of TMZ photographer name Josh Levine in 2006. The photographer filed a lawsuit against him in 2008, the prosecutor decline every claim Levine had, still Levine ask $2.5M for the damages Woody cause. 

The case ended in April 2010.


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Woody Harrelson Filmography


People can’t always be the same, some changes accordingly, and in some cases, it happens as times goes by. The same case is applicable to Woody Harrelson, Yeah, he used to be a jerk but decided to change that. No doubt that he is one of the greatest actors of this decade.

The actor started big when hit the role of a bartender in the fourth season of ‘Cheers’, he was just a replacement of Coach but he lasted till 1989.

His movie career took off with ‘Indecent Proposal’, after that he was cast as the main lead in ‘Natural Born Killers.’

Demi Moore and Woody Harrelson in Indecent Proposal
Demi Moore and Woody Harrelson in Indecent Proposal (Image Source)


Woody Harrelson- The People vs. Larry Flynt


This film was first highly successful movie in his career, this movie gained him various nominations in ‘Best Actor’ category. It was no downfall after this movie. He kept growing and growing, he mostly did the serious and intense role in ‘Welcome to Sarajevo’ and ‘Wag the Dog.’

Woody Harrelson appeared in many blockbusters such as, ‘Now You See Me’ and in its sequels. In ‘Zombieland’ everybody loved him in this zombie thriller/comedy film. He is a big fan of Bob Marley, and his appearance in the film was only for in his favor.

Bob Marley and Woody Harrelson
Bob Marley and Woody Harrelson (Image Source)


His pairing with Matthew McConaughey in True Detective is also counted as one his remarkable work. And of course, The Hunger Games, his character ‘Haymitch Abernathy’ is the most lovable character in the franchise

Rock On! Woody Harrelson.

Woody Harelson in Hunger Games
The Hunger Games Woody Harrelson (GIF Source)


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Woody Harrelson Best Hits


Anger Management (2003)

The Edge of Seventeen (2016)

The Glass Castle (2017)

War Planets of The Apes (2017)

Solo: A Stars wars Story (2018)


TV Shows


Will & Grace

True Detective



Woody Harrelson Social Media


The lovable drunkard, Woody Harrelson has an official Twitter account (@WoodyHarrelson) which has over 33.5K followers. And on his Instagram account (@woodyharrelson) has up to 946k followers.



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